Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The one with... Kazim at 11 months.

Just a quick update on Kazim's milestones sementara nak put him to sleep. Now that he has turned 11 months old (I knowwwww time flies huh he's gonna be 1 y.o soon!! sobs):

- he can walk quite steadily, almost wanting to run at times thanks to the 'support' from his elder brother.
- sangat kemaruk untuk berjalan. kalau dukung lama2 dia bosan sure cubaan untuk melepaskan diri berlaku. kederat boleh tahan kuat.
- bila senyum, nampak very cheeky.
- dah pandai sebut mama! :) but more like 'mammammamma' like that. hehehe so cute! and it is the best feeling everrrr! balik kerja je sampai depan pintu dia dah datang sambil cakap 'mammammamma'... hilang terus penat kerja.
- masih fully on breastmilk, syukurrrr. makan banyak. his bubur dah tak payah blended, mashing will do (provided the ingredients semua dah steam/rebus kasi lembut lah).
- sometimes macam boleh left alone to play on his own, but sometimes he is the clingy little baby whom I think kalau lah dia boleh bergayut kat kaki ni while I move around I'm sure he'll do just that.. -___-'
- boleh tahan drama king jugak nih. abang baru datang dekat dia tak usik pun lagi dia dah start teriak dah. kesian khayr kadang2 kene marah coz we thought betul lah dia kacau adik dia. hehe.
- dah pandai turun sendiri from katil / couch. memanjat pun boleh tahan hebat. dah boleh panjat keluar from high chair ikea tu tempat duduk dia masa makan. bahaya hoihhhh. pandai jugak panjat keluar from stroller, from shopping trolley. panjat tangga tu toksah cakap lah kan. mak bapak turut exercise bersama mengejar dia.
- dah pandai naik kereta toy story / push walker abang dia. makaaaaa episode rebut merebut sudah bermula. penat rasa nye jadik tarzan asyik nak kene jerit trying to leraikan diorang. kejap abang buat adik. kejap adik buat abang. haihhhh rendam tali pusat sama2 kang (kata orang tua2).
- and today we found out another 2 gigi tumbuh! misteri cranky di waktu malam tanpa sebab terjawab. dan juga misteri refusing ebm and solids for the past2 weeks. hehe. that makes 8 sets of tooth altogether. definitely express betul as compared to khayr.
- pandai wave goodbye, buat action talking on the phone, and raise up his hands when being asked to.
- bawak pergi beach for the first time recently, and discovered that dia tak geli kat pasir sama macam khayr jugak. syabas, kelakian terbukti. heh.

okie dokie i guess thats all for now. till later~! some photos as usual:

om nom nom nom.
sibuk tolong tok ma sapu sampah.
siri bercakap dengan diri sendiri.
perlu beli lagi 1 kah? -__-"

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Monday, 21 January 2013

The one with... hilang 1 (dari 5 perkara)

Bila hilang nikmat sihat tu, aduhhhh sangat2 menginsafkan. Huhu. Haritu my 2K's were not well. And as much as I took every little precaution to prevent myself from being infected -- redoxon and drink lots of water, I was eventually defeated.

Last week I had the complete package - fever, flu & cough. I relied so much on panadol thinking I would be able to brave through Monday at work but the fever consumed all of me. I had no choice but to give in :( Was on MC most of the days last week leaving unproductive week for me as fas as work was concerned. It was just a fever for crying out loud but I was totally flat! Adakah kerana faktor usia? *boo!* Kerol had to send not only Kazim to my mom's place but myself too to be taken care of by mama. Sayanggggg sangat kat mama. Rasa terharu sangat dah tua bangka macam ni mama still jaga bila sakit. Buat bubur and let me sleep in the comfy room all day long. Sobs.

While on MC, I think partly what contributed to the slow recovery process was also the stress. I think most working mothers would agree that one of our first world problems are when our kids fall sick, and double to that was when WE ourselves fall sick. Jasad je on MC but mind worried sick about work. I somehow feel so easy to advise others -- health comes first, family first, yadda yadda but bila sendiri going through it, memang takes time to be redha about it. My only mantra is -- boss has so many staff he/she can delegate the work to, so many clients that they can find, but our kids they only have one mother and we cannot replace them with any other things in the world. Agree?

Oh talking about working mothers, siapa dah tengok 'I dont know how she does it?' (or read the book?). So many moments we can relate to, kan? Haha. 'Momsters!' omg what a spot on term. And that quote - "when a man leaves work to spend with his sick child, he’s a hero, a caring dad. But when a woman does it, her life is a struggle she's a slacker who is not committed to her job (or something along this line I can't remember the exact words)" is like bingo! People at work can be so judgemental yaw. Oh another favourite relatable moment / quote from that movie - "A recent study showed that women with young children do not sleep through the night. Researchers were at a loss to explain why. They could have asked me. Instead of sleeping, I do THE List"... Adoiii tergelak besar ok cause it's like oh-so-true! :) Well of course banyak parts yang macam overrated but hey, we can always take this kind kind of movie with a pinch of salt!

