Friday, 28 December 2012

The one with... Hari Natal 2012 :)

Hi ! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holiday everyone :)

The day before 25 December 2012, I received a whatsapp text from my sister asking whether or not we will be free for a breakfast treat by her. Makan free? Wahhhh harus serta merta agree. hehehe.. And husband had to make the whole thing a lot more nicer by suggesting - "Alang2 besok nak keluar breakfast dengan your family, jom lah tidur sana terus malam ni?"

Balik kampung? Yipppieeee!! =)

It was already 8pm at that time. Cepat2 basuh pinggan (of all days, haritu boleh laa pulak decided nak biar pinggan longgok2 dulu baru basuh one shot kemudian kannn..), packing ape2 yang patut, and off we went to my parents house.. And I purposely did not inform them that we were coming, saje kasi surprise :) The look on mama's face (upon seeing her cucus of course -__-' not her daughter :P) was priceless! <3 p="p">
Had a great time catching up with mama over dinner, and also interrogating my brother on his move to do bekam!!! I have the picture but I won't share it here!! He did it at belakang kepala (pelik ok tengok the patch), kat bahu, and also kat pinggang. Now that I'm typing about it I must whatsapp him later nak tanye how did he go to work the next day (sebab dia taknak botakkan kepala).

Anyways. At night before went to sleep I found out papa had re-organised and re-arranged ALL OF OUR PHOTOS siap beli album baru and put labelling ! Didn't know he's THAT organised now I know where's this OCD trait I have came from :P (Eh tapi sejak dah ade anak ni tak berape nak OCD lah kan pejam sebelah mata je lahhhh sap sap soi..)

Gambar zaman kurus zaman hingusan all included lah! Senang je nak carik lepas ni :)

Bila tengok terus rasa terbakar nak start my long overdue project:


Gambar2 dah print lamaaaaa dah konon nak albumkan masa pantangkan Kazim. Guess I was being too ambitious. Couldn't find the right time!

Anyways.. Upon flipping through some of my old photos, look at what I found:
The little me! Sama macam Kazim tak?

And I had the same pose sama macam Khayr! Muka tak berapa nak sama, fine my eyes were a lot rounder.. :P

So the next day, Alhamdulillah all went well as planned, in fact it was WAY better.. Pagi2 my neighbour held a breakfast makan2 gathering at her house. So we went there first to alas perut since my 2K's bangun lambat. Dalam pukul 10am baru gerak ke Dome KLCC for the main breakfast and because of the friendly weather, we let the kids had the time of their life at the park. Nasib baik berjaya pujuk Khayr not to let him play in the pool.. (Tak bawak baju spare PLUS rasa insecure takut Khayr and Kazim dapat flu whatnot sebab homaiii ramai sangat kids.. Public holiday kan...).

Pose ala2 pelancong :D

See how my brother wore his hat? Nak cover tempat bekam lah tu! :) My sister Liana couldn't join us sebab dia oncall kat hospital...

Somebody was all drenched in sweat!

Balik rumah semua tidur kekenyangan and kepenatan...

Petang pulak we had a feast during tea time.. Ahhh the joy of balik kampung.. super bliss hehe!

Okie dokie till later~*

Sunday, 23 December 2012

The one with... cuti-cuti Malaysia 2012

As usual come year end I'll be on long break because I cannot carry forward my annual leaves. Normally I'll plan for two trips - 1 just for the 2 of us (husband and I - yang ni selalu adalah shopping trip ke Singapore for the Christmas sales hehe) and another 1 is for our mini family. Tapi tu lah, sebab masing2 agak busy shortly before our break so macam takde masa sangat nak buat detail planning and our 2 kids takde passport lagi. We thought daripada buat sekarang dah at the end of 2012 might as well we wait for 2013 for that 50% off for the passport fees. Sudahnye, mari cuti2 Malaysia saje. And this time, it ain't any beach trip yo!

First trip recently - to Hello Kitty Town for the Little Big Club at level 2 and 3, and to JPO.

Second trip coming up soon next week!


Friday, 14 December 2012

The one with... I miss to blog, especially about my kids development...

Khayr dah 2y9m. Kazim dah 9m. Time flies huh.
Soon February 2013, Khayr is gonna be 3y.o, Kazim pulak is gonna be 1y.o already!!
Kazim dah made few baby steps, ada 5 batang gigi, suka makan, suka gigit, suka panjat tangga, and rambut makin menunjukkan identity sebenar hehe. Masih fully breastfeed alhamdulillah.
Khayr pulak dah makin banyak cakap, hari2 bercerita itu ini, ready to go to playschool we think.
Banyak nak update pasal diorang ni. Not to brag, but more for my own memory to keep.
Hmm soon I'm off for my year end break. Hope I'll have the time to jot things down. A lot has taken place since I last wrote in September!

Last time they were THIS small...

But look at them now... <3 p="p">

Kazim: Don't forget to write more ok Mama! Tak aci tau, dulu Mama banyak bercerita pasal abang Khayr.. Now pasal Kazim sikitttt je.