Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The one with... sharing good stuff is caring! ;)

Hello hello!

I’ve been meaning to share this but only able to do so right here right now :)

Who’s here sejak2 jadi mak ni takde masa (or in my case, kurang rajin) to pay attention to facial care? Well I know I am :P Bukan sejak jadik mak je, in fact even before! Ish ish ishhhh.. Anyway, sebab tu I LOVEEEEE Olay products so much sebab it is so simple to use. Tak banyak steps – just facial wash then moisturiser (Olay total effect). But now sejak2 dah berusia ni (ewahhhh) I’ve changed to the Regenerist range so ada lah additional step, which is the serum, before putting on the moisturiser.

Alhamdulillah I am blessed with a-ok facial skin. Not problematic, BUT not perfect either.

Tapi tu lah, I am not getting any younger yaw! Aging starts in the mid 20s – 30s actually. So harus lah risau kan, how to ensure that I get to maintain having a younger looking skin while I age.

“As we age, the skin's capability to retain and hold water is reduced. Dead skin cells are also not shed off as efficiently as before. Skin gets more dehydrated which is one of the primary causes of aging skin (wrinkles, pigmentation, fine lines, and others). Dead skin cells that are not shed regularly causes uneven skin tone, clogged pores which then causes pimples and white/black heads.”

Yikes! Talking about white heads, itu adalah my main problem! Geram betul bila put on powder nampak bintik2 putih di atas hidung.

People has been talking about collagen, but don’t know why I was like, hmmm macam not interested (so far). Maybe I’m not the type yang suka makan ubat or take supplement kot. That’s just the way how I was brought up in my family. Tanye lah my mom ke, my siblings ke, kitorang memang membesar without taking any vitamins ke supplement ape ke. Time pregnant je I was quite obliged to it sebab ye lah, I did not want to take chances on the baby’s condition.

So anyway, somehow recently when I was introduced by a friend to this simple-to-use product called ‘Skincerity’, I was sold! Sebabbbb senang gila kot to apply, and yang penting I see results! Good results *senyum lebar suka hehehe* To be honest, I was a bit sceptical jugak mula2 tu, ye lah what with the apps like perfect360 and all the photoshopable pictures kan. But bila tengok results sendiri and kawan2, rasa macam wahhhh best best.


Apa itu Skincerity?

It’s a mask actually. A breathable mask. Kalau ayat formal nye – “Skincerity is the world's only breathable mask that holds in the body's natural moisture to deeply hydrate your skin”... Haaaa =)

How to use?
This is the best part. Senang je, all you need to do is roll on all over your face and neck (skin area yang senang age) before you sleep. Walla! Simple gile kan. Yes, roll on yang macam deodorant tuh :)

To me, another brownie point about Skincerity is..... it is not in conflict with any other facial skincare products, in fact it compliments them and amplifies the goodness. Meaning to say, you can continue with your existing skincare regime and apply Skincerity afterwards.

So generally, basic skincare steps are cleansing-toning-mosturising kan? So just add on Skincerity as the final step and you can sleep on it. So easy to use - just roll at night, and wash with water the next morning to exfoliate away dead skin cells.

What does Skincerity do to you?
The breathable mask (1) kills bacteria, (2) seals the skin, (3) locks in natural moisture to rehydrate skin from the inside, (4) keeps antioxidants in constant contact with skin and (5) when removed the next morning, it exfoliates, removes dead skin cell and stimulate new skin generation.

So in a way, it maximises hydration to create brighter, healthier skin and makes the products you already use work better, faster!

By the way Skincerity is not a peeling or whitening product that will remove your layer of epidermis to make it look brighter or younger ye... It is actually helping your skin to develop new skin hahaha if this makes any sense.

Okie dokie lunch time dah nak habis I better stop now. I’m so excited to share about this new product so wait for more entries about it soon ok! Next I will share on the ingredients (too technical so saya akan cuba simplify kan) and also the pictures of my friends before and after. I wish I can show mine, but for my case seriously dalam gambar susah nak nampak results. It’s easier to see immediate results if you have quite a problematic skin condition actually.

So yeah, wait for it! =)

But in the mean time, you can email me ( if you would like to try as well! Or siapa2 know my number/FB/IG/twitter boleh hello2 me di sana. Don't worry, its clinically tested and safe for all skin types. If you are worried sebab ada sensitive skin, you can do like my friend (ahem hey you know who you are!). Dia try roll on her hand skin first, and besok pagi dia tengok takde negative effect then she applied it on her face. Alhamdulillah ok :)

Till my next entry k...

*Khayr and Kazim alhamdulillah membesar sihat active cheeky notty selalu berkelahi tapi kalau baik tu amboiiiii kemain lagi =)


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