Friday, 3 February 2012

The one with... a little bit of everything about my 2nd pregnancy.

Ok tiba2 bila tengok ade 2 komen at my yesterday's lame entry, rasa bersemangat pulak nak write for more. We'll see how it goes... :) Anyway thanks Ashra & Farah.. You guys have helped to boost my writing mojo... ♥

So... where do I start. Hmm ok, about my second pregnancy. Alhamdulillah so far so good. I think I am more fit now as compared to my 1st pregnancy. Perhaps because I have no choice but to keep fit. With Khayr around, I still have to manage him. Dukung him. Turun naik tangga. Play run and chase with him. And I still have to do some of the house chores. Though dah saat2 akhir ni (I'm already at my 36 weeks! ;)) ade lah terasa penat nya. I feel so heavy! And tired.. Oh people please have some mercy on me....

Most friends have been commenting that I don't look as big as I was during my 1st pregnancy. But I beg to differ. That's perhaps because I am not so bloated up like last time. (Except for my nose.. :P).. I know I am definitely bigger than last time purely judging from the maternity clothes that I have. Those that can last till Khayr was delivered last time, can fit me no more !!!! *cries* So imagine, at this very last minute I still have to buy new clothes to wear... I've tried other options first - pinjam from my colleagues. But ye lah.. Tak semua design yang kena with me. So incik suami pun sampai dah naik kesian dah tengok bini dok ulang2 baju yang sama maka setiap kali outing mesti ade beli baju maternity yang baru.. Huhu..

- My big O round tummy.. and still-in-shape feet! ;) -

Talking about tummy, if last time I experienced terrible itchiness during the 1st trimester (and was told that's because tummy was stretching out), this time around to my surprise I'm experiencing it again!! :( From reading  it came to my knowledge that normally pregnant woman will only experience itchiness at the tummy (1) during the first pregnancy; and (2) if carrying a twin... That's why I did not expect it to happen to me again. But my oh my who I am to predict. Since I was in week 34 I had this terrible itchiness around my tummy area.. coupled with some reddish look-alike rashes.. :( Brought up the issue to my gynae but she said that's normal and most probably because this time around the baby is bigger than Khayr.. (Khayr was born 2.75kg at 37 weeks).. She said as long as it's only happening around tummy area and not others like tapak tangan, then that's pretty normal... *sigh* Looks like its something I have to bear with until it disappears with the appearance of baby k jr.! I'm still in control during the day time, its only come night time that I can't help it but to suddenly find myself waking up in the middle of the night or wee hours in the morning scratching so intensively... Urghhh I don't want to have any scars / marks left at my tummy!!! :( So the best I did was to pop in a flu tablet and it work wonders! :) I dozed-off soon after and went totally knocked-out in deep sleep until I woke up fresh the next morning.. I had uninterrupted sleep! Of course, this, is after I consulted the doctor... and I only did it every few days.. (bukan hari2 ye!)

- Yup, a very supportive husband I've got here -__-' -

Talking about gynae, during the first 7 months, I went to have my check up at PMC Bangsar.. purely because it's so freaking near to my office I don't have to take leave in order to see the gynae... But soon when I was about to reach my 7 months mark, Kerol and I, we gave a thought again on our decision.. Like takkan la I give birth at PMC Bangsar given the distance to our place, his parents place and my parents'... Its a bit too far... So after much deliberation, we changed to GIMC (or so known as GKL now)... And that's after asking around whether or not there's a muslim's female gynae over there.. Apparently, now there is. She's just got back from UK and oh I fell in love the minute I had my 1st check-up with her! (doctor - patient way, please)... Not sure whether is it because she's new hence her client base is still small or.. is it just purely due to her efficient system, so far during my 5 times check-up with her, we were all done within 1 hour! No waiting game at all. You're given an appointment at a particular time, and you get to see her at that time itself (plus minus 10mins or so..).. and she's so friendly.. and bubbly.. and cheerful.. ♥ It's this pleasant vibes she has that makes me feel so comfortable with her... =)

This time around, I did not go to have my check-up at any government clinic.. Purely because I guess I just can't afford to take leave to have my check-up over there.. One thing for sure, I'm gonna lose out on the part whereby they will send their nurse to come to my house post giving birth to have a sanity check on me and the baby.. Hmmmm...

