Friday, 18 November 2011

The one with... almost about everything. almost.

It has been a while, I know :) Been very very very busy at work (1st shift) and at home (2nd shift).. The phrase 'working mother' is redundant -- and so they said, and so I abso-freaking-lutely agreed!


It's Friday, it's lunch hour, it's raininig so heavily outside there... So what the heck. Here's what has been happening since my last entry.

- Celebrated hubs birthday with a date day :) Sayang kan anak, tinggal2 kan gitu ♥ -

- Drooling much aye? :) -

- The section I had to give it a pass :( *sObs*
Sashimi & fresh oysters.. I shall see (eat) you guys next year! -

- Then after stuffing ourselves silly over the buffet spread, we went to watch Real Steel (ohsem pohsem with the capital O!), followed by the musical theatre The Secret Life of Nora :) Love it, but not as much as we love PGL and P.Ramlee the Musical... -

- Then it was my mom's birthday on 6 November, the second day of Raya Haji.. (Didn't take any pictures during Raya Haji though.. hmmm.) We celebrated it over lunch at Tony Roma's in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng -

- Then had a chance to also have a makan2 with my in-laws during that Raya Haji week.. Like a celebration of sort as well for them.. Birthdays and graduation.. Had dinner buffet at Rebung in Bangsar.. -

- And about my dearest little one... he has been teething like cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan! :) After having only 6 ketul gigi for 1y7m, that is. So comel coz his teeth tumbuh tak sekata merata2... looks like a little monster... hehehe -

- And look at his latest 'skill'... :D Kerol was the one inside the fitting room at that time, by the way.. Not just some random people ye... -

- And about me.. well, I've been growing so 'healthily'.. Membesar bagai johan.. and enjoy eating like there's no care in the world... ♥ -

- Andddddd....  I guess God has decided that there can only be 1 princess at home... for the time being, that is -


Oh yessssss, lets say hi to another baby k ! :) baby L has got to wait. hiuhiuhiu.

- Imagine two of this.. pengsan! :D But ooohhh yeah, bring it on..! Hehehe -

Okie dokie, that's that.

For now, as usual come November I'm busy planning for my year end break! My annual leaves cannot be carried forward to next year. So 12 working days = 2 1/2 working week = 1/2 of December.. yeehaw!
- The analytical traits in me.. :P Anyway the winner is still what the corporate rate has got to offer. Way cheaper than the market rate hip hip horey ! -

Since I'll be 7 months ++ by December, so flying is not an option for me.. as well as going in to Singapore.. Maka coti2 Malaysia lah kita... babymoon bebeh, can't rockin' wait!!! ♥ Jalan2.. Makan2.. and the rest of the days will be spent on the making preparation to welcome the little one next year!

Alritey.. till the next entry~*


  1. "I guess God has decided that there can only be 1 princess at home... for the time being, that is"
    hahahaha sukeeee skali statement ini dgn gamba itewwww.

    wahh nnt baby K dah keluar, bergelimpangan laa lelaki-lelaki K di atas katil. meriah u olzzz. congrats & take care.

    p/s aku pn tgh phase mkn x hengat ni, maklumlah tinggal 2 3 mg jek lg ni maka haruslah enjoy sampai lebam (lg seronok sbb weight xnaik2 hihihi).

  2. Baby boy - wah dah tahu jantina!! Saya jeles....nak tahu jugak. Harap sangat boleh tahu by tomorrow where I will attend check up tomorrow.

    Pray for me ya...

  3. congratulations on your second hero! wow, that looks like one super yummy lunch date alright. i'm drooling as i'm reading this hahaha where was it actually? i need to try it out too =) been eating hospital food for too long now lol!

  4. lia,

    kenapa post all these pics of food? you are torturing me! haha..

    ohh it's a BOY? i baru tauuuuu... congrats.. you now have THREE bodyguards okkkk.. kalah neelofa [tetiba je, haha]..

  5. Farah -- harus lah kasik keluar statement ala2 nak sedapkan hati! hahaha..

    “wahh nnt baby K dah keluar, bergelimpangan laa lelaki-lelaki K di atas katil” --> wahahahaha ayat macam hape je wehhhh !!! :D

    zie, -- so macamane, dah tau gender dah?

    yunne, -- we had a lunch buffet at the latest recipe, Le Meridien.. but i think the best hotel buffet spread in town is still from Shangri-la, the lemon garden café :)

    tina, -- hahahaha… neelofa hot youuuu..