Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The one with... just for the record.

Kazim at the start of his 6 months of life

  • 8kg
  • Cut his first 2 bottom teeth (Khayr dulu had it masa 10 months old)
  • Rolling like a pro
  • Jatuh katil 2x :(
  • Masih fully breastfeed alhamdulillah.
  • Avocado - nay. Apple, Banana - yay. All these he took it mixed together with oat
  • Dah start tunjuk tanda2 nak duduk (Khayr dulu skip this development phase)
  • Cradle cap masih tak betul2 hilang :(
  • Sudah mula bising! Wonder what he's babbling about. hehe
  • Gelak sakan bila kene agah
  • Turns head when we call his name
  • Now that he's at the stage of mengengsot and separa merangkak, he can be left alone for a while instead of asyik nak berkepit saje. Tapi tu lah, bermula lah kembali episode mencapai ape2 yang tak patut dicapai dan dimasukkan ke mulut.... :)
  • Can fit into Khayr's 12m baju and seluar! It's either Kazim is normal, Khayr yang of a smaller size. Or Khayr normal, but Kazim is on the bigger size =)


Ok dah itu je. Till later!