Thursday, 29 December 2011

The one with... SAHM.

I've had a taste of being the almost-everyone's-dream-job SAHM (that's stay at home mom for you!) for about 1.5 week now.. I must say, not easy weh!!! :) but it's pure rewarding and satisfying.. and I enjoy every moment of it.. <3

Khayr has become so clingy (than he already is), although a bit annoyed sometimes (i'm only human), but if there's any consolation i'm actually taking every opportunity that's left for me to manja kan him to the max before welcoming his baby brother next year.. *Oh, sebak and mixed feelings!* :') Anyway that sounds about fair enough right? :)

Ok lah I better get going now. Will write more when time permits. On our recent trip to Melaka (yup another round of cuti2 Malaysia!), on bringing Khayr to a trial playgroup class & my opinion about it, on my pregnancy (& satisfying my long list of must-eat-before-give-birth food hehehe!) and.. on every other things lah yang I feel like wanting to blog about :)

Till later~*

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