Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The one with... ooh la la February calls for celebration!

February has been quite a busy month for me, well in a good way of course.. :)

First it was that public holiday here and there. Somehow those public holidays fell on the days to my favour. Combined them with my off day on Friday, walla I get to have few long weekends in a row! Harus lah busy spending time with family kan.. =)

And then of course came the CNY holidays. With just one day notice suddenly husband was called for an outstation job... overseas! AAAAaaaaa saya mahu ikut! Kalau dulu boleh la nak mengendeng sama bila datang trip mengejut2 nih. All I had to consider was the working arrangement - nak kene settlekan kerja and mintak cuti. But now with 2 kids,with 1 still fully breastfeeding.. and plus the trip happened to be masa tengah cuti panjang whereby my in-laws and own family members semua dah ada plan masing2, maka tinggal lah saya bersendirian 'berperang' bersama 2 orang budak active ketika cuti panjang tempoh hari selama 6 hari :) Motherhood is a battlefield yaw and oh yeah I survived!!! *insert muka banggo*

Last minute preparation pergi beli travelling clothes for abah because the temperature was 0 degC.
Yups. Very thoughtful husband I have -__-'

Oh tapi of course la I had few cheat moments. 4 times to be exact ;) First it was on Saturday when my mom was around I get to send Kazim to her while I brought Khayr to his playschool. On Sunday Khayr spent time with his Atuk while I get to run errands. There's one day I hosted a play-date with other mommy friends. Finally, one of the days my sisters came to bring lunch. So yeah, I would not be able to survive if it was without these 'cheats' ;) I definitely have a new profound respect for all the single parent out there, you have my salute! *Judge all you want, you can say "Alaaaa anak baru dua pun dah kecoh" and the like, but hey you are not in my shoes so hush hush off you go*

Play-date with Emma, Aleia and Suri :) Later on we were joined by Balqis and Sufiyya. *Ye kawan2 Khayr and Kazim semua nye perempuan belako.. :P*
Emma and Suri dapat main dengan aman damai time Khayr & Kazim had their afternoon nap.

Welcome to Lil's Nursery. Hehe.

Andddd finally do you know that February is my 2K's birthday month? =) So sebak lah.. these kids, they grew up so fast!! Sobs.


Left: Khayr, 5 February 2010.
Right: Kazim, 22 February 2012.
Khayr and Kazim - current pictures of them :) My jantung. and my sakit jantung. Hehe.

Since we have not done any birthday party for Khayr before (I mean jemput kawan2 semua, all along it was just a small-do with family members), plus Kazim's aqiqah pun has been long overdue (baru buat seekor kambing sajo!).. So we thought this is the good time to organise something for them. So yeay, I've been occupied with planning and arranging for this! Haiyohhh nervous boleh? :P

Semoga semua nya berjalan lancar, aminnnnn.

And sempena harijadi mereka, I pray for their health, happiness, good well-being and manners. Most important, I pray for them to always be under Allah's care here in the (mad mad and crazy!!) world and thereafter. Amin.

Okie dokie off to lunch I go!

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