Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The one with... just a lil update :)

The blog has been abandoned for quite a while – all thanks to the busy schedule (what else is new?) and the comfort of mini-blogging via other means of social media – facebook, twitter, and instagram! :)

Anyway, I am currently on an outstation job. So to kill time in between typing reports and reviewing documents, I might as well blog. It helps to melupakan kesedihan merindui anak2 too! Sobs Sobs.

So today is the 8th day of Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah I have not skipped any yet. Unlike the last 4 years – pregnant Khayr, bf kan Khayr, pregnant Kazim, bf kan Kazim whereby I took up the rukhsah granted for us who are able to fast but with hardship. I skipped once in every 3-4days of fasting, just to make sure my body gets to rest 1 day before it is fit enough to continue back with fasting.

I am still fully breastfeeding Kazim (Alhamdulillah) but I suppose he is already 1y5m now so his reliance on breast milk is a lot lesser compared to during his 1st year of life. So macam it gets easier. Speaking of which, I have unlocked yet another personal achievement! Khayr was fully breastfed until he was 1y5m when I decided to wean him off during my 3rd month of pregnancy with Kazim. And now Kazim has reached 1y5m, I do not see any reason to wean him off as yet (nope, not planning to get pregnant anytime soon :P) so I might as well continue kan? Hope I get to reach the recommended milestone of 2years with Kazim! :)

Kazim, hmmm where should I start with him :) He is getting cheekier now with his kerenah yang macam2. He will dance / act to these nursery rhymes – Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle2 Little Star and Head Shoulders Knees & Toes. He can say and point to – cat, dog, bird, fish, ball, aircond, lampu, kipas, bobot (robot), duck, sun, moon, and star. He recognises almost all of his family members so he will point to that person accordingly when being asked to. He knows some of his body parts – eyes, gigi, head, lidah, and mouth. I lost count at how many gigi he has now – I think gigi atas 4, gigi bawah 5, 2 geraham atas, 2 geraham bawah and more are coming. If you say ‘no’ and ‘syhhhh’  to him, he will do the same right back to you. He loves to eat fruits. Well, he loves eating basically. But kalau time taknak makan tu, hmmmpphhh tak payah lahhh paksa2. Buat sakit hati je hehehe cause he will lock his lips and even shove the food out using his tongue. He can now jadik kawan bergaduh dengan abang dia, like he knows how to take toys from his elder brother and even terkam abang dia hahaha. Kadang2 tu Khayr yang banyak nangis ketewasan.

Khayr pulak, he is able to converse with us now. Kadang2 membebel macam orang tua :) And of course, he is now at that stage of never ending ‘why this why that what is this what is that’ *lap peluh*. He progresses well with his play class. Initially kan he is in that parent-accompanied type of class. But now he has been moved to the drop-off type. We can just leave him at the door and said “Ok bye2 Khayr kejap lagi mama and abah datang balik”.. :) Kadang2 ada jugak yang dia buat perangai nak having me around in the class together with him, but usually for a while je sebab bila dah warm up biasalah, mama dia takde pun dia tak perasan :p And during my off day on Friday, whenever I have time I will bring him to the art class and he seems to enjoy it so much! Hmm another progress that I am actually quite pleased with is, I am so happy that he can recite alif,ba,ta till ya, baca doa makan, and also al-fatihah. All this thanks to my MIL, coz my MIL teaches kids to mengaji and Khayr will tag her along in the evening. So it comes with such a benefit alhamdulillah.

Hmm ok lah, kemengantukan yang tidak dapat dibendung lagi. Took the first flight out today, so pukul 2.30 pagi dah bangun – masak kan lauk for the kids, packing, prepare ape2 yang patut to make hubs life easier during my absence, bersiap2 mandi semua, sahur, and cab pun sampai to take me to the airport.
Till later! Eh but as usual of course some photos of the kiddos before I end this entry :)

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