Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The one with... the start of year 2013.

Throughout my 2012 year end break I've been praying for my kids good health, so as not to 'spoil' the trips we have been planning as well the days I was on leave. Granted, alhamdulillah.

However, out of no where during the very last weekend before Kerol & I returned back to work suddenly Khayr had a fever :( That, coupled with a bit of flu & cough. Bila Khayr demam, of course automatically I got so worried about Kazim. Sigh. True enough, 2 days down the road bila Khayr dah sihat Kazim pulak demam and he had it quite bad compared to Khayr. His flu was bad, his coughing was even more to the point of losing his voice :( We brought him to the hospital to see his paed on Tuesday (i.e. yesterday) and kena masuk ubat montot sebab temperature too high - 39degC. *sigh* Paed did nose & throat swab as well (apparently H1N1 is back on the rise?) and nasib baik his result came -ve. Phew.

Praying for their speedy recovery! Sobs.

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