Friday, 22 June 2012

The one with... I want to start writing back again! :)

My little baby k turns 4m today, and his big brother is already 2y4m... Time flies and God knows how I miss writing, especially about them! Every night while I nurse Kazim I'll be scrolling my phone up and down for the past entries and I feel glad I wrote those things.. Reading them made it possible for me to re-visit moments that happened in the past, good times bad times -- all of which I thought I will remember but who am I kidding. Certain things might just slip off the mind, but having all that written to be read again and again, ahhhh it's such a nice feeling to have a quick flash of memory in mind.

So just like that I have decided to start writing back again, at least 1 entry a week, no matter how short it is going to be. Point is, important events must be jot down for remembrance sake.. :)

For a start, a quick update about Kazim:
  • Turns 4 months today.
  • At 3 months, he's a healthy 7kg boy of mine! =) Khayr dulu 7kg masa dia 6 bulan.
  • Managed to meniarap on his own at 3 months. Hiphip horey! Tapi dia tak serajin abang dia to meniarap. Asyik nak berdukung sajo!
  • Still exclusively breastfed, alhamdulillah. Rezeki dia nampaknya better compared to Khayr in terms of the EBM stocks I managed to make. Nevertheless, that's not an issue at all. Coz Khayr was fully breastfed until he was 1y5m anyway. So this proves that pump-today-for-tomorrow is not a problem (cuma kene banyak menghadapi saat2 mencemaskan saje.. hehe).
  • Had his 1st fever when he was 3 months old :( Can't avoid it, the big brother had it first. So Kazim got it from Khayr... *sigh* But lucky it was just a mild one.
  • Oh and also, at 3 months, he had his first fall from the couch already!! :( Boy haven't we learnt from Khayr before??? :(

Update about Khayr pulak:
  • At 2y4m, he's weighing 13kg.
  • Makin active, talkative, and MANJA! :)
  • Initially can't really appreciate the fact that he has a little brother. But slowly starting to acknowledge Kazim's existence :) Sikit2 "Adikkkkk..." "Kaziiiimmmm..." and cubit pipi adik dia sambil cakap "Somellllllll (as in Comel)"... and when Kazim cries he'll go "adikkkk.. jangan nangisssss!".. ♥
  • If families / relatives teased him by saying "Kitorang bawak adik balik ye.. Byeeeee..."... Khayr will say out loud "Tak bolehhhhhhh!" 
  • Masih kurengggg in mastering 1-10 and ABC... :)
  • In exactly 1 year after he fell sick and hospitalised last year in June, he fall sick again in June this year... and so sick he had to be admitted AGAIN! :( sigh how irony huh?
Okie dokie that's all I have for now. I plan to write about myself and also perhaps on breastfeeding for working mothers in my next entry, hopefully. Cause I feel that this time, with the past experience, I managed to be more efficient in managing the whole ordeal of pumping and storing EBM. Till later~*

- Main agah2 with adik -

and start 'bullying' thereafter! hehe


- my bebe Kazim ♥ -

- my boys rule! :) -
(who says you can't play dress up for boys? hehe)

- Si mak nenek.. hehe -

- left: Khayr. right: Kazim. both 3 months masa ni :) -

 - big brother, little brother -

- Syiok dah boleh main agah2 dengan adik sekarang ni.. -

- when adik was not well earlier this month :( -

- me with Khayr at the hospital :( siang jaga si abang. malam balik rumah to sleep and nurse si adik -

- Left: Khayr. Right: Kazim. Both 4 months masa ni.. :) -

Finally, gambar2 adik meniarap :)


  1. haaa tau pon .. try laa update seminggu skali =) sian aku takde bahan bacaan ketika melahu.

    wohhhh dasat btol kazim dah 7kg at 3months .. sama weight dgn fina at 6minths tuuu haha.

    aololo comeinya abam khayr. dah laa pandai ckp dah, comel btol.

    nanti kazim dah bleh ajak main mulalah bergaduh tu mcm fina n hadzim skang hahaha.

    suka btol kau pakaikan kazim baju handsdown khayr pastu snap. comel!!
    tp aku paling suka baju lil bro big bro tu!! =)

  2. fotostatnya muka diorg masa kecik..