Monday, 27 February 2012

The one with... and then there were 4 of us ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ :)


I have safely given birth to our second child, another beautiful baby boy..


K@zim Eydl@n Bin Khairul Fadzly
Born at 11.45pm on 22 / 2 / 2012, Wednesday via a normal delivery (29 Rabiul Awwal 1433H)
Weighing a healthy 3.55kg, 50cm in length.


Okie dokie.. That's all for now..

Both Kerol and I have a lot of adjusting to do, being the new parents of TWO! =)

Till later~*

Monday, 13 February 2012

The one with... the nesting instinct.

Last 2 weekends tiba2 datang the urge to re-organise baju2, mittens, booties and barut Khayr dulu, see yang mana still boleh pakai by his baby brother... Basuh, jemur, lipat (ok yang ni Kerol yang buat), store them nicely and admire them fondly with a sense of satisfaction :) Also I have started to organise Khayr's wardrobe to make space for his baby brother. Next in mind -- to start washing and sterilising the feeding bottles, storage bottles and breastpump that are still in storage. Eh tapi takde pulak rasa nak kemas hospital bag... Hmmm.. So far dah start packing hospital bag in mind saja... :)


Is this what is called as 'nesting instinct' ? It's like though I'm like heavily pregnant yet I have this burst of energy to organise and clean-up.. but once the reality slips in after doing all that, my oh my I'll feel tired I swear I want to pengsan!

"The nesting instinct is the name given to the distinctive urge to clean, tidy, and organize that occurs during pregnancy. One of the many pregnancy symptoms that you will experience, the nesting instinct generally kicks in around the fifth month of pregnancy, however it can also occur much earlier or much later. Many women acutely experience the nesting instinct in the final days of their pregnancy, and this can often be a sign that labour and delivery is close at hand. Nesting tends to vary from woman to woman; in fact, some women don’t experience the nesting instinct at all when they are pregnant. Others experience mild forms of the instinct while others feel the urge much more severely"

I know I didn't really experience this when I was pregnant with Khayr. Hmmmm.

To be honest, during these final days there is no moment that passes by without me thinking and wondering "will it be today?" "what's gonna happen?" "what's the sign(s) of labour I'm gonna experience?".. Cause last time masa Khayr, it happened because of reduced fetal movement at 37 weeks.. So I had to go to hospital to get myself checked, and though baby's heartbeat and everything was ok...they had to break my waterbags nevertheless for fear of the unknown. Khayr was already in a full term anyway.

So this time around, now that I have passed the 37 weeks mark, I could not help it but wondering... how does it feels to have water breaks in the middle of doing something, somewhere? or bleeding? or contraction? Will I know and notice all this?? I experience hardened tummy a lot these days, and sometimes it's painful.. Is that a contraction? Tapi rasanya contraction macam sakit lagi.

Somehow when I told my gynae, she said -- trust me dear, you will know. When the time comes, you will know.

So this might be my second pregnancy, but I'm acting as if this is the first. Very the nervous. I feel like a ticking bomb, ready to explode any time now! :P Huhu.. I guess what they say is correct -- every pregnancy is different.

Okie dokie, that's all my ramblings for today :) People have been asking "are you not taking any days off now that your EDD is nearing?".. Hmm I don't think so lah. Duduk rumah pun buat apa kan... (plus its so hot nowadays!!)..

Oh ye, here's another part of 'nesting instinct' I found to be interesting.

"Pregnant women aren’t the only people who experience the nesting instinct. Men who are expecting a baby often feel the urge to clean and organize too! Many take a newfound interest in finding a new job, working on their car (pfffttt!!), or landscaping the garden" --

Encik suami, do you have anything to say about this?? ;)

Friday, 10 February 2012

The one with... Khayr turns 2! ♥

Alhamdulillah Khayr is now a cheeky and healthy 2 year old 'baby' of ours :) and that means, it's our 2nd anniversary as parents! Boy it gets more and more challenging as time goes by.. and who am I kidding.. sometimes it freaks me out thinking what the future holds for him.. cause partly that's gonna depends on how we raise him to be... sigh. God please give us guidance to be a good parents.. and please always let Khayr be in Your good care and blessings... *aminnnn*

Anyway, given that I am so heavily pregnant now and that I can give birth practically any time between now and my EDD, Kerol & I thought we wanted to put on hold first for Khayr's 2nd birthday celebration. Since we just had it among family members during his 1st birthday, for his 2nd birthday.. we feel that it's about time to include our friends with their kids as well.. Khayr pun dah pandai nak socialising and playing with kids of his age (or older)..