I had that gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) during my 1st pregnancy and because of that, my gynae had me go through the MGTT this time around though there's no real indication that I need to (like sudden increase in weight gain or sugar existence in urine).. YIKESSSSS! Anyway, I'm quite surprised (and to be honest, glad) cause I thought normally private hospitals do not normally run 'unnecessary test' like this.. And thank God, I'm clear from diabetes this time around.. *phew* But I still have that pregnancy-related bacterial infection there, just like my 1st pregnancy... :(

Preparation wise, more or less we've covered everything we need to welcome this new baby.. ♥ Well ada la a few bits here and there tak settle lagi.. But, that should be ok, we can manage that I guess. Especially on the breastfeeding-related bit. Not sure when is the right time to start taking the pump and storage bottles out from the storage box and start washing and sterilising.. Sebab kalau do all that, nanti bila nak pakai, nak kena buat lagi ke sebab bukannya nak pakai lagi tak? So even after dah basuh and sterilise, they are still gonna be left un-used kan.. So how... ? Opinion please?

Oh and there's a slight change in plan. Instead of having my confinement done at my place, I'm gonna have it at my parents' instead.. just like last time. That's after Kerol has given his words that every night he and Khayr will have to come giving me a company me at night :) And thank you mama for agreeing with this plan!

So okie dokie.. I think that's all for now... Not bad ey after a long silence? :) I'll end my entry with some latest pictures of Khayr.. who's turning 2 in 2 days time! Sobs, how fast time flies.... He's like so chatty.. and cheeky.. and notty these days.. :) Okie dokie till the next entry!

Bye! ♥ ♥ ♥

p.s. yup, because of few falls Khayr's having chipped tooth.. and gigi dia tumbuh tak berapa nak sekata... haihhhh my little Stitch... hehehe!


  1. there u go gal..keep on writing ok..nway that's how i update myself bout u..nak harap jumpe slalu xdela..if jumpe pon x sempat nk chat panjang lebar..rindunye zaman boleh lepak2 borak2 pastu sesi luahan perasaan..u one of my best listener..yea khayr adalah dah besar bagai juara..InsyaAllah he will be a gud brother to his new little bro soon..nnt dah selamat dont forget to inform me..will visit u guys InsyaAllah..take care dear..

  2. ecehhhhhh. tepaksa laa aku komen (siap komen panjang nih!)sbb dah mention nama aku itewww. hihihi.

    eyh aku rasa this time kau kecik sket kot .. or last2 minute ni kau membesar bagai johan plak siap kene beli baju baru??!! damn .. tak pasal2 kan? huhu. xpe bleh simpan pakai lg nnt.

    arghh? yeke ..? aku 2 2 xde experience itchiness plak .. kesiannye kau. siap kacau tido huwaaa. mak aku ckp kalau gatal kat perut garu guna sikat & alas kain. tp aku ckp aku xde gatal2 pon .. xpe laa aku pesan kt kau plak ;)haha menyampahhhh ok kerol hahahhaha!!

    lia xpe walaupn kau xde any checkup record kat gov clinic pon, even deliver at pvt hosp, still bole suruh nurse dtg check baby & ur condition lps bersalin tu. what u hv to do is suruh kerol hantarkan maklumat bersalin tu pada nearest kk & nurse akan buat keje dia. tu konfem. SIL aku ckp. mmg polisi kementerian kesihatan msia mcm tu, they hv to make sure baby2 & ibu bersalin smua sihat2. kalau nak tau lebih lanjut bole call aku ok! (ewahhhh).

    aku menyesal xprepare & sterilize segala bf equipment awal2. yelaa sbb pikir lambat lg nak start buat stock. skali hamik kau .. baby kene admitted nicu so kene terus pump on that very 1st day. nak suruh hubs kene call 2 3 kali ajar dia so mcm leceh & aku prefer buat sendiri. so there u go. bersedialah awal2 sbb kita xbleh expect what will happen.

    cute gile hokay gamba korang buat mulut tu ehehehe :)

  3. farah said,ehem..kena komen gak la ni,sbb nama da naik.
    haha.just kidding!
    aku ni datang rajin,memang akan komen pun..

    aku wpun duk umah,tp aku da sterilized da pump..letak dlm storage box,smpn btutup.aku mgkn tak perlukan cm korg,but in case kan.kot bengkak bangat tak tahan,kena pam gak,smpn ebm nya tu.hehe.

    aku lupa aku da bitau ko blum eh..aku 11hb ni warded,12hb ni induce..
    memang doc nk lahirkan awal 38w sbb kes yg lepas..
    pray for me and baby k?

