Monday, 27 February 2012

The one with... and then there were 4 of us ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ :)


I have safely given birth to our second child, another beautiful baby boy..


K@zim Eydl@n Bin Khairul Fadzly
Born at 11.45pm on 22 / 2 / 2012, Wednesday via a normal delivery (29 Rabiul Awwal 1433H)
Weighing a healthy 3.55kg, 50cm in length.


Okie dokie.. That's all for now..

Both Kerol and I have a lot of adjusting to do, being the new parents of TWO! =)

Till later~*


  1. Baby no 2 looks like your hubby. But it's hard to tell, muka baby kan berubah2. Anyway, congrats again dear!

  2. so sweet abang khayr kish baby kazim..

  3. best best... pipi tetap bambam

  4. lia,

    i tot muka dia mcm muka kerol too, hehe.. and i just love nama eydlan.. such a pretty name!

    will come n give u a visit, okay?


  5. ah .. touching btol gamba 1st tu. aku xdpt amik gamba mcm tu sbb fina was on nicu :( xpe laaa no 3 kang jek ...

    rasanya kazim cam kau sket kot. nnt aku bg review lps tgk live.
    suka nama baby weyyy. kelas kau maria!! hehe (ada ustaz nama kazim ilyas :))

    bagus abang, mmg dah ready jadik abang. hadzim awal2 dulu dekat pon xnak ;)

  6. congratulation Lilia... now u have 2 beautiful boys... by the time u have a girl, i think i can already manage to jahit baju sedondon for u and baby... :)

    Nice name... Kazim Eydlan

    -fieza fadilla-

  7. salam, congrates lilia, sory slu singgah tak sempat coment..

    dah no. 2 yeayyy...

    take care, selamat berpantang.. hoh..