Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The one with... R&R trip to Penang! ♥

*Phew after few days of drafting and resizing pictures (at home, that is), finally I get to post this entry. Enjoy!*

As always come year end, I will have XX number of annual leaves left to be utilised (cannot carry forward to next year boo hoo!). This year, I have 12 days left. Ideally, of course I would want to use up all of the days towards the end of the year, all one shot. But, because one of the holiday plans that we have is to spend some family time in Penang, and just so happened that my bestie, Dayana is having her wedding reception held in Ipoh on 3 December.. So Kerol suggested for us go to Penang straight after we go to Ipoh.. Sebab alang2 dah half of the journey kan. Maka kerana itu lah annual leaves saya have a break in between..

\ Ipoh + Penang trip ----> Back to office ----> Back to being on my most awaited year end break
(I have no idea how is this explanation can be important to you readers.. :P)


- Barang2 Khayr je dah banyak ni.. Mentang2 naik kereta .. Hehe -

So... off we went to Ipoh first, to meet the rest of my girls there.. We stayed at Impiana (previously known as Casuarina), the hotel where the wedding was held at. Sebab senang, if Khayr mengamuk je, Kerol can bring him upstairs to the room, and I on the other hand can stay at the wedding right till the end. Wise decision ever! :)

- Now Khayr will sit in front as the co-driver whenever we travel, and Mama has to take the back seat :(
But bila dia dah restless maka dia dibenarkan untuk ke belakang kacau Mama... :) -

Everything at the wedding was so beautiful, with the exception of the newlywed couple - they were EXTRA beautiful! :) ♥ ♥ ♥

- my highschool friends ♥ -

- The huge 6months ++ pregnant me, Alin, Rozie and Tazz with Mr & Mrs Firdaus :) -

The girls hang out till late at night, spilled to the wee hours in the morning right after the wedding reception.. I can hear them next door laughing & giggling at 2am, the bride's voice included! hahaha. But I, being the boring pregnant lady yang cepat tired, decided to join my 2 K's to the la la land much earlier.. Seriously, I was like all fine during the first 5 months, not even realising that I am pregnant.. But come 6 months, BAM! I turn into this one huge person. I walk like a penguin. My face got so kembang. And I have to catch my breath everytime I move. Heck, even when I speak. Or even when I'm trying to lift up my finger. *sigh.

We had our morning breakfast together the next day, before we parted our own ways. The girls went back to KL, Dayana & hubs went back home in Ipoh, and my 2K's & I, we continued our journey up north to Penang, wee hoo~* =)

Masa nak ke Penang, bukan main lagi we planned to make sure we get to try all the must haves local food (well, fine, sounds more like MY plan actually :P).. Buttttt.. bila travel with a toddler and a pregnant fussy lady, lupa kan saja ok.. Mee udang Sg Dua ntah ke mana.. Yong tau foo / kuewteow Doli Taiping ntah ke mana, all we I wanted to make sure was, we reached the hotel safe & sound, the soonest possible.. pfffft. :P

- Lepak kat Gurney Drive kejap.. Angin kuattt.. But air surut.. So view tak cantik.. -

- Hotel entrance... Ohhh saya suka, ini hotel is like so cool and happening! :) -

If you expect a romantic, quiet getaway, this hotel is definitely not for you :) They played songs almost all the time through their loudspeaker, and they have a lot of activities going on all day long. But the downside of this place is, when it is peak time, it can get REALLLLY crowded :( We reached on Sunday on a school holiday month.. and my oh my, the place is like so packed with people! It did feel a bit too crowded.. But luckily came weekdays, the crowd was very much tolerable.

Masa browse the website for the room types, I immediately fell in ♥ with these 2 types of rooms:
1. The Lagoon Deluxe room -- a room with a direct access to the pool.. Bestnye!! :)
(picture taken from the hotel's website)


2. The Family room -- a spacious room with added kids' playground!
(picture taken from the hotel's website)

But of course the price, toksah cakap la kan... *coughcough* So in the end I got my feet back on the ground and booked for a normal Seaview Deluxe room instead.. And thanks so much with the corporate rate, we paid for such a good deal! The corporate rate is even cheaper than the published rate for the Hillview Deluxe room.. :)

- Our room.. very modern and spacious.. They even have the docking station for ipod / iphone, together with CD / DVD players..  But the bathroom is a bit sempit, and no bath tub (minus point especially for those travelling with kids).. -

- View from the balcony of our room -

- Sampai2 ape lagi.. Terus ke pool! :) The one who enjoyed the most is none other than my baby k.. ♥ -

- Pool view 1 -

- Pool view 2 -

I must say, this is by far the coolest pool area I've seen a hotel has for kids.. With the slides, spacious pool area, and the water play area, Khayr enjoyed it so very much! Hence the reason why during our 4D3N stay, we spent most of the time at the hotel itself! Hehehe..

Here are some of the photos of Khayr having the time of his life.. :)

- Khayr sudah berani terjun pool! -

- My intan payung ♥ -

- As you can see, the beach area is located just sekangkang kera from the hotel's pool area -

- Budak yang enjoyed main pasir.. :) -

- This was taken on the day we spent from 10am till 4.30pm just by lepaking by the pool.. Super bliss! Managed to secure 3 pool benches -- 1 untuk abah, 1 untuk mama, 1 untuk Khayr :) Mandi pool, tidur, makan, sambung mandi, and makan lagi.. Habis hitam dah kitorang anak beranak.. Hehehe.. -

Their pool area also has a touch of a beach feeling sebab around the area are all filled with pasir pantai.. Even at the kids pool, the underneath is pasir.. And not sure whether is it because of school holiday or what, throughout the day ada je activities organised by the hotel. In the morning they had aerobic exercise by the pool.. Then after that they had some activities by the beach.. Followed with some dancing session.. Then paper plane contest.. And at night, they even had an outdoor movie at the lobby, with free popcorns provided.. Such a perfect place for a family holiday I suppose..

