Monday, 7 January 2013

The one with... welcoming 2013!

It has been 6 days, I know. But still, happy new year everyone!

Dah besar2 berkeluarga with 2 kids ni, the new year eve was spent with just family members feasting ourselves with home made food - potluck style.

Actually I'm supposed to sleep already by now. But mata2 terkebil2 for the past half an hour. Nervous yaw besok nak masuk kerja balik after a good 2weeks++ break. Besttttt sangat cuti. No rush. We lived by the day, like waking up in the morning and both Kerol and I would be like, "Ok nak buat apa harini?".. Super nice! :)

And paling best of course dapat spend time with our kesayangans though there were times they drove ourselves crazy with their naughtiness! Abang sakat adik, and vice versa. Grrrrr. Talking about adik, he's so active now that he can walk. Khayr pulak kadang2 saja tolak adik dia. Adik pun boleh tahan drama, kene usik sikit pun bukan main jeritnye. Hehehe. Meriah rumah iollssss... -__-'

Adik tumbuh lagi 1 gigi bulan ni, that makes 6 sets of tooth he has now. He can wave goodbye, raises his hand when asked "Siapa K@zim / adik...?", and also know how to position kan diri untuk turun katil. Jalan makin stabil, and makan pun boleh tahan banyak :) Oh and he loooooves book so very much. Kitorang takde lah yang jenis baca kan story book to our kids before bed time whatnot, but with Kazim, we can see his cue to get us to do just that on him. Maka as a mother I feel so encouraged to buy books for him. And seeing his adik's interest on books indirectly has made it so inviting to Khayr as well. Ini sudah bagus ye tak? :)

This year, Khayr will turn 3, Kazim will turn 1 and both Kerol&I will turn 31! Now that's some 1s and 3s for us in this year of 2013! *fakta tidak penting haha*

Following my previous previous post, so our second trip was actually to Genting Kota Keriangan. That makes 2 theme parks we went to in the month of December 2012 and yes it was all fun but Kerol&I agreed that other big theme park places macam USS and Disneyland can wait until our kids besar sikit lagi for them to appreciate better.. :) (and for us to handle them better!)

Eh ok lah. I'm so sleepy now. Kali ni takde photos lah sebab malas nak upload ikut phone nanti keluar mesti tak clear.

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  1. Hehe..meriah umah kan kan..
    Samalah...tunggu besar sket,da senang handle baru plan gi tempat2 harus jejak like disneyland bagai.haha..opss..kena make sure gaks,takde baby dalam masa terdekat..kalu tak postpone lagi......haha

  2. kitorang plak plan if ada baby dalam masa terdekat, baby tu kene tinggal.. ngeh3x.. (ye ye je aku nih kan...)