  4. Hi Lia,

    I've been ur silent reader all this while :). So happy reading that you're approaching the day to deliver your baby. I nak tanya sikit, sorry coz soalan i lari dari tajuk, looking at the picture of ur sms with your husband, is it using special apps utk write fancy sms mcm tu? I'm usung iphone and I really want sms font and background like what u have!


  5. Hi,

    All the best for your 2nd delivery InsyaAllah..

    me too can't help to know ur font pls! haha..sorry for this out of topic Q..i'm using bytafont at the moment. Do you mind sharing what font are you using (as shown in the sms pix?) Thanks!

  6. zuriyanti, -- awwww thanks! you used to be one of my best listeners too!!! sampai sama2 kena halau keluar dari kelas… hahahahah :D anyway wehhhh aku baru perasan ko ada blog! rajin2 la updateeeeee… and will definitely let you know once the baby pops out :) you too, take care muahmuah xoxo

    farah, -- tu laaaaa aku pun rasa aku kecik this time (ewahhhh nak jugakkkk!) tapi tu lah, the fact is otherwise.. huhu. and maybe masa khayr aku sampai 37 weeks je kot.. now i’ve passed that mark… so i’m definitely getting bigger than i was last time…

    aahhhh bestnye apesal ko x experience itchiness langsung !!! best nye ! anyway fasa gatal2 aku baru jer berlalu, phew! kerol tu memang.. hampeh tau reply macam tu… :P

    and ho yeahhhhh thanks for the info about the gov clinic tuh.. i’m so happy to know that they will still come and do that sanity check on the mother & baby post-delivery even though tak check up kat gov… thank you for enlightening me with such a good news :)

    alamakkkk ye ke.. nak kene prepare & sterelise siap2 ke… hmmm ok ok noted then. tapi tu lahhhh, kalau aku strerelise pun.. then aku simpan… nak pakai nanti, mesti kene sterelise lagi ye tak? macam double work je? sebab ape yang aku simpan skang ni, memang dah sterelise dah before this.. but we are talking about 8-9 months ago lah.. huhu…

    khayr memang, pandai posing sendiri sekarang… hehehe… =)

    ashra, -- hehehe takpe aku paham.. mood nak memblogging satu hal.. mood nak mengomen pun sama.. kene tunggu datang soru… ;)

    ohhhh ko pun dah sterelise eh.. ok ok noted.. ala ashra.. even duduk umah pun, ape salahnye pam.. you’ll never know when those EBMs can come into handy.. betul tak? :)

    and yups will definitely wish you all the best.. by the time aku reply ni, mesti ko dah berdebar2 kan coz besok you’ll be warded.. which means soon you’ll have your baby in your arms!! good luck ashra! keep us updated..

  7. Noordini & Sue, hi girls! thanks for reading :) i dari hari ke hari asyik lupe je tanye macamane husband i tukarkan font and background iphone i nih.. sebab tanye i memang i taktau lah bende2 IT nih.. hehehe..

    anyway from a quick look, i tengok ada 2 apps kat iphone i ni.. satu tu ‘FontSwap’ and lagi satu ‘BytaFont’.. and currently i’m using font jenis ‘Akbar’.. cube korang godek these 2 apps see whether can change or not.. nanti once i ingat i’ll ask my husband and will write an entry about it k? (no promises though.. :P but i’ll try my best!)

  8. Thanks a lot for letting me know ur font type..

    Anyway, a quick info to Noordini, (just nak share apa yg i tau la n save Lilia's time hehe), you can refer to this link and try to install Bytafont to change your iphone's font...

    or google bytafont..

    and as far as i know, you have to jailbreak ur iphone :)

    eh, jd ckp psl iphone plak kat ur pregnancy entry ni..sorry.. thanks again anyway and do take care!:)

  9. your nose is nothing dear. mine was like princess fiona from shrek when she's in the ogre form! in fact, i looked like her i swear they must've been inspired by me when they created her hahahah! seriously, i don't even dare looking at my pregnancy pictures now haahah

  10. Sue, -- hahaha thanks for helping me out here! :) dah tanye hubs dah, and yup.. the main point is, kena jailbreak dulu! and the rest dia kate, susah nak explain with words. kene buatkan baru senang… hehehe.. and sue, you can also change how the apps icons move when you swipe / slide from one page to the next.. ! =)

    nordini, hope you’d be able to change your fonts k.. :)

    Yunne, -- hahaha it cannot be that, bad laaaa !!! :) i’m sure you have your own pregnancy glow then! ape kate share the pic in your blog (or ok fine, limit it to instagram) so that i can have a look and prove you wrong ;)