Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The one with.. my 20months old baby k..

yes, 20months old or older, he is still my little baby :)

i am currently putting him to sleep. so sementara tunggu saje je la layan gambar2 dia. and i thought of sharing those favourite few out of the lots (i may or may not have uploaded those here before.. well even if i did, that goes to show how i favour these pics of his so much! hehehe)

- paling suka! hehehe -

- mr. vainpot -

its unbelievable how fast time flies.. look at how big khayr has grown up to be :')

i mean, really.. look at how small he was before...

now, i can have a little conversation with him, and its really amazing how he's absorbing things around him these days.. our words, actions, the sounds he hears.. all that, he's picking 'em up slowly by observing the surroundings.

i love it when out of no where he comes to me and gives a peck on my cheek. i love it when he calls me 'mama' with the manja-est tone he can project. i love it when he says 'pandaiiii' when we are able to understand what he's trying to say. i love it coming back home to him looking so excited at the door. i love it when he greets "morning" and "good night" at the right time. i love it when he knows what to say when he wants / feels certain something.. sigh. i mean, seriously, look at how big he is now! (ok this is repetitive.. just making a point.. :P)

in 4 months time he's turning 2, and will be a big brother to his little sibling. i hope by then he's more calm and composed in managing his tantrums.. boy apart from all the good progress i mentioned, he sure does display quite a level of tantrums as well..! terrible twos huh? and so they said. hmmmm.

and its not helping that he's teething big time now. gigi taring, gigi geraham, atas, bawah, semua laaa nak keluar sama2 skarang.. huhu.. so he's supa dupa cranky!

okie dokie, he's long gone to the la la land. and i reckon i shall go and join him too. i'm already at the stage whereby i get tired so easily.. and can get a bit more emotional too. well, i'll update all about my pregnancy in my other entry (hopefully i have both the time and energy to do so!).

till later~* nitessssss.

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  1. byk btol gamba-gamba cheeky khayr ni ..! haha. ni mesti sbb makcik2 dia yg selalu ajar pose mcm tu :P

    haha gamba tgh tgk ipad tu paling style. tp gamba paling mengadewww gamba mr vainpot tu .. comellll sgt plssssss.

    yeee terrible 2s sgt menguji keimanan .. good luck when u reach that phase :|

    haha akhirnye keluar dah smua gigi khayr .. amik kau sekali arung kaur mcm hadzim.. demam x dia ..?

  2. farah, -- agagaga itu lah dia kemain suka posing lagi si khayr neh! :D

    khayr alhamdulillah dia tak demam masa teething.. just selsema sikit, pastu cherry berry.. plus dia lost appetite to eat...