Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The one with... memory lane.

Reminiscing old memory in view of my 4th wedding anniversary tomorrow  .. 
Re-playing our wedding slide and this is a screen shot of one photo in it. 
Who would have thought he who was once my primary school classmate (standard 1-4) is my husband and father of my children now....? =)

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  1. owh.u ols da kenal dr sekolah rendah la ehcite kita samalah.

    kitaorg lak satu kelas masa darjah 5 and 6..hubby aku ketua darjah,aku pengawas.aku dpt no 1 dia dpt no 2 dlm kelas.hehe

    happy anniversary to both of you.moga pjg jodohnya kekal ke akhir hayat.amin.