Friday, 14 December 2012

The one with... I miss to blog, especially about my kids development...

Khayr dah 2y9m. Kazim dah 9m. Time flies huh.
Soon February 2013, Khayr is gonna be 3y.o, Kazim pulak is gonna be 1y.o already!!
Kazim dah made few baby steps, ada 5 batang gigi, suka makan, suka gigit, suka panjat tangga, and rambut makin menunjukkan identity sebenar hehe. Masih fully breastfeed alhamdulillah.
Khayr pulak dah makin banyak cakap, hari2 bercerita itu ini, ready to go to playschool we think.
Banyak nak update pasal diorang ni. Not to brag, but more for my own memory to keep.
Hmm soon I'm off for my year end break. Hope I'll have the time to jot things down. A lot has taken place since I last wrote in September!

Last time they were THIS small...

But look at them now... <3 p="p">

Kazim: Don't forget to write more ok Mama! Tak aci tau, dulu Mama banyak bercerita pasal abang Khayr.. Now pasal Kazim sikitttt je.


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