Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The one with... perkembangan anak2 untuk kenangan sendiri2.

Hoihhhh bizi bizi bizi!

But I must jot this down nonetheless.

Semalam Kazim turned 1y 2m! Sudah besar itu budak. Makin comel and cheeky and notty. Boleh sebut mama (yeay!!), car, star, cat. Boleh point to eyes, nose and teeth when being asked. Boleh do action 'itsy bitsy spider', 'twinkle2 little star', and 'if you're happy and you know it' when the song being sang. Suka menggigit. Alhamdulillah masih fully breastfeed. Alhamdulillah supply masih ok. Miss P masih belum muncul, masa Khayr dulu I got it 7 months after I gave birth. Hmmm is there any time limit that I should be aware of? Like, kalau by certain number of months after gave birth Miss P masih tak datang visit then something is not right? (and tak pregnant also ye hellooooo :P)

Khayr pulak makin petah bercakap. Semalam time dinner for the first time he requested nak makan suap sendiri pakai tangan. Kazim dah tidur masa tu. So it was just the 3 of us - Kerol, myself, and him. Khayr yang bace doa makan, kitorang amin kan. And he managed to finish his meal, with minimum mess being made. Sumpah rasa nak menangis terharu masa tu.. (mak cengeng memang cenggini).

Oh talking about being a drama mama, starting last week Khayr has been moved from a parent-accompanied type of class to a drop-off type. So last week, I was still in the room sitting at the corner. Recent weekend, quietly soon after the class started I sneaked out of the room and mengintai dari kejauhan. Khayr was all fine! I mean there was a moment nampak dia macam cebik2 cari mama dia. But sekejap je lepas tu terus lari2 beraktiviti with teacher and friends. But suddenly ada 1 masa tu dia macam tiba2 terhantuk dengan one of his friend lalu menangis mencari mama. Haaaa that time I could see that he couldn't comprehend that I was around. So even teacher dah pujuk he went and sit at the door (which have a little round-shape glass window) and stare outside sambil meratapi mana mamaaa mana mamaaaaa. Oh sebak! After numerous attempts finally the teacher signaled to me that I can come in. Sekejap jeeee lepas tu ok balik. So we'll see next weekend punya class macamana dia (and me) progress. Hehe.

Okie dokie. That's all the time I have for now. Oh I finally have received the pictures from the 2K's birthday party the other day, love it so mucho! =)

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  1. hi,
    nice la preparation n deco for the party.
    boleh tak nak tanya, yg baju u n husband tu tempah lain ke mmg readymade? sbb i ada baju plain, nak print gambar gak utk my baby.
    if u dont mind, boleh tak email the info.;)