Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The one with... peluang dulu dan sekarang :)

Masih tak sure ade ke orang membace tetapiiiiii tengah rasa tak selesa nak demam so malas nak buat kerja so procrastinate sekejap.

Dulu in 2009 alhamdulillah suami dapat outstation job pergi Brisbane and Gold Coast, I got to tag along (together with the 5month old Khayr inside me hehe).

And recently, another opportunity came knocking at the door, he got to go to Melbourne pulak =)

It was a fun 7D6N we had. Tiring with the 2 kids, but yeah, fun fun fun :) So thankful for the opportunity. Hmm skill menulis ala2 review panjang2 dah takde (read: malas). Summarising in bullet points will do lah hoh? :P Kalau google search about trip and tips to Melbourne more or less you'll find the same review points anyway, antara being elaborated in detail dengan tidak saje.

  • Journey - About 7.5hours. Kematu mempapah si budak bobod Kazim tuh (sebab declared him as infant). Advantage dapat duduk dekat depan sekali: ruang kaki yang luas so that budak2 ade space nak jalan2. Disadvantage: tak dapat nak lift up the arm rest sebab kat situ lah letaknye in flight entertainment, situ jugak table untuk makan. So nak breastfeed susah, nak kasik anak baring kat riba that goes across the 2 seats, tak dapek. Kitorang naik Emirates, best jugak sebab for kids like Khayr, the kids meals are like super nice. Masa pergi tu, Khayr dapat kinder bueno choc, pasta meal, soft bun, yogurt, fruit juice, some biscuits, mentos, and ape ntah lagi. Pastu dapat blanket with soft toys. Dapat colouring book and crayon.

- Dapat tangkap gambar dengan stewardess. Haha. Si Kazim ni bukan main mesra lagi. So the stewardess took pic with him and gave us this. Now selamat kat our fridge :) -

- Membelek the in-flight entertainment. Thank God they have Planes! -

- Dapat duduk kat tempat yang ada area for the kids to mengexplore -__-' -

  • Our place of stay: We got to stay at this place called Somerset on Elizabeth, kat Elizabeth St. A 2-room serviced apartment. Right smack at Melbourne town, or what they call as Central Business District (CBD) area. I think, for a guide, just choose a place kat CBD area ni then you are fine. Dekat dengan semua tempat kat main town. If you google search, banyak place to stay kat situ. Apartment, Hotel, Backpackers place, and even Dormitory style. Malaysian Hall pun ada (but kene booking 2 weeks in advance if I'm not mistaken).

  • Timing difference - Melbourne is 3hours ahead of us.
  • Halal food - Alhamdulillah senang nak carik. Malaysian restaurant, Thai, Indonesian, kedai nasi arab and kedai mamak memang ada. Kalau fast food, I think cuma Nando's je yang halal. And Nando's memang bersepah2. Pastu of course kedai jual kebab. Cuma kat tempat2 tourist places outside Melbourne je it can be quite challenging. So masak / tapau food siap2. 7Eleven pon bersepah2.
  • Places we went to: The historical/remarkable buildings around the town, Queen Victoria Market (QVM), Harbour Town, DFO South Wharf, Philip Island / The Nobbies Centre, Sovereign Hill / Ballarat, Puffing Billy / Dandenong Range plus the few wildlife parks located along the journey. We took the tour package by AAT Kings Travel. Super nice. Bus ada toilet, seat dia boleh recline, and driver so informative and nice. Didn't get to go to Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Sealife, Great Ocean Road, Mount Buller/Baw Baw. Malls kat sini semua tutup awal boohoo dalam pukul 5pm or 6pm macam. Ada certain hari, certain place extended hour sampai pukul 9pm I think, but memang lengang la. Yang QVM tu pun, hari Isnin and Rabu tutup. And hari Selasa barang2 lagi mahal dari hari yang lain (like, apekah kan? but its true!). And DFO South Wharf kena pandai carik sales item. We were lucky to spot that AUD5 Levi's jeans offered. Yup lima belas hengget sajo! My mom, my MIL pun membeli sama. Hehe. And I went crazy kat Cotton On Kids and Pumpkin Patch. And now that I have a niece, I get to shop all those beautiful bebe girls stuff :)
Menyopping at the QVM
At the Puffing Billy!
Muka Kazim kemengatukan kena angin hihi.

