Friday, 10 February 2012

The one with... Khayr turns 2! ♥

Alhamdulillah Khayr is now a cheeky and healthy 2 year old 'baby' of ours :) and that means, it's our 2nd anniversary as parents! Boy it gets more and more challenging as time goes by.. and who am I kidding.. sometimes it freaks me out thinking what the future holds for him.. cause partly that's gonna depends on how we raise him to be... sigh. God please give us guidance to be a good parents.. and please always let Khayr be in Your good care and blessings... *aminnnn*

Anyway, given that I am so heavily pregnant now and that I can give birth practically any time between now and my EDD, Kerol & I thought we wanted to put on hold first for Khayr's 2nd birthday celebration. Since we just had it among family members during his 1st birthday, for his 2nd birthday.. we feel that it's about time to include our friends with their kids as well.. Khayr pun dah pandai nak socialising and playing with kids of his age (or older)..

But, my mom sort of insisted of having one mini celebration for him, for fear that once we delay it, it will get dragged until God knows when.. what with later there will be his baby brother to keep everyone occupied. Lagipun, kalau lambat2 kan macam dah kurang 'feel'...

So, at a very last minute we managed to pull off something.. His birthday was on 5 February.. and we had the celebration on 7 February 2012... Not a very fancy one, but perfect enough for me the least to say... Hiccups tu normal la I suppose, dah kata pun last minute kan... :) If there's one thing I can change, I wish we had a better camera on that day.. Huhu.. Nevertheless, enjoy the pictures!

On the way to Dish Deli, at Solaris Mont Kiara...

Belon Upin dah abes! So tinggal Ipin je.. Huhu.. ;)

Close-knit family members... ♥ ♥ ♥

Carrot & Walnut cake with lemon cheese toppings, ordered from Kak Rita :)

Muka Khayr masam sebab kitorang suruh dia posing depan kek dulu .. Hehehe!

Kali ni susah nye nak tangkap gambar 1 family! Si kenit ni asyik laaaa nak bergerak...

XoXo =)

Back at home.. Sesi enjoying his birthday presents a.k.a menyepahkan rumah... :D

Okie dokie that's all for now.. Here's how his 1st birthday was celebrated...


  1. Happy Birthday Khayr...! Ada ehh belon upin ipin? tak pernah jumpa pun & kek tu mcm tak sanggup je nk mkn.

    Lambat sikit je tak pe... hehehe. Tak fancy pun ok, Janji anak happy! Mcm tu pun dah meriah & best...

  2. omaigosh...dah 2 tahun dah khayr.. cepatnya masa berlalu. Happy Birthday Khayr... nanti rajin2 blogging lagi ye mama Lia..
    fieza fadilla

  3. Lia & Kerol, it's such a pleasure being a part of Khayr's birthday celebration, from his 1st to his 2nd one :-) I am indeed honoured! Thanks for both your love & support :-) Khayr, Aunty Rita loves you tonnessssssssss!! You're such a cute baby! Muahhhhhhh!

  4. wow! yu know what, lucky khayr. eshan didn't have much of a celebration for both his 1st and 2nd birthday. the reason being, i wasn't in the mood of celebration because my husband was never around during eshan's birthday. it will always be my lil' sis planning this and that. thank God i have her! we only celebrated among us family members. eshan's 1st was very simple. i doubt he cared hahah i don't even think he understands the concept yet at that time. this march he'll be 3 and his daddy's going to miss it again! pftt! ah well, inshaAllah we'll celebrate a bit later when my husband comes back =)

  5. wohh bile nak buat birthday party besar2an plak nihhh .. nak jugak mkn kek upin ipin tu hehe.

    btw, happy birthday abang khayr!!

  6. YaNie, -- thanks aunty!!! :) aku jumpe pun kat giant.. hehehe.. aku rasa ade lah, kat giant / carrefourre / tesco tempat2 macam ni… kalau kat balloon buzz or party shops diorg banyak ada yang international punye mcm Ben 10 ke, Disney characters, etc.

    fieza,-- thank you!! tu lah kannnn cepat jeee diorang ni membesar… tsk..

    kak rita, -- awwwww thanks kak for sharing the joy and excitement! ;) khayr muahmuah back at ya! xoxo ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. yunne, -- sigh i feel you !! i would have been in the same shoes like you if hubs is away too.. mesti not in the celebrative mood at all :’( you are such a strong person, i honestly admire you from afar!

    anyway so far khayr’s birthday celebration also was among family members, like you said, i doubt he’d be able to appreciate all that :) and yes yes sila celebrate when hubs is back cause better late than never! =)

    farah, -- hahaha tunggu naaaaa.. combine skali ngan akikah adik khayr + anniversary kitorang.. agagagaga :D anyway thanks!

  8. hepi besday khayr.
    be good boy k?

    wah upin ipin.
    feveret aleesya gak ni.hehe