Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The one with... self salutation :)

Kazim is already 1y6m, which means that I've been fully nursing him that long.. Alhamdulillah for such a blessing... *feeling grateful* So now I'm down with the 'final semester' to graduate from the '2 year course'! :D

A friend shared this blog entry in facebook about World Breastfeeding Week, and it was an instant hit. I super love it coz I super can relate! =) It was (and still is) a roller coaster journey with a lot of ups and downs, and I thought I would like to reiterate the few points that I thought quite funny coz its SO true! :D

Here goes:

To those mothers who spent the first weeks and months of your child's life literally attached to them 24 hours a day, I salute you.

Who can't remember the last time you slept longer than three solid hours without being awoken by a screaming baby and/or a soaking wet shirt. I salute you. 

You, who took on the feeding of your infant entirely on your own, who is solely and fully responsible for their nourishment. Who didn't leave their infant's side for days, weeks, months, even to do simple errands, because you feared they would surely starve should you get stuck in traffic on the way home. Who's husband and mother and children hear one peep from your tiny bundle of joy and hand them right over to you saying, "I think he's hungry!" You, who simultaneously loves and hates that you are the only one on earth who has what your baby needs to survive, a job you take more seriously than anyone else can understand, I salute you.

 I salute those breastfeeding mamas who have sat in that doctor's office, bawling your eyes out because your baby is not gaining weight at the perfectly perfect "normal" rate all pediatricians came together and decided on so that they could strike fear and guilt into any breastfeeding mother whose child does not meet this perfectly perfect timeline. You, who does not have the benefit of ounce markings on your breasts and has absolutely no idea how much or how little your baby is eating, only that they are eating all the time. All. The. Time. 

And to all those mothers who are growing those little humans despite mounting obstacles, who have battled tongue tie, low supply, excruciating pain, or all of the above and more, and have seen specialist after specialist trying to figure out what you're doing wrong, all of whom tell you one different thing after another. To those moms who stuck with it and to those who grieved the end of their breastfeeding relationship earlier than they anticipated, I salute you. 

And to those breastfeeding mamas who do use that cover, that blasted cover, I salute you.

Yes, I salute you and your tie dyed nursing blankets. :')

I salute you, mothers who have endured nasty stares, rude comments, and blindly ignorant opinions regarding breastfeeding. For those who have friends, family, and co-workers who gag on the very word "breastfeed" . To those who have been told that breastfeeding is "so gross" by a world that pours the breast milk of a farm animal on their cereal every morning.

I salute those mothers who have mastered nursing their babies while cooking, cleaning, blogging, and sleeping. Who take the term "multi-tasking" to a new level. *And not to mention, pumping and having breakfast while driving! ;) Or even, pumping while reviewing reports.

To those mothers who pray for a hypnotist that will one day be able to remove from your husband's brain the image of you pumping on the living room sofa while eating a bowl of ice cream. I salute you, nursing mamas, who have caught your young daughters lifting their shirt to feed their baby doll, and felt pretty proud of yourself when you did. Good job mama, I salute you and your future breastfed grandchild.

To those working mothers, who have lugged a pump, a cooler, bottles and ice packs with them to the office every single day, I salute you.  :')

You, who have pumped in closets, cars, your boss's office and rooms labeled "LACTATION", praying no one walks in and sees you in a way no person should ever see another person. Ever.  *Own experience when at client's place - in the meeting room, in the filing room, surau, in the working room itself whereby I had to ask my team members to wait for me outside hehe.. but alhamdulillah so far NEVER in a toilet. If I was asked to pump in the toilet, I will only have 1 remark to say - Hmm if a food / drink, say like air kotak, being processed in a toilet, will you drink the air kotak? Or if a meal is being prepared in a toilet, will you be ok with it?

eh tapi of course there will be some people yang as a matter of last resort, has no choice but to pump in the toilet. and in such situation i'm sure extra handling in terms of cleanliness and whatnot is carefully exercised. anything for the bebe kan? :)

*added in sentences that are more considerate. my apologies for being ignorant when i first wrote this huhu*

To those mothers who have driven home at ungodly speeds in order to make your baby's next feeding, only to walk in and find your husband giving him a bottle, I salute you. *Haha this is so true!!

I salute the mothers who have literally poured out themselves into providing the best for their baby, only to accidentally knock it off the kitchen counter. *Happened to me few times!! :(

I salute those of you who have had husbands jokingly tell them not to cry over spilled milk. And I salute you if you did, or did not, throat punch him.

On that note, I'd like to take a moment to salute the dads of these breastfed babies. To those husbands who have stood by their partner and supported her through the tears, the fears, the failures and the big wins. Who have taken on diaper duty because it is only fair that if she is in charge of input, you should be in charge of output.  To those dads who have spent countless hours washing pump parts and fetching ice water to make things on mama a little easier, I salute you.  -- *This goes to my dear husband... :)

To those mothers who have powered through sore nipples, nursing strikes, teething babies, and growth spurts, I salute you. You, whose babies have the power to erase every bad experience and melt away every ounce of stress and frustration with one tender glance upwards as they nuzzle up against you. You, who feel both elation and depression at the very thought of weaning your nurslings. 

To all the mothers who have spent hours crying and praying and stressing over feeding your baby, and have been rewarded with one of the most special experiences this life has to offer.

Who practically melts when your baby wraps his hand around your thumb, or pats your chest, or plays with your necklace. To all the mothers who have sacrificed your body, your sleep, your time, and a bit of your sanity in order to offer your babies the gift of mommy milk, this week is for you.

So yes, this is a self salutation entry for me.. and I give you my salute to all of you breastfeeding mothers no matter how long or short your journey was.. *tabikkkkk hormat!* :)


  1. Touched. Terasa disalute jugak :-) nice one.and yes, fina pernah selak baju dia to breastfeed a doll haha.

    Anyway aku pernah pump dlm toilet, masa tu training kat ritz charlton hotel, they dont hv surau, the nearest surau mall kat sblh dia tu apa nama lupa plak tupon jauh gile. So aku xde choice. Some people have no choice as long dpt pump demi anak ..

  2. huhu thanks for highlighting. you are right, sometimes memang some people have no choice but to pump in toilet. nak buat macamane kan. huhu. aku dah edit dah entry ni sikit to be more considerate all thanks to you :)

    fina malam2 masih mencari kah?

  3. mudahan pjalanan susah senang kita myusukan anak2,adalah yg plg indah spjg hayatkan.insyaallah.