Thursday, 2 February 2012

The one with... breaking the silence.

Hello there! I'm still around.. rolling and about with this huge tummy of mine.. :) And yikes, it's February already... ! Khayr's turning 2 in four days time. And my EDD is this upcoming 28 February. If in 2009, my EDD when I was pregnant with Khayr was 22 February; and my my whaddaya know.. he's out by 5 February. So who am I kidding, I'am all panic at the disco now that February is here! Mungkin kah sejarah bersalin awal akan berulang?

Question: sila kira berapa banyak kali I mentioned February..


Exactly the reason why I feel so lazy to write. Rasa macam I've lost the touch of writing. Merapu2 je lebih. Nak cakap bende simple je, tapi beria nak explain berjela2... *sigh.

So shall I leave this as that? I'll write again when the mojo comes. Oh sila ignore the previous 2 empty posts, I guess tak lain tak bukan, mesti kerja Khayr... ;) I'm not gonna delete them, that's a memory on its own to keep...

Anyway I hope I'll be back writing soon. So many memories to jot down before they are lost in time... Especially about Khayr.. and about my 2nd pregnancy..


  1. haha harap2 kau xbersalin on 29 feb yo .. sian lil k nnt celebrate birthday 4thn skali ;)

    cayalahhh khayr dah bole beloggg!!

  2. hehe..wah..dua2 anak bulan feb k?pasni feb mmg akan meriah dgn besday celebration anak2 =)