But, my mom sort of insisted of having one mini celebration for him, for fear that once we delay it, it will get dragged until God knows when.. what with later there will be his baby brother to keep everyone occupied. Lagipun, kalau lambat2 kan macam dah kurang 'feel'...

So, at a very last minute we managed to pull off something.. His birthday was on 5 February.. and we had the celebration on 7 February 2012... Not a very fancy one, but perfect enough for me the least to say... Hiccups tu normal la I suppose, dah kata pun last minute kan... :) If there's one thing I can change, I wish we had a better camera on that day.. Huhu.. Nevertheless, enjoy the pictures!

On the way to Dish Deli, at Solaris Mont Kiara...

Belon Upin dah abes! So tinggal Ipin je.. Huhu.. ;)

Close-knit family members... ♥ ♥ ♥

Carrot & Walnut cake with lemon cheese toppings, ordered from Kak Rita :)

Muka Khayr masam sebab kitorang suruh dia posing depan kek dulu .. Hehehe!

Kali ni susah nye nak tangkap gambar 1 family! Si kenit ni asyik laaaa nak bergerak...

XoXo =)

Back at home.. Sesi enjoying his birthday presents a.k.a menyepahkan rumah... :D

Okie dokie that's all for now.. Here's how his 1st birthday was celebrated...

Friday, 3 February 2012

The one with... a little bit of everything about my 2nd pregnancy.

Ok tiba2 bila tengok ade 2 komen at my yesterday's lame entry, rasa bersemangat pulak nak write for more. We'll see how it goes... :) Anyway thanks Ashra & Farah.. You guys have helped to boost my writing mojo... ♥

So... where do I start. Hmm ok, about my second pregnancy. Alhamdulillah so far so good. I think I am more fit now as compared to my 1st pregnancy. Perhaps because I have no choice but to keep fit. With Khayr around, I still have to manage him. Dukung him. Turun naik tangga. Play run and chase with him. And I still have to do some of the house chores. Though dah saat2 akhir ni (I'm already at my 36 weeks! ;)) ade lah terasa penat nya. I feel so heavy! And tired.. Oh people please have some mercy on me....

Most friends have been commenting that I don't look as big as I was during my 1st pregnancy. But I beg to differ. That's perhaps because I am not so bloated up like last time. (Except for my nose.. :P).. I know I am definitely bigger than last time purely judging from the maternity clothes that I have. Those that can last till Khayr was delivered last time, can fit me no more !!!! *cries* So imagine, at this very last minute I still have to buy new clothes to wear... I've tried other options first - pinjam from my colleagues. But ye lah.. Tak semua design yang kena with me. So incik suami pun sampai dah naik kesian dah tengok bini dok ulang2 baju yang sama maka setiap kali outing mesti ade beli baju maternity yang baru.. Huhu..

- My big O round tummy.. and still-in-shape feet! ;) -

Talking about tummy, if last time I experienced terrible itchiness during the 1st trimester (and was told that's because tummy was stretching out), this time around to my surprise I'm experiencing it again!! :( From reading  it came to my knowledge that normally pregnant woman will only experience itchiness at the tummy (1) during the first pregnancy; and (2) if carrying a twin... That's why I did not expect it to happen to me again. But my oh my who I am to predict. Since I was in week 34 I had this terrible itchiness around my tummy area.. coupled with some reddish look-alike rashes.. :( Brought up the issue to my gynae but she said that's normal and most probably because this time around the baby is bigger than Khayr.. (Khayr was born 2.75kg at 37 weeks).. She said as long as it's only happening around tummy area and not others like tapak tangan, then that's pretty normal... *sigh* Looks like its something I have to bear with until it disappears with the appearance of baby k jr.! I'm still in control during the day time, its only come night time that I can't help it but to suddenly find myself waking up in the middle of the night or wee hours in the morning scratching so intensively... Urghhh I don't want to have any scars / marks left at my tummy!!! :( So the best I did was to pop in a flu tablet and it work wonders! :) I dozed-off soon after and went totally knocked-out in deep sleep until I woke up fresh the next morning.. I had uninterrupted sleep! Of course, this, is after I consulted the doctor... and I only did it every few days.. (bukan hari2 ye!)