Haihhh bila type ikut phone ni mula la merapu kan. Anyway I'm all well now Alhamdulillah. Back to kicking ass in office today, only to realise that this week and next week ada public holiday. With my off days happening every Friday, this means I'm on a 3 day working week for this week and next! I know I should be happy but somehow I'm set to be all panicky cause I wasn't really working last week you see. Aaaaaaaaa *screaming* !!

Ok lah ok lah my 2Ks dah tidur jom buat THE List eh jom tidur.

“The times you don't make it are the ones children remember, not the times you do.”
― Allison Pearson, I Don't Know How She Does It: The Life of Kate Reddy, Working Mother.

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

The one with... our plan for Khayr in 2013

Parenting these days is not easy huh? Information overloaded on the kind of expectation the society has on our kids. The do's the dont's the rights and the wrongs at what age and at which development stage. Not easy to filter all those out from our parenting system but to me the bottom line is -- every parents want to provide and do the best for their kids. Agree? :)

Having said that, we tried to enroll Khayr to a playgroup class last year (which means masa dia 2 tahun dulu) but we feel that he was still too young then. Nampak macam tak ready je.. :p Now that he's turning 3 in this year of 2013, we are revisiting back the idea of getting him to join any playgroup session. To us, the main thing is we want him to start socialising and learn how to 'take instruction'. Learning can come along as he progresses in life. For now let it be through fun and play session.

Alhamdulillah after few trial classes here and there we finally settled for one. It's still early to tell but we hope he likes it and most important, we hope he will learn something out of it while enjoying it.

In the course of me searching for such a place, the feedback that I received from them is that according to his age group, Khayr should be enrolled to the 'drop-off' kind of class. But as a start, we are going for the parent-accompanied type first because we feel that he's not ready to be independent yet (well I know I am NOT ready to let go yet! haha) so hopefully once he settled in, and I'm settled in (drama mama) then perhaps I can start letting him go to be on his own with teacher and friends. Sobs my boy has grown up :'( and I'm having separation anxiety!

Oh and this is made possible all thanks to my bosses for allowing me to take up the flexi working arrangement:

And also a modification to my role and my KPI. Hope all goes well.. ..... insyaAllah.

Ke arah hidup work life balance yang lebih baik ho yeah! :)

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

The one with... this is how I do it #4.


I am not an expert in breastfeeding, but ilmu tu ade laaa sikit2.. Now with my second child I’m becoming more ‘pro’ at handling and managing it especially as a working mother, though of course there are a lot more to acquire. Oh well learning kan is a on-going process in life.

Over time I’ve been sought after by friends and strangers asking question about breastfeeding. By them asking me and by me sharing with them actually benefit both sides – it serves as a refresher to me especially on things that I might have overlooked. Or sometimes I even get to know new information as well :)

This entry is an added on to the previous one that I’ve written on. Just to share how I do things with my second child. Ye lah waktu Khayr dulu macam ala2 saya budak belajar gitu :)

Ok here goes. Pumping in office.

The tools:
1.       Pump
2.       Pump parts
3.       Bottles for pumping x2
4.       Cooler bag (I use fridge-to-go)
5.       Bottle for storing x1
6.       Ice packs x2-3 (I use Mom’s Little Ones)
7.       Not in picture: BM storage bag (I use Fiffy / Jingle Jungle)

The how:
  • Pump 15 minutes - 20 minutes (not more!)
  • After 1st pump, transfer the desired amount of oz into storage bag (item 7). The balance, letak dalam bottle (item 5). So kira nye item 5 adalah temporary place to store the EBM sementara nak tunggu cukup, before transfer dalam storage bag.
  • Then simpan the pump with the bottle yang you used to pump tadi in a closed tupperware, or in my case, I put them back in my fridge-to-go bag. Put them in the fridge.

  • Yep, no need to wash.

The example and benefits out of it:
  • Fiffy storage bag can store up to 6oz.
  • 1st pumping say I managed to get 7oz. So 6oz masuk storage bag. 1oz ‘park’ kat storage bottle sekejap. Simpan pump dalam fridge balik as explained earlier. 
  • 2nd pumping session, you are ready to pump straight away (save time #1). All you need to do is keluarkan pump and do your thang. Takde nak kene pasang2kan parts, keringkan whatnot.
  • Same cycle repeats, depends on how many pumping sessions you have. How many oz you want to store.
  • Sampai rumah, all you need to basuh is just the pump parts and 2x bottles. Plus the feeding bottles yang your child used while you were at work.
  • Besoknya (or the night itself), bila nak transferkan EBM into feeding bottles, just tear away the storage bag and transfer into feeding bottles (save time #2 tak payah nak kena basuh2 storage bottles BUT unfortunately not environmental friendly sebab storage bag tu buang).
  • So here, all you need to stock-up is the storage bags not the storage bottles. Masa Khayr dulu I had berlambak2 storage bottles lepas tu mula la leceh nak kena basuh setiap kali transfer. Storage bags  pun you can just keep them in office, save space in your pump bag tak payah nak bawak hari2 to office. And save space in your fridge / freezer when placing your EBM stocks (save time #3 sebab storage bag no need to sterelise and save space #1).

