Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The one with... Syawal 1434H

Salam 7 Syawal semua! *wave hand* :)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin.. How's your raya break so far? Hope you guys had a good celebration and a good holiday. Though for those who had to travel back to kampung, I heard the traffic was quite nasty even on Monday (raya ke-4). I've gone through that before, when the traffic was at its worst - standing still in the middle of highway! It was not funny at all especially when we had to travel with two kids..  T_T   I must say, it was quite a horrible experience. Whatever it is, let us all be thankful for the safe journey we had nonetheless ya? :)

As for me, as usual I am celebrating hari raya in KL - at my house, my parents', my in-laws', and my opah's. And this time, we even tagged along my sister Liana to her in-laws house in Rembau on day 2 of hari raya. Saje nak sebok2 beraya, dah kata 1st day itself dah cover all the houses kan :)

The best family portrait we could take.. If only Khayr was smiling.. hehe.. Awat dia pi pose lagu tu pun chek taktauuuu :P
With my family

With my in-laws
Meet my kids - si melekit and si belengas at their Onyang's house :D

Kek Ghombau dengan adek-beradik pompuan den.. =)

Skali skala masuk kampung we let them mengenali binatang seperti angsa dari jarak dekat. Hihi

I am still on holiday mood actually as I am still on leave :) In fact, I just got back from a short vacation trip with my family for 3D2N... It was fun! :)

3 kereta kesemuanya bergerak ke lokasi :D

Reached the place and loving it so much the spacious villa with a private jacuzzi!

Jalan2 with the kids waktu petang... Penat ok kejar diorang ni! :P

Barbeque party yaw! Sunggoh kenyang perut suka hati....

Masing2 being a good sport when we discussed about bringing baju raya untuk tangkap gambar.. Hihi.. 

Main activity on day-2

It took us by surprise when adik steady je join kitorang celup kaki kat kolam air panas! Caya lah Kazim :)
Balik sambung mandi at the backyard.

We actually went to the Felda Residence Hot Springs Sungkai, Perak and stayed at the villa. It was SO nice for a family trip like this (masa nak check-out ni skali rupe2 nye ada Nestle's family day or something, so terpaksa laaa berposing skali dengan banner diorang.. Huhu).

The 3-bedroom villa we stayed at. Every room has individual attached bathroom which is a brownie point, I think. Ye lah dah ramai2 tu kalau nak kene share2 limited toilets tak best la kan..

Getting ready for the barbeque on night-1.

The kids had fun the most I think. Ye la kan.. waktu tidur, waktu makan, the food & drinks do's and don'ts semua langgar.. Ramai back-ups la katekannnn.. hehe. And look at them on the last day, getting all sun-burnt! Heh, Nasib baik anak jantan ye dak? :D

Okie dokie that's all I have for now. I have 4 more days to enjoy before getting back to work ^_^  Take care for now and until then! Again, selamat hari raya korang semua~*


  1. bestnye raya uolz siap g cuti2 raya .. aku raya ke5 dah naik keje :( :(

    cantik baju raya the boys termasuk si kerol .. okokok laaaa kau skali .. kang kecik ati plak hihi ..

    best btol felda residence tu. kene try laa mcm ni.

  2. Love the pink baju cantek!