- That night they had Kungfu Panda 2 -

- They even have a kids playroom, ideal for 4y.o onwards.. whereby you can actually leave your kids under their care while you go for a spa or wherever..
If I'm not mistaken, they have another room for teen-adult kids, complete with electronic game stations.. Tapi kitorang tak sempat tengok pulak how's the place look like.. And the spa pun kitorang tak sempat check out how does it look like, and best ke tidak.. -

The newlyweds actually had their ad-hoc pre-honeymoon trip to Penang as well, so we had a lunch date at this talk-of-the-town makan place -- Nasi Kandar Line Clear :)

- Hmm my verdict, honestly I dont understand why the much hypes about this place.. Huhu.. And lets not get to the part when it comes to the cleanliness... (the reason why I ordered a can drink, instead of drinking from their glass.. huhu).. Well takpe lah, at least if people were to ask, I can say yerpp, been there done that! :) -

- Khayr's condition come night time.. a total knocked out! ;) This is one of the reasons why we did not get to tour around the Penang town trying the local hawkers food like the char kuew teow, more of nasi kandar, pasembur, asam laksa etc.. Sebab kesian kat Khayr.. Even one of the nights pun masa tengah browsing through stuff at the night tourist market along the Feringghi, Khayr dah tertidur.. So we had no choice but to make it short.. Sempat la sambar item2 yang dikehendaki :) Oh, speaking of Feringgi, susah nye nak carik kedai makan Melayu.... :( Ke kitorang yang tak pandai cari?? -

- My 2 lovely K's, on a lovely morning.. Taking a walk around the hotel area -

- Khayr having his favourite mango yogurt for breakfast.. The breakfast provided by the hotel is nothing to shout about, in my honest opinion. The variety is pretty standard, but the quality is there. Fresh food, the hash brown is not soggy, the fruits are fresh, etc.. But masa peak time, wahlau, crowded sangat! Sampai kena beratur ok before we can have breakfast.. :( Lucky it only happened on one of the days we were there -

Oh ye speaking about food, I must say, this is the time I enjoy so much travelling with Khayr.. coz he eats what we eat.. So much easier! My facebook friends would have seen my status that goes something like this:

"I think the best time to travel with kid(s) is -- (i) when they are still relying 100% on milk.. and (ii) when they can totally eat solids. The in-between stage is the hardest!"

:) Most mothers seem to agree with me!

- My morning sight.. :) Sebesar2 katil tu pun boleh jadi sempit ye... -

- During our final night, we decided to hang out at the Hard Rock cafe.. Nak layan live band.. :) Not bad jugak lah.. We can sing to almost all the songs the band sang that night ♥ But of course we cannot stayed up that long... -

- Sebab ini budak sudah tidur! :) Bising la macamane pun, elokkk je dia lena.. But kesian lah kan.. Memang la lena, but god knows what goes into his dream with such a noisy surrounding.. Anyway hotel guests can layan the live telecast of the live band from the tv room itself! -

- After breakfast on our last day, before check out.. Tsk Tsk.. :'( -

- Posing at the must-take-picture place in front of the hotel.. Hehehe -

All in all, we had such a great getaway (despite some minor hiccups -- both of us being disturbed by office calls *grrrr!).. It was such a great hotel to stay at, great facilities, great hospitality.. Ngaaaaa kan best if I can turn back time and repeat it all over again.. Huhu.. In the words of theirs -- we had such a rocking stay! :)

- Ni masa nak balik, Kerol ajak naik ferry.. Jakun please! hahahaha .. Dah lama kotttt tak naik ferry, tak ingat dah.. Dulu masa kecik2 rasa macam gempak jer.. Dah besar ni rasa macam, hmmm.. okeyyyy... :P -

Okie dokie HRH, till we meet again! For more info, you can check the hotel official website here.


  1. seronoknyaaaaaaaaaa holiday!
    thanx for the review.mana tau nxt time ada rezeki blh sampai ke penang ni :)
    btw khayr sangat la comel.u must be a very proud mother heheh

  2. sungguh detail skali report kali ini. but i loikeee sbb byk btol review ;)

    mantop btol HRH punye pool tu. terliur aku tengok apa ntah lg budak2 kan =)

    p/s congrats to dayana.

  3. congrats to dayana =)
    hehe...aku da forward da review kat hubby..sgt menarik ok..tq.
    *verangan* nak gi bila baby da lahir nanti..kena tunggu besar sket la tapi..baru enjoy dua2 anak mandi manda kan...

  4. fieza, -- hi! tu lah holiday memang syiokkkk.. balik from holiday tiada syiok.. hehe.. anyway thanks for the compliment on khayr :)

    farah, -- mak excited, haruslah ter cerita detaillllll.. :P

    ashra, -- ohh sangat menarik untuk dipergi, esp like you said bila 2-2 anak dah besar sket n can appreciate pool! :)