Saturday, 17 August 2013

The one with... matchy matchy!

Assalamualaikum and hi!
I am currently in the feeding room at Khayr's play school waiting for Kazim having his nap...

Dah puas visiting other people's blogs, scrolling instagram's feed as well as FB and twitter. So suddenly it got into me, hah, meh update blog lah. But blogging thru phone macam tak puas, and I notice nanti bila attach pictures the quality macam larik sikit, dia jadik macam a bit blurry. Oh well I'll proceed nevertheless :)

Hmm nak update about my boys lah, ape lagi kan? Last Thursday since both husband and I were still on leave we decided to bring Kazim for his 18m jab, though he's actually turning 18m only on this coming 22 August 2013. Glad we did just that sebab clinic tak ramai orang.

Khayr, 3y6m - 15kg, 98cm
Kazim, 1y6m - 11kg, 81cm

After that, we went to Pavillion to do some errands and decided to bring the kids to the cinema.. It's gonna be Khayr's second time and Kazim's first. Nervous hoihhh sebab we all know very well how active our kids are, plus their attention span are still short. We were not really up to date with the latest movie on cinema so what we had in mind was to watch Despicable Me 2 (haha!) sekali tengok there was another better movie to catch - Planes! Yeayyy so happy sebab somehow I had a feeling it's gonna be a lot lesser to worry about because it's something close to their heart - all sorts of mode of transportation. And my instinct was right! =) They lasted the 1hr 30mins show though adik towards the end to dia dah tak boleh duduk diam. Not like restless sebab nak keluar ke ape. Dia just nak berdiri lah, duduk dengan abah dia la, etc but his eyes were still fixed on the screen.

So 15 August 2013 marked our success watching a movie with the two boys! :)

Eh baru perasan tajuk blog awal2 dah letak as matchy matchy. Hehe. Actually nak blog about how happy I am everytime I get to get the two K's wear a matching outfit. Who says we cannot play a dress up on boys kan? :) So sempena raya ni memang I went a bit overboard with their wardrobe.. Hihi.. Well overboard in my dictionary lah. It is still simple actually. My boys do not like accesories macam topi ke, sunglasses ke, watches, etc. So its all down to just the top and pants. And shoes! Heh kitorang sebenarnye malas nak pakaikan diorang shoes yang cantik2 sebab.. Ntah.. Rimas kottt nak kene pakaikan and bukak kan. Plus budak2 ni especially Khayr sikit2 nak bukak kasut. Masuk kereta, bukak kasut. Masa makan duduk atas kerusi, bukak kasut. Naik stroller, bukak kasut. So leceh... But not until we found tge Crocs shoes which is sooo easy to put on them.

So okie dokie. Nak end kan the post by sharing the pictures of my 2K's being all matchy matchy :)

Till then~*

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