Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The one with... 2nd pregnancy updates.

Of late I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night. No positions seem to be comfortable enough for me with this ever growing baby I have in my tummy (nope, not complaining!).. So yesterday night, while tossing and turning in bed next to my two K’s who have long gone to the la la land, I took the iPad and started browsing the old entries of my own blog.

Because it’s the same timing, I can somehow relate it all back. Like I was 6 months pregnant with Khayr in November 2009.. And now that it’s November 2011, I’m 6 months pregnant with his baby brother :) So those old entries were actually very good to keep myself in check.

What I have established is, I am not far off from what I used to experience before ♥ About the same size.. same weight gain (phew, I’m on track!).. same pregnancy phase – troubled sleeping, Brixton Hicks, haven’t bought baby’s stuff at all (yeay at least I know that I am not taking things easy this time around.. I am how I am, be it 1st or 2nd pregnancy.. hehe!), sudden increase in appetite, dah start susah basuh pinggan, cepat penat, etc. One good thing is, I am not as emotional freak as I was before.. (I think).

Buttttt.. this time around during my last pregnancy, hubs and I have had agreed with our baby’s first name (i.e. Khayr) and hence have started talking to the baby by calling his name.. NOT THIS TIME AROUND though.. yikes! I told hubs, “Hey faster lah decide on the names.. We need to be fair to our second baby!”… To which, you know guys, was responded by a roll of eyes.. Sheeesssh~!

I’ve given him a list to choose from.. so takpe baby k junior, soon you’ll have your name finalised ok sayang? ;) We will wait for abah to agree on it... With this motherly instinct of mine, I somehow can tell which one suits you best. Hope your abah shares the same sentiment :)

Other than that, at least I know it’s not the time yet for me to get swollen feet and swollen face (due to water retention) though I can see it’s coming.. (hidungku kekembangan already!).. I’ve experienced those in December last time when I was 7 months pregnant.. So now I don’t have to wonder when will the time come.. cause the answer is there, it’s coming in December! :) And when it’s the time to start buying the baby stuff? Also it’s in December! Ahhh it feels nice to finally know that I am indeed still on track.

Oh of all entries, I found a post I wrote about my doubt on how do expectant mothers deal with spectacles / contact lenses during labour time.. Hahaha surprise surprise, I still have my reservation about it! :P Lupe laaa how did I deal with it when it was my time to give birth to Khayr.. Must ask hubs when I get back home later ..

Okie dokie that’s all I have for now.


  1. baca entry ko,wat aku rasa yg la kn..7bln sudah.samela aku.wpun duk umah,terasa kepenatan dan kesaratannya.

    tp aku hepi la kn.hope dpt truskan smpi 9bln.last time 7bln je da thenti.

    pstt..aku pun tak beli lg barang bb.hehe.tapi name da ada.hoyay!

  2. aku baru nak masuk 7bulan next week.. :) but yeah agree with you.. dah start terasa kesaratan nye.. huhu.. perut pun asyik mengerasss je kan?

    insyaAllah ashra, we'll make it to the 9 months / until the baby is out *aminnnnn*

    alaaa bestnye dah ada nama! ;)

  3. senang betul beranak edd lebih kurang bole track terus ;)

    aku pn dah hujung2 baru pilih nama .. tu pn mmg standby nama girl jek nama boy xde pn buat backup haha. nasib ler kuar girl =)

    edd kau lebih kurang ashra kan .. ok good luck both to of u!