Walking to the DFO
Beautiful Yarra River
Masa tengok penguin ni tak dapat tangkap gambar. But sejukkkkk sangat. Kids got a bit restless masa nak tunggu penguin pulang petang. But once they appear, its all worth it. Khayr Kazim both excited tengok. (Oh ye a penguin can measure up to my height yeee. Heh).

  • Weather: Time kitorang pergi (1 - 8 Dec 2013), crazy! grrrrr! :P One day was like hot and sunny and nice and breezy. And then another day was like rainy and windy and super cold like crazy. And of course ada hari yang tiba2 panas macam kat Malaysia. Haha like apekahhhh. But they say kat sana bila summer can get really hot temp can go up to even 40degC macam tu.
  • Mode of transportation in the town: On the nice weather days, honestly, within the town memang kitorang dok jalan kaki je. Best. Tak terasa panas and penat sebab the weather was just nice. However, ada 2 jenis tram - yang free and yang berbayar. Yang free tu dia akan bawak pusing bandar Melbourne to the few stops that brings you to the to-visit places around the town. But bila free, of course tram dia tak berapa nak best - panas, can get super crowded, and selo melo :P Tram yang berbayar, konsep dia macam LRT kita. Kena beli the pass (called myki) to use. Then of course kena study the route lah to know which stop to go.
  • Oh lepas tu as usual bila keluar Malaysia ni, toilet diorang nan ado air. Maka jangan lupa bawak botol mineral kecik yang kosong siap2. Especially if bawak budak2 ni kan yang bila poopoo tak program betul2, and stock yang jenis tak boleh nak berwipe2 dah ni -__-'. Kita yang adults ni boleh la kan nak bajet2 timing tu. Haha.
Hmm itu je lah kot. Till later! Ku mengalami holiday withdrawals nih huhu. Can't wait for my year end break. With my off day on Friday and that public holidays on 25Dec and 1Jan, my remaining 6 days of annual leaves gonna get me a 2 week year end break yeay! :)

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The one with... outstation means...

A break from office.
A me time.
A big bed all to myself.

But it also means.

Away from my Ks.
Alone at night.
So sunyi sepi. No crying. No laughing. No shouting. No nothing. No mama here, mama there.
A lesson of absence makes your heart grows fonder.

I may had the whole big bed all to myself yesterday night, but I definitely miss crashing in with them :')

Thank God it is just for one night. I had a good ‘break’ nevertheless :)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

The one with... the new addition.

I need to update the blog just so that the latest entries (which so happened to be bf-related) can move on already. Hmmm.

It's gonna be a quick one. Alhamdulillah on 30 September 2013 my lil sis Liana have safely given birth to a beautiful baby girl named 'Aaisyah Zuyyina =) My first ever anak saudara, the first cucu perempuan in my family, the first cousin for Khayr and Kazim!

As for Liana's husband side of the family, 'Aaisyah is the first cucu. And InsyaAllah on this coming Sunday, her sister-in-law is scheduled to give birth to twins baby girl! =) Meriah uolls family husband dia. Skali dapat terus 3 cucu, and all girls. Hehe. Dah la the husband is the eldest of 6, and he's the only guy sebab adik2 dia semua perempuan :)

- That heart-melting moment when you first met the baby you've been carrying in your womb for 9months :') -

- The proud Uncle Kerol and Aunty Lia ;) -

- Khayr acted like a pro big brother already. But Kazim? He's not bothered at all... Hehe. In fact, that night dia macam meragam satu macam, like sedih macam tu. Alololo macamane nak ada adik ni Kazim? :p -

- Khayr: "Tok Ma Tok Ma.. Ni baby girl ke baby boy? Haaaaa??! Baby girl?? Eeeee baby girl busuk! Khayr nak baby boy macam adik Kazim....." Hahaha dush dush. Sabar je lah. Ntah mana belajar ntah. Ni pulak, macamana nak dapat baby girl niiii? :p -

*banyak betul monolog dalaman mama ni ye hahaha*

- Baby talk *much love* ;') -

- vroom vroom dimple pillow from my boys, to their cousin sister :) -

- Bila tengok baby 'Aaisyah, terus rasa macam, gosh my boys have grown up so much. Sobs. -

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The one with... sharing is caring! =)

I am counting myself lucky that my journey to fully bf my second son Kazim is at ease and is without any major challenge. Maybe because it’s my second time so I managed to tap on my previous experience. So this time around, I no longer on that pump-today-for-tomorrow’s-consumption mode.. Phew :'). Instead, I managed to stock up quite a reasonable amount of EBM for his consumption... except that it became a wee too much of an amount. Huhu.