Remark to the above pointers:
  • You can apply the same when you are at home during weekend / if you are a SAHM.
  • About tak payah basuh pump after usage tu, you can google about it. As in, it’s a-OK to do that. For the record, sometimes due to busy schedule I’ve not washed my pump up for 3 days (provided it is kept in the fridge; i.e. chilled – I follow the rule of EBM storing :P). And hey I am not alone ok. My colleagues pun do the same thing. And yes, see they all simpan je pump in the tupperware after every usage:

  • To store in bags, kena remove air bubble. And here's how:

1. Zip kan sampai tinggal sikiiiiit kat hujung nun.
2. Squeeze the air bubble out by squeezing the bag filled with EBM.
3. Bila EBM dah push out all the air bubble, terus seal kan / zip kan.
4. There you go, a storage bag filled with EBM without air bubble.

  • Bila store in bags, nak susun pun senang. Save space and sedap mata memandang...

Okie dokie hope this helps! And if you have better tips, lets share with me! :)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The one with... the start of year 2013.

Throughout my 2012 year end break I've been praying for my kids good health, so as not to 'spoil' the trips we have been planning as well the days I was on leave. Granted, alhamdulillah.

However, out of no where during the very last weekend before Kerol & I returned back to work suddenly Khayr had a fever :( That, coupled with a bit of flu & cough. Bila Khayr demam, of course automatically I got so worried about Kazim. Sigh. True enough, 2 days down the road bila Khayr dah sihat Kazim pulak demam and he had it quite bad compared to Khayr. His flu was bad, his coughing was even more to the point of losing his voice :( We brought him to the hospital to see his paed on Tuesday (i.e. yesterday) and kena masuk ubat montot sebab temperature too high - 39degC. *sigh* Paed did nose & throat swab as well (apparently H1N1 is back on the rise?) and nasib baik his result came -ve. Phew.

Praying for their speedy recovery! Sobs.

Monday, 7 January 2013

The one with... welcoming 2013!

It has been 6 days, I know. But still, happy new year everyone!

Dah besar2 berkeluarga with 2 kids ni, the new year eve was spent with just family members feasting ourselves with home made food - potluck style.

Actually I'm supposed to sleep already by now. But mata2 terkebil2 for the past half an hour. Nervous yaw besok nak masuk kerja balik after a good 2weeks++ break. Besttttt sangat cuti. No rush. We lived by the day, like waking up in the morning and both Kerol and I would be like, "Ok nak buat apa harini?".. Super nice! :)

And paling best of course dapat spend time with our kesayangans though there were times they drove ourselves crazy with their naughtiness! Abang sakat adik, and vice versa. Grrrrr. Talking about adik, he's so active now that he can walk. Khayr pulak kadang2 saja tolak adik dia. Adik pun boleh tahan drama, kene usik sikit pun bukan main jeritnye. Hehehe. Meriah rumah iollssss... -__-'

Adik tumbuh lagi 1 gigi bulan ni, that makes 6 sets of tooth he has now. He can wave goodbye, raises his hand when asked "Siapa K@zim / adik...?", and also know how to position kan diri untuk turun katil. Jalan makin stabil, and makan pun boleh tahan banyak :) Oh and he loooooves book so very much. Kitorang takde lah yang jenis baca kan story book to our kids before bed time whatnot, but with Kazim, we can see his cue to get us to do just that on him. Maka as a mother I feel so encouraged to buy books for him. And seeing his adik's interest on books indirectly has made it so inviting to Khayr as well. Ini sudah bagus ye tak? :)

This year, Khayr will turn 3, Kazim will turn 1 and both Kerol&I will turn 31! Now that's some 1s and 3s for us in this year of 2013! *fakta tidak penting haha*

Following my previous previous post, so our second trip was actually to Genting Kota Keriangan. That makes 2 theme parks we went to in the month of December 2012 and yes it was all fun but Kerol&I agreed that other big theme park places macam USS and Disneyland can wait until our kids besar sikit lagi for them to appreciate better.. :) (and for us to handle them better!)

Eh ok lah. I'm so sleepy now. Kali ni takde photos lah sebab malas nak upload ikut phone nanti keluar mesti tak clear.

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