Thursday, 10 January 2013

The one with... this is how I do it #4.


I am not an expert in breastfeeding, but ilmu tu ade laaa sikit2.. Now with my second child I’m becoming more ‘pro’ at handling and managing it especially as a working mother, though of course there are a lot more to acquire. Oh well learning kan is a on-going process in life.

Over time I’ve been sought after by friends and strangers asking question about breastfeeding. By them asking me and by me sharing with them actually benefit both sides – it serves as a refresher to me especially on things that I might have overlooked. Or sometimes I even get to know new information as well :)

This entry is an added on to the previous one that I’ve written on. Just to share how I do things with my second child. Ye lah waktu Khayr dulu macam ala2 saya budak belajar gitu :)

Ok here goes. Pumping in office.

The tools:
1.       Pump
2.       Pump parts
3.       Bottles for pumping x2
4.       Cooler bag (I use fridge-to-go)
5.       Bottle for storing x1
6.       Ice packs x2-3 (I use Mom’s Little Ones)
7.       Not in picture: BM storage bag (I use Fiffy / Jingle Jungle)

The how:
  • Pump 15 minutes - 20 minutes (not more!)
  • After 1st pump, transfer the desired amount of oz into storage bag (item 7). The balance, letak dalam bottle (item 5). So kira nye item 5 adalah temporary place to store the EBM sementara nak tunggu cukup, before transfer dalam storage bag.
  • Then simpan the pump with the bottle yang you used to pump tadi in a closed tupperware, or in my case, I put them back in my fridge-to-go bag. Put them in the fridge.

  • Yep, no need to wash.

The example and benefits out of it:
  • Fiffy storage bag can store up to 6oz.
  • 1st pumping say I managed to get 7oz. So 6oz masuk storage bag. 1oz ‘park’ kat storage bottle sekejap. Simpan pump dalam fridge balik as explained earlier. 
  • 2nd pumping session, you are ready to pump straight away (save time #1). All you need to do is keluarkan pump and do your thang. Takde nak kene pasang2kan parts, keringkan whatnot.
  • Same cycle repeats, depends on how many pumping sessions you have. How many oz you want to store.
  • Sampai rumah, all you need to basuh is just the pump parts and 2x bottles. Plus the feeding bottles yang your child used while you were at work.
  • Besoknya (or the night itself), bila nak transferkan EBM into feeding bottles, just tear away the storage bag and transfer into feeding bottles (save time #2 tak payah nak kena basuh2 storage bottles BUT unfortunately not environmental friendly sebab storage bag tu buang).
  • So here, all you need to stock-up is the storage bags not the storage bottles. Masa Khayr dulu I had berlambak2 storage bottles lepas tu mula la leceh nak kena basuh setiap kali transfer. Storage bags  pun you can just keep them in office, save space in your pump bag tak payah nak bawak hari2 to office. And save space in your fridge / freezer when placing your EBM stocks (save time #3 sebab storage bag no need to sterelise and save space #1).

Remark to the above pointers:
  • You can apply the same when you are at home during weekend / if you are a SAHM.
  • About tak payah basuh pump after usage tu, you can google about it. As in, it’s a-OK to do that. For the record, sometimes due to busy schedule I’ve not washed my pump up for 3 days (provided it is kept in the fridge; i.e. chilled – I follow the rule of EBM storing :P). And hey I am not alone ok. My colleagues pun do the same thing. And yes, see they all simpan je pump in the tupperware after every usage:

  • To store in bags, kena remove air bubble. And here's how:

1. Zip kan sampai tinggal sikiiiiit kat hujung nun.
2. Squeeze the air bubble out by squeezing the bag filled with EBM.
3. Bila EBM dah push out all the air bubble, terus seal kan / zip kan.
4. There you go, a storage bag filled with EBM without air bubble.

  • Bila store in bags, nak susun pun senang. Save space and sedap mata memandang...

Okie dokie hope this helps! And if you have better tips, lets share with me! :)


  1. Hehe. Yes, second that. Storage bottle sangatlah tak storage-friendly. Use up a lot of space, so aku pun in the end pakai bags je.

    By the way, aku guna milk storage organizer untuk bagi bag tuh flat. I mean manually macam ko buang bubble tuh pun okay je tapi seperti ibu pemalas macam aku, milk storage organizer tuh sangatlah berguna. Nih rupa dia:

    Kiranya ko susun susu dalam bekas plastik tuh rapat2 and at the other end ada some sort of plastic+spring yang will compact the milk bag. Once dia dah keras and compact, leh la transfer keluar and susun elok2. It save up so much space bila the plastic bag jadik flat.

  2. hah good to jot down all good points here .. nnt boleh refer in future. tengssss

  3. farina: thanks farina for your input. yang milk storage organiser tuh, means masa ko seal kan the storage bag, biar je with air bubble? then letak dalam organiser tuh dia compress kan eh?

    farah: amboiiii sudah mahu refer nampakkkkk awal2 dah tengs tengs nih. hihihihi

  4. oohhh kena buang ae air bubble? baru tahu D: Baru je letak plastik bag tadi ades

  5. Hi Cik Iman! Aah from my own reading kena buang air bubbles tu to maintain freshness :)