Monday, 21 January 2013

The one with... hilang 1 (dari 5 perkara)

Bila hilang nikmat sihat tu, aduhhhh sangat2 menginsafkan. Huhu. Haritu my 2K's were not well. And as much as I took every little precaution to prevent myself from being infected -- redoxon and drink lots of water, I was eventually defeated.

Last week I had the complete package - fever, flu & cough. I relied so much on panadol thinking I would be able to brave through Monday at work but the fever consumed all of me. I had no choice but to give in :( Was on MC most of the days last week leaving unproductive week for me as fas as work was concerned. It was just a fever for crying out loud but I was totally flat! Adakah kerana faktor usia? *boo!* Kerol had to send not only Kazim to my mom's place but myself too to be taken care of by mama. Sayanggggg sangat kat mama. Rasa terharu sangat dah tua bangka macam ni mama still jaga bila sakit. Buat bubur and let me sleep in the comfy room all day long. Sobs.

While on MC, I think partly what contributed to the slow recovery process was also the stress. I think most working mothers would agree that one of our first world problems are when our kids fall sick, and double to that was when WE ourselves fall sick. Jasad je on MC but mind worried sick about work. I somehow feel so easy to advise others -- health comes first, family first, yadda yadda but bila sendiri going through it, memang takes time to be redha about it. My only mantra is -- boss has so many staff he/she can delegate the work to, so many clients that they can find, but our kids they only have one mother and we cannot replace them with any other things in the world. Agree?

Oh talking about working mothers, siapa dah tengok 'I dont know how she does it?' (or read the book?). So many moments we can relate to, kan? Haha. 'Momsters!' omg what a spot on term. And that quote - "when a man leaves work to spend with his sick child, he’s a hero, a caring dad. But when a woman does it, her life is a struggle she's a slacker who is not committed to her job (or something along this line I can't remember the exact words)" is like bingo! People at work can be so judgemental yaw. Oh another favourite relatable moment / quote from that movie - "A recent study showed that women with young children do not sleep through the night. Researchers were at a loss to explain why. They could have asked me. Instead of sleeping, I do THE List"... Adoiii tergelak besar ok cause it's like oh-so-true! :) Well of course banyak parts yang macam overrated but hey, we can always take this kind kind of movie with a pinch of salt!

Haihhh bila type ikut phone ni mula la merapu kan. Anyway I'm all well now Alhamdulillah. Back to kicking ass in office today, only to realise that this week and next week ada public holiday. With my off days happening every Friday, this means I'm on a 3 day working week for this week and next! I know I should be happy but somehow I'm set to be all panicky cause I wasn't really working last week you see. Aaaaaaaaa *screaming* !!

Ok lah ok lah my 2Ks dah tidur jom buat THE List eh jom tidur.

“The times you don't make it are the ones children remember, not the times you do.”
― Allison Pearson, I Don't Know How She Does It: The Life of Kate Reddy, Working Mother.

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  1. agreed!!

    aku pon baru tengok mlm td .. sorang2 layan sesambil kejap tekan pause (sbb tgk recorded punye haha) sebab fina naik atas hadzim la, fina terjun dari sofa la, hadzim nak milo laa. haha. part list tu paling kelako .. OMG every moms did the same thing!! haha =)

    best gilew keje 3 hari jew. i is jeles.. nnt kita meet up wokeh.

  2. farah, -- hahaha best kan cite tuuuuu. macam SOOOO relatable.. :P

    anyway tu lahhhhh mari la meet up meet uppppp. kali ni make sure both hadzim + fina ada ok!!! and also pavlova mak kau. haha.

  3. hahah i happened to catch that movie alongside with mnn (very rare) and we both laughed like mad. coz 10 minutes into the story he went like "hey that is so you!" kah... tapi laki dia dlm movie tu mcm househusband la plakk