- Yup, a very supportive husband I've got here -__-' -

Talking about gynae, during the first 7 months, I went to have my check up at PMC Bangsar.. purely because it's so freaking near to my office I don't have to take leave in order to see the gynae... But soon when I was about to reach my 7 months mark, Kerol and I, we gave a thought again on our decision.. Like takkan la I give birth at PMC Bangsar given the distance to our place, his parents place and my parents'... Its a bit too far... So after much deliberation, we changed to GIMC (or so known as GKL now)... And that's after asking around whether or not there's a muslim's female gynae over there.. Apparently, now there is. She's just got back from UK and oh I fell in love the minute I had my 1st check-up with her! (doctor - patient way, please)... Not sure whether is it because she's new hence her client base is still small or.. is it just purely due to her efficient system, so far during my 5 times check-up with her, we were all done within 1 hour! No waiting game at all. You're given an appointment at a particular time, and you get to see her at that time itself (plus minus 10mins or so..).. and she's so friendly.. and bubbly.. and cheerful.. ♥ It's this pleasant vibes she has that makes me feel so comfortable with her... =)

This time around, I did not go to have my check-up at any government clinic.. Purely because I guess I just can't afford to take leave to have my check-up over there.. One thing for sure, I'm gonna lose out on the part whereby they will send their nurse to come to my house post giving birth to have a sanity check on me and the baby.. Hmmmm...

I had that gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) during my 1st pregnancy and because of that, my gynae had me go through the MGTT this time around though there's no real indication that I need to (like sudden increase in weight gain or sugar existence in urine).. YIKESSSSS! Anyway, I'm quite surprised (and to be honest, glad) cause I thought normally private hospitals do not normally run 'unnecessary test' like this.. And thank God, I'm clear from diabetes this time around.. *phew* But I still have that pregnancy-related bacterial infection there, just like my 1st pregnancy... :(

Preparation wise, more or less we've covered everything we need to welcome this new baby.. ♥ Well ada la a few bits here and there tak settle lagi.. But, that should be ok, we can manage that I guess. Especially on the breastfeeding-related bit. Not sure when is the right time to start taking the pump and storage bottles out from the storage box and start washing and sterilising.. Sebab kalau do all that, nanti bila nak pakai, nak kena buat lagi ke sebab bukannya nak pakai lagi tak? So even after dah basuh and sterilise, they are still gonna be left un-used kan.. So how... ? Opinion please?

Oh and there's a slight change in plan. Instead of having my confinement done at my place, I'm gonna have it at my parents' instead.. just like last time. That's after Kerol has given his words that every night he and Khayr will have to come giving me a company me at night :) And thank you mama for agreeing with this plan!

So okie dokie.. I think that's all for now... Not bad ey after a long silence? :) I'll end my entry with some latest pictures of Khayr.. who's turning 2 in 2 days time! Sobs, how fast time flies.... He's like so chatty.. and cheeky.. and notty these days.. :) Okie dokie till the next entry!

Bye! ♥ ♥ ♥

p.s. yup, because of few falls Khayr's having chipped tooth.. and gigi dia tumbuh tak berapa nak sekata... haihhhh my little Stitch... hehehe!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The one with... breaking the silence.

Hello there! I'm still around.. rolling and about with this huge tummy of mine.. :) And yikes, it's February already... ! Khayr's turning 2 in four days time. And my EDD is this upcoming 28 February. If in 2009, my EDD when I was pregnant with Khayr was 22 February; and my my whaddaya know.. he's out by 5 February. So who am I kidding, I'am all panic at the disco now that February is here! Mungkin kah sejarah bersalin awal akan berulang?

Question: sila kira berapa banyak kali I mentioned February..


Exactly the reason why I feel so lazy to write. Rasa macam I've lost the touch of writing. Merapu2 je lebih. Nak cakap bende simple je, tapi beria nak explain berjela2... *sigh.

So shall I leave this as that? I'll write again when the mojo comes. Oh sila ignore the previous 2 empty posts, I guess tak lain tak bukan, mesti kerja Khayr... ;) I'm not gonna delete them, that's a memory on its own to keep...

Anyway I hope I'll be back writing soon. So many memories to jot down before they are lost in time... Especially about Khayr.. and about my 2nd pregnancy..