Sunday, 23 December 2012

The one with... cuti-cuti Malaysia 2012

As usual come year end I'll be on long break because I cannot carry forward my annual leaves. Normally I'll plan for two trips - 1 just for the 2 of us (husband and I - yang ni selalu adalah shopping trip ke Singapore for the Christmas sales hehe) and another 1 is for our mini family. Tapi tu lah, sebab masing2 agak busy shortly before our break so macam takde masa sangat nak buat detail planning and our 2 kids takde passport lagi. We thought daripada buat sekarang dah at the end of 2012 might as well we wait for 2013 for that 50% off for the passport fees. Sudahnye, mari cuti2 Malaysia saje. And this time, it ain't any beach trip yo!

First trip recently - to Hello Kitty Town for the Little Big Club at level 2 and 3, and to JPO.

Second trip coming up soon next week!



  1. hello kitty town? tak ada gambar ke?

  2. yanie, -- aiseh takde gambar lah sebab yg hello kitty tu level 1. kitorang tak pergi... cer google sure ade... :) anyway the rest of the pics aku dah letak kat fb.