Monday, 13 February 2012

The one with... the nesting instinct.

Last 2 weekends tiba2 datang the urge to re-organise baju2, mittens, booties and barut Khayr dulu, see yang mana still boleh pakai by his baby brother... Basuh, jemur, lipat (ok yang ni Kerol yang buat), store them nicely and admire them fondly with a sense of satisfaction :) Also I have started to organise Khayr's wardrobe to make space for his baby brother. Next in mind -- to start washing and sterilising the feeding bottles, storage bottles and breastpump that are still in storage. Eh tapi takde pulak rasa nak kemas hospital bag... Hmmm.. So far dah start packing hospital bag in mind saja... :)


Is this what is called as 'nesting instinct' ? It's like though I'm like heavily pregnant yet I have this burst of energy to organise and clean-up.. but once the reality slips in after doing all that, my oh my I'll feel tired I swear I want to pengsan!

"The nesting instinct is the name given to the distinctive urge to clean, tidy, and organize that occurs during pregnancy. One of the many pregnancy symptoms that you will experience, the nesting instinct generally kicks in around the fifth month of pregnancy, however it can also occur much earlier or much later. Many women acutely experience the nesting instinct in the final days of their pregnancy, and this can often be a sign that labour and delivery is close at hand. Nesting tends to vary from woman to woman; in fact, some women don’t experience the nesting instinct at all when they are pregnant. Others experience mild forms of the instinct while others feel the urge much more severely"

I know I didn't really experience this when I was pregnant with Khayr. Hmmmm.

To be honest, during these final days there is no moment that passes by without me thinking and wondering "will it be today?" "what's gonna happen?" "what's the sign(s) of labour I'm gonna experience?".. Cause last time masa Khayr, it happened because of reduced fetal movement at 37 weeks.. So I had to go to hospital to get myself checked, and though baby's heartbeat and everything was ok...they had to break my waterbags nevertheless for fear of the unknown. Khayr was already in a full term anyway.

So this time around, now that I have passed the 37 weeks mark, I could not help it but wondering... how does it feels to have water breaks in the middle of doing something, somewhere? or bleeding? or contraction? Will I know and notice all this?? I experience hardened tummy a lot these days, and sometimes it's painful.. Is that a contraction? Tapi rasanya contraction macam sakit lagi.

Somehow when I told my gynae, she said -- trust me dear, you will know. When the time comes, you will know.

So this might be my second pregnancy, but I'm acting as if this is the first. Very the nervous. I feel like a ticking bomb, ready to explode any time now! :P Huhu.. I guess what they say is correct -- every pregnancy is different.

Okie dokie, that's all my ramblings for today :) People have been asking "are you not taking any days off now that your EDD is nearing?".. Hmm I don't think so lah. Duduk rumah pun buat apa kan... (plus its so hot nowadays!!)..

Oh ye, here's another part of 'nesting instinct' I found to be interesting.

"Pregnant women aren’t the only people who experience the nesting instinct. Men who are expecting a baby often feel the urge to clean and organize too! Many take a newfound interest in finding a new job, working on their car (pfffttt!!), or landscaping the garden" --

Encik suami, do you have anything to say about this?? ;)


  1. dulu masa khayr kau xsempat nak feel the nesting instincy ni kottt, alih2 kuar terus ;) (sbb normally org kata baby 1st selalunya lambat kuar ...). eyhh tp kau mcm terbalik plak kali ni haha =)

  2. ada dua org anak tapi ada satu wardrobe... mmg la penuh. sekarang tgh fikir nak beli wardrobe yg besar letak baju dua orang.

    aku teringin nak rasa mcm mana rasa sebelum nak bersalin... aku pegi serah diri je kat hospital, huuhuhu...

  3. masa contraction datang.. kau duduk ke berdiri ke dia sakit jugak.. so boleh pegi hospital.. hehe.. ape2 hal sms aa! goodluck! semoga Allah permudahkan semuanya..

  4. hehe..
    aku dulu 40w aleesya br nk keluar,segala2 da settle.

    yg ini,instinct aku awal,so siap2 tak gak time dpt date tuk induce,trus ilang instinct aku.

    keke.nasib baik 2hari awl dr date tuk induce,makanya memang semua da ready.hehe.

  5. Lia,

    Samalah kita, I had the urge to prepare betul2x kali nie. Plus prepared everything tinggal nak sterilise bottles and breastpumps sahaja.

    Oh ya, the hospital bag - have not done anything abt it yet. Ha ha ha.

    Last time I delivered at 37 weeks, now I am alreadya t 37 weeks, the same simptoms as yours - hardening stomach cramps and etc - but the most obvious is the painful at the *u know where*.

    Well, good luck my friend, and hope is well with you ya.