Sunday, 13 January 2013

The one with... our plan for Khayr in 2013

Parenting these days is not easy huh? Information overloaded on the kind of expectation the society has on our kids. The do's the dont's the rights and the wrongs at what age and at which development stage. Not easy to filter all those out from our parenting system but to me the bottom line is -- every parents want to provide and do the best for their kids. Agree? :)

Having said that, we tried to enroll Khayr to a playgroup class last year (which means masa dia 2 tahun dulu) but we feel that he was still too young then. Nampak macam tak ready je.. :p Now that he's turning 3 in this year of 2013, we are revisiting back the idea of getting him to join any playgroup session. To us, the main thing is we want him to start socialising and learn how to 'take instruction'. Learning can come along as he progresses in life. For now let it be through fun and play session.

Alhamdulillah after few trial classes here and there we finally settled for one. It's still early to tell but we hope he likes it and most important, we hope he will learn something out of it while enjoying it.

In the course of me searching for such a place, the feedback that I received from them is that according to his age group, Khayr should be enrolled to the 'drop-off' kind of class. But as a start, we are going for the parent-accompanied type first because we feel that he's not ready to be independent yet (well I know I am NOT ready to let go yet! haha) so hopefully once he settled in, and I'm settled in (drama mama) then perhaps I can start letting him go to be on his own with teacher and friends. Sobs my boy has grown up :'( and I'm having separation anxiety!

Oh and this is made possible all thanks to my bosses for allowing me to take up the flexi working arrangement:

And also a modification to my role and my KPI. Hope all goes well.. ..... insyaAllah.

Ke arah hidup work life balance yang lebih baik ho yeah! :)

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  1. Hi Mommy Khayr..

    I've been reading your blog since u've been pregnant with khayr. i love reading it~ :) i also have 2 sons khayr and kazim's age so sometimes i read your blog to see just how other moms do it. its good to feel that you're not alone in all this...juggling the kids and work and everything else. hehe.

    read your recent post, and're sooo lucky to have flexi working arrangments~ huhu. u keje kat maneee niiii? please shareee~ i nak apply there bolehhh...hihih :p

  2. lilia, gila best boleh kerja 4 hari. seronotnya! kenapa ko tak jadi hsewife je. lagi syok. hehehehhe

    so sekarang khayr ok ke? dah boleh di lepaskan?

  3. hahahaha drama mama weyhhhh!!

    see, ramai gile envy dgn kau sbb dpt keje 4 hari jek .. so enjoy! sbb xsemua org dpt oppurtunity mcm tu.
    and all the best!

  4. h u s n aMJ,: awwwwww thanks for reading this humble blog of mine :') but anyway yeah, agreed with you.. 'juggling' is THE right word to describe us mothers kan...

    about flexi working arrangement tu, alhamdulillah.. but hey, it does not happen without pay cut! means my salary, benefit, etc semua kena pro rate. i kerja in an audit firm. meh email i for further details :)

  5. Yanie: hahaha kenape tak jadik housewife terus? ituuuuu kene tanye incik suami... :D anyway khayr masih clingy! :) mama hilang je terus "mamaaaaa! mamaaaaa!"

    Farah: oh well you know me well. i'm a drama mama. you are a typo diva! hahaha... anyway thanksssss! hope all is well.