Friday, 3 August 2012

The one with... home is where the family is ♥

Alhamdulillah this year dapat jugak arrange for a day (for now, that is. who knows, there will be more to come!) to berbuka puasa with my complete family members. Otherwise schedule masing2 asyik clash je. Tak pun before this my sister Liana was still studying in Jakarta, so tak dapat balik to berpuasa sama2.

So last week kitorang berbuka puasa sama2 kat KL Convention Centre sama2. I know I know the price is so effing ridiculous. I wanted to have it done at an a-la carte place, but my sister Erin, in her defense, this is like once in a blue moon kind of event so we shall celebrate. Plus nak kasik our younger siblings and parents merasa berbuka buffet style. So ok lah, what she said was kinda valid though. Erin actually surveyed and tried to book few other places, KL Convec was finally chosen. And I'm glad she chose that place because it was SO spacious senang la anakku nak berlari2 -__-' and also surau dia pun sangat selesa and besar. The exhibition halls were converted into dining area and surau, hence you can imagine how spacious it is. In fact they even had the terawikh performed at the surau there if you want to join.

To kill the time, my little family had a walk in the park first when we arrived. Ni Khayr tengah menggelupur nak mandi pool. No way jose! :D We were impressed actually sebab dia ingat lagi dia pernah datang sini with his Tok Ma and Mak Teh (i.e. my mom and my sister). During which dia dengan selambanye telah terjun and bermandi manda di pool with the attire he was wearing, well actually the one and only he had for that day! Hahaha.

Mengawal rapi si anak supaya tidak tersasar... =)
Masa ni my parents and my siblings were at the KL Convec already. Liana went to teman Mama checking out the furniture expo (Mama went crazy we had to drag her out of that place) and Papa, Erin & Ajim went to make sure our table was properly reserved for us.

Penat mengejar si Khayr ni berlari2 ke sana sini excited mengejar burung.. -__-'

When it was about close to berbuka time only we went back into KL Convec and meet my families... And Alhamdulillah kenyang.. Syukur with rezeki yang ada. If you ask me, I would say that the price is slightly on the expensive side given the type of food they offered (western food + dessert sikit sangat!). But like I said earlier, I give 10/10 for the ambience and place. Oh and kambeng golek dia sangat sedap please!!! *drooLing* 

Ok lah, enjoy the rest of the pictures. Don't worry, no pictures of food =)

Nak tunjuk gambar ni sebab nak cakap si adik dah pakai baju ni masa he's 5month (size 12m) and kelihatan sangat ngam2 with him. Whereas si abang dulu pakai masa 8month punnn still bolos!

Ni gambar Khayr masa pakai baju yang sama. Labuh sampai ke buku lali!


My sister Erin got annoyed they had her name spelled wrongly. Hehe!

Bestnye malam tu ramai orang boleh tolong jaga adik... ;) This is with his Mak Teh.

Si hyper (read: on sugar rush) makan macam2. Anak siape lah nehhhh? :D

Suka2 dia je nak panjat naik atas fountain area tuh... -__-'

My kesayangans 3K's.. ♥ ♥ ♥

Us with Khayr...

Kazim with his Mak Tam..

Kazim with his Atuk..

Me mama with me brotha =)

At one point semua orang makan dengan aman damai....~* hehehe

Lovely sisters of mine.. ♥ They dressed up accordingly to their title to my kids. Hahaha. (well actually they were called as such because of the obvious reason also... hahaha maafin saya Erin! ;p)

Kazim with Tok Ma..

Alhamdulillah dapat berbuka complete 1 family.. *err yups, gambar x clear*

Then the best part after berbuka is...... balik 'kampung'! Hehe as in, balik rumah my parents lah, bermalam and bersahur kat situ.. Ooohhh best nye! A bit tak selesa, cause guest room macam tak siap lagi. So kena la tidur bergelimpangan merata2. Hehe.. But then again, itu la nama nye balik kampung kan?! :D

On the way balik, singgah pasar keramat beli bunga api and boy, we had such a good time. Well I know Khayr did! ;)

Mercun gasing yang pusing2 tu, bukan main selamba Khayr sepak kasik dia lagi pusing.. Hahaha.

Bangun sahur to the nice smell of nasi lemak.. Ahhh bestnye! Mama masak nasi lemak with sambal ikan bilis, ayam goreng, and telur goyang. Heh, I put as a status in my fb, a lot of people asked what is 'telur goyang'.. Seriously people don't know? I'm surprised! Hehehe. Anyway its the fried egg with runny yolk :)

One of the days when Khayr was taken care by my parents, he even get to go to surau 'tolong' orang prepare bubur lambuk... (though you know lah the verdict kan...)

Khayr... Khayr.. I hope all this somehow gives you a taste (though so tiny) of how is it like to have a suasana kampung time bulan Ramadhan.. Huhu.. 

Oh before I end this post, just nak jot down something totally unrelated. Masa borak2 dengan Mama, I got to know yang the night I gave birth to Kazim (I gave birth pukul 11.45 malam), Khayr yang ok dok main2 with my family (he's with them at that time) tiba2 cranky and menangis2 around the same time. Subhanallah, its like as if he can feel the pain I was going through at that time! -- this is what my family said :') I had a goosebumps (and got a bit teary) when my mom told me this!!!

Okie dokie till later~*

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  1. uit Lilia... lama tak jmp dlm dunia blog...
    this remind me of my entry few years back. pernah makan kat sana. food dia sangat ohsem!!! Masa aku g, byk sgt choices. dessert dia pn sangatlah ohsem. nyum nyum...

    -fieza fadilla-