So I suppose now I’m in that position whereby a slim and slender person is ‘complaining’ she is too skinny that she has difficulty to put on weight no matter how much she eats – a statement that can make everyone else rolls their eyes they secretly want to strangle that skinny person coz it’s like hey perempuan don’t you know that other people is wishing to be in your shoes?! Eat all you want and yet you are not putting on weight are you freaking kidding me you are complaining about it?

Haaaa macam tu lah. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say haha.

In other words, this time around I’m having a supply > demand situation. There. (Alhamdulillah)

So I seriously don’t know what to do with the extras I just let them be in the deep freezer. Nak buang sayang. Nak give away, hmm I know I have that option but I’m not too comfortable with the situation I need to monitor later arising from becoming an ibu susuan.

Not until I found out that I do have another better option.


Get them to be processed as soap, body wash and shampoo! Brilliant isn’t it? :) All using natural ingredients and EBM is one of it. You know, just like sabun susu kambing and the like. They are scented with pure essential oil and I chose lavender. So don't even think that the end product is like ada EBM smell you know. (Cause initially I thought the same! Haha)

I just received them last week so I have yet to try them on Khayr and Kazim. Khayr has a lot of marks on his legs as a result of him liking to garu luka kalau jatuh or bila kene gigit nyamuk. And Kazim has a mild eczema. So I’m waiting for their current Johnson&Johnson body syampoo (for Khayr) and QV (for Kazim) to finish and can’t wait to apply these on them! =)

Since I have not been using it so I can’t really testify the effectiveness of the EBM soap / body wash for now but I heard and read so many testimonials about the goodness of EBM soap and crème bath for sensitive-skin babies and even adults. They help to moisturize the skin and keep skin from dehydrating. From reading also I got to know that the fats in EBM helps to sooth and soften the skin, and the antibodies helps to prevent infection. So, instead of giving away the EBM in its original form, I’m hoping to help out other mommies out there in this other form =)

Email me at or leave your comment here if you are interested to buy them ok! :) I have surveyed around on the market price (yes apparently people have already been doing this!) so the price should be about there. However I'll try to offer better price based on the costs I have to incur because like I said, my intention is to give back to others in my support for breastfeeding :)

Till later people~*

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The one with... self salutation :)

Kazim is already 1y6m, which means that I've been fully nursing him that long.. Alhamdulillah for such a blessing... *feeling grateful* So now I'm down with the 'final semester' to graduate from the '2 year course'! :D

A friend shared this blog entry in facebook about World Breastfeeding Week, and it was an instant hit. I super love it coz I super can relate! =) It was (and still is) a roller coaster journey with a lot of ups and downs, and I thought I would like to reiterate the few points that I thought quite funny coz its SO true! :D

Here goes:

To those mothers who spent the first weeks and months of your child's life literally attached to them 24 hours a day, I salute you.

Who can't remember the last time you slept longer than three solid hours without being awoken by a screaming baby and/or a soaking wet shirt. I salute you. 

You, who took on the feeding of your infant entirely on your own, who is solely and fully responsible for their nourishment. Who didn't leave their infant's side for days, weeks, months, even to do simple errands, because you feared they would surely starve should you get stuck in traffic on the way home. Who's husband and mother and children hear one peep from your tiny bundle of joy and hand them right over to you saying, "I think he's hungry!" You, who simultaneously loves and hates that you are the only one on earth who has what your baby needs to survive, a job you take more seriously than anyone else can understand, I salute you.

 I salute those breastfeeding mamas who have sat in that doctor's office, bawling your eyes out because your baby is not gaining weight at the perfectly perfect "normal" rate all pediatricians came together and decided on so that they could strike fear and guilt into any breastfeeding mother whose child does not meet this perfectly perfect timeline. You, who does not have the benefit of ounce markings on your breasts and has absolutely no idea how much or how little your baby is eating, only that they are eating all the time. All. The. Time. 

