Friday, 27 July 2012

The one with... salam Ramadhan 1433H.

Aiyaiyai whatever happens to wanting to update at least once a week huh? ;P

Anyway, hope its not too late to wish selamat berpuasa to all my Muslim readers and friends. Harini genap seminggu kita berpuasa, it has been challenging for me given that Kazim is still exclusively breastfed, but Alhamdulillah so far so good. I'm able to maintain the supply tapi tu lah.. by noon normally sudah kelembikan dan kehausan... Boo hoo! Sepanjang after berbuka sampai la waktu sahur, I'll make sure to drink lots of water though kadang2 dalam bentuk keterpaksaan.. Huhu.. I don't normally like to makan berulam kan air.. but during sahur, I had no choice but to langgar my own pantang larang. Tsk. Tsk. Perut ku nan buncit semakin buncit!

Yang penting, nasik kena mau makan. And kurma. Paling best is makan kurma with fresh milk sejuk2. Ahhh sedap and its a good milk booster! (for me at least).

Perihal anak2 pula, mereka berdua especially si adik membesar dengan jaya nya Alhamdulillah. Tapi tu lah, si adik ni kena selsema lambatttt sangat nak baik. Dah la sekarang ni adik kitorang hantar ke rumah babysitter (which is behind my mom's house anyway, and it's on a limited period during the day just so that my mom sempat laa nak buat kerja2 ape yang patut then only she will go ikut pintu belakang to take adik balik to the house), so macam susah sikit kot ek nak baik selsema tu? Khayr pulak is with MIL. So yeah, that is the routine for my anak2 for now during bulan puasa. Nanti2 lepas ni tak tahu pula. Both husband and I, kalau boleh taknak a stay-in maid.. Amboiiii banyak demand pulak eh? Well, takde lah, I mean, we will have to eventually but it is a matter of last resort. Awal2 start kerja lepas berpantang haritu we managed to have a daily maid, as in maid tu datang balik hari.. macam office hour. Tapi tu lah, our rezeki tak lama.. The maid had some family issue to deal with... Such a shame, because to be honest, I kinda enjoyed having her around though of course la you can't expect her work to be all perfect kan. Nak perfect haruslah buat sendiri.

Oh well.

Khayr is a 2y5m active and talkative toddler now... :) It can be a pleasant AND unpleasant moment melayan dia bercakap. Haha. Pleasant is normally all the time lah, unpleasant is bile dia sebokkkk la nak berborak time kita tengah menyembang dengan orang lain OR time kita tengah rimas buat kerja2 rumah ke, nak melayan adik yang tengah teriak ke, etc.. And other than the normal development, I'm happy that suddenly he displays the interest to learn alphabets. Sebab Khayr ni jenis yang towards physical development, so we encouraged him more towards that. Biar la dia main lari2 sana sini dulu. Nak belajar nanti boleh belajar kat skolah and belajar laaaa sampai menara gading nun you get what I mean? ;) Anyway, it came from him himself, asking us to teach him the alphabets he sees on books, papers, etc. So ask him to read from A to Z, he wouldn't be able to do that. But in random orders he would be able to identify the alphabets based on what he has asked before, hence we have thought him before. As a mother, I feel so terharu! :') It is this little2 thing that makes me feel happy, and at the same time sayu, thinking oh dear my boy has grown up so fast! Tsk.


As for Kazim, this little fella also has been growing up like nobody's business!! He's a 7.7kg 5 month old baby of mine, and he's mastering the art of rolling these days. And drooling. And grabbing whatever within reach. Termasuk rambut abang dia time they both bergolek2 di atas katil bersama2 ;) And I guess dia macam dah nak start mengengsot judging by ketonggekan bontot dia time meniarap.. Hehe... One thing about Kazim is, since baby (wahhh macam la skarang dia bukan baby kan...) he's the type yang asyik laaaa nak berpegang. Pegang kalau kita duduk takpe jugak. Ni tak, nak kita berdiri sambil pegang dia.. Tsk.. So that is something yang macam.. Hmmm what do I do about it??? I've tried to let him cry for a longer period just so that he learns to self-sooth.. but the thing is, he's only with me for just a limited time throughout the 1 week. The grandparents won't have the heart to do so (eh I also actually, but need to do something about it so kena gagahkan diri!!), so this won't do the trick since it is not done consistently. Maka, lets just hope he will outgrow this as soon as he can crawl maybe? Hmmmm. 
And when I shared it in my facebook, tak sangka ramai jugak other mothers yang experience the same thing with their 2nd child! So adakah ini sindrom anak kedua? hehe.. In fact, when I asked my mom, my mom also sort of agreed! What's the odd?

**I print screen my fb page on this topic but somehow when I put it here, jadi tak clear plak.. So x dapek nak share...

Eh tapi kan sejak2 dia kat babysitter ni nampak macam makin improved pulak.. Like at least I get to do something else la jugak with him being left alone playing on his own.. Kalau tak, memang tak menyempat langsung.. So hopefully he's gonna get better and better at that.. Aminnnn. Ape2 pun I'm thankful enough that Kazim doesn't have any issue to sleep throughout the night. I mean yes, he will wake up to be fed, and once he's done he will continue to sleep. Sometimes I don't even realised pun bila masa dia bangun and I bf him. Hehehe.

He who has been growing up so fast!! tsk.
Oh yeah talking about Kazim, next month he turns 6 month old and that means I'm going to go back to that phase of preparing blended and pureed food for baby! Huhu... Dah lama dah bersenang lenang berlenggang kangkung sebab skarang ni Khayr can eat whatever we eat (except spicy food and daging / sotong yang liat)...

Oh oh lagi satu kan about Kazim is, dia kejap nampak gelap, kejap nampak cerah. Hehehe.

Okie dokie thats all I have for now. As usual, some pictures for the feast of your eyes!
 Teka, mana satu Khayr mana satu Kazim? Both 4months ++ masa ni :)
Menyembang2... :)
Managed to capture him smiling time tidur..
The cheeky Khayr who does things on adik when we were not looking!
Teether to make him stay put in car seat. Sometime works, sometime not.
Si budak ehek ehek mintak diangkat...
Khayr in action :)
My sayangs 3K's ♥ ♥ ♥
Si bambam yang always make us late to work! Hehe

Till later~* =)