And to all those mothers who are growing those little humans despite mounting obstacles, who have battled tongue tie, low supply, excruciating pain, or all of the above and more, and have seen specialist after specialist trying to figure out what you're doing wrong, all of whom tell you one different thing after another. To those moms who stuck with it and to those who grieved the end of their breastfeeding relationship earlier than they anticipated, I salute you. 

And to those breastfeeding mamas who do use that cover, that blasted cover, I salute you.

Yes, I salute you and your tie dyed nursing blankets. :')

I salute you, mothers who have endured nasty stares, rude comments, and blindly ignorant opinions regarding breastfeeding. For those who have friends, family, and co-workers who gag on the very word "breastfeed" . To those who have been told that breastfeeding is "so gross" by a world that pours the breast milk of a farm animal on their cereal every morning.

I salute those mothers who have mastered nursing their babies while cooking, cleaning, blogging, and sleeping. Who take the term "multi-tasking" to a new level. *And not to mention, pumping and having breakfast while driving! ;) Or even, pumping while reviewing reports.

To those mothers who pray for a hypnotist that will one day be able to remove from your husband's brain the image of you pumping on the living room sofa while eating a bowl of ice cream. I salute you, nursing mamas, who have caught your young daughters lifting their shirt to feed their baby doll, and felt pretty proud of yourself when you did. Good job mama, I salute you and your future breastfed grandchild.

To those working mothers, who have lugged a pump, a cooler, bottles and ice packs with them to the office every single day, I salute you.  :')

You, who have pumped in closets, cars, your boss's office and rooms labeled "LACTATION", praying no one walks in and sees you in a way no person should ever see another person. Ever.  *Own experience when at client's place - in the meeting room, in the filing room, surau, in the working room itself whereby I had to ask my team members to wait for me outside hehe.. but alhamdulillah so far NEVER in a toilet. If I was asked to pump in the toilet, I will only have 1 remark to say - Hmm if a food / drink, say like air kotak, being processed in a toilet, will you drink the air kotak? Or if a meal is being prepared in a toilet, will you be ok with it?

eh tapi of course there will be some people yang as a matter of last resort, has no choice but to pump in the toilet. and in such situation i'm sure extra handling in terms of cleanliness and whatnot is carefully exercised. anything for the bebe kan? :)

*added in sentences that are more considerate. my apologies for being ignorant when i first wrote this huhu*

To those mothers who have driven home at ungodly speeds in order to make your baby's next feeding, only to walk in and find your husband giving him a bottle, I salute you. *Haha this is so true!!

I salute the mothers who have literally poured out themselves into providing the best for their baby, only to accidentally knock it off the kitchen counter. *Happened to me few times!! :(

I salute those of you who have had husbands jokingly tell them not to cry over spilled milk. And I salute you if you did, or did not, throat punch him.

On that note, I'd like to take a moment to salute the dads of these breastfed babies. To those husbands who have stood by their partner and supported her through the tears, the fears, the failures and the big wins. Who have taken on diaper duty because it is only fair that if she is in charge of input, you should be in charge of output.  To those dads who have spent countless hours washing pump parts and fetching ice water to make things on mama a little easier, I salute you.  -- *This goes to my dear husband... :)

To those mothers who have powered through sore nipples, nursing strikes, teething babies, and growth spurts, I salute you. You, whose babies have the power to erase every bad experience and melt away every ounce of stress and frustration with one tender glance upwards as they nuzzle up against you. You, who feel both elation and depression at the very thought of weaning your nurslings. 

To all the mothers who have spent hours crying and praying and stressing over feeding your baby, and have been rewarded with one of the most special experiences this life has to offer.

Who practically melts when your baby wraps his hand around your thumb, or pats your chest, or plays with your necklace. To all the mothers who have sacrificed your body, your sleep, your time, and a bit of your sanity in order to offer your babies the gift of mommy milk, this week is for you.

So yes, this is a self salutation entry for me.. and I give you my salute to all of you breastfeeding mothers no matter how long or short your journey was.. *tabikkkkk hormat!* :)