Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The one with... 2nd pregnancy updates.

Of late I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night. No positions seem to be comfortable enough for me with this ever growing baby I have in my tummy (nope, not complaining!).. So yesterday night, while tossing and turning in bed next to my two K’s who have long gone to the la la land, I took the iPad and started browsing the old entries of my own blog.

Because it’s the same timing, I can somehow relate it all back. Like I was 6 months pregnant with Khayr in November 2009.. And now that it’s November 2011, I’m 6 months pregnant with his baby brother :) So those old entries were actually very good to keep myself in check.

What I have established is, I am not far off from what I used to experience before ♥ About the same size.. same weight gain (phew, I’m on track!).. same pregnancy phase – troubled sleeping, Brixton Hicks, haven’t bought baby’s stuff at all (yeay at least I know that I am not taking things easy this time around.. I am how I am, be it 1st or 2nd pregnancy.. hehe!), sudden increase in appetite, dah start susah basuh pinggan, cepat penat, etc. One good thing is, I am not as emotional freak as I was before.. (I think).

Buttttt.. this time around during my last pregnancy, hubs and I have had agreed with our baby’s first name (i.e. Khayr) and hence have started talking to the baby by calling his name.. NOT THIS TIME AROUND though.. yikes! I told hubs, “Hey faster lah decide on the names.. We need to be fair to our second baby!”… To which, you know guys, was responded by a roll of eyes.. Sheeesssh~!

I’ve given him a list to choose from.. so takpe baby k junior, soon you’ll have your name finalised ok sayang? ;) We will wait for abah to agree on it... With this motherly instinct of mine, I somehow can tell which one suits you best. Hope your abah shares the same sentiment :)

Other than that, at least I know it’s not the time yet for me to get swollen feet and swollen face (due to water retention) though I can see it’s coming.. (hidungku kekembangan already!).. I’ve experienced those in December last time when I was 7 months pregnant.. So now I don’t have to wonder when will the time come.. cause the answer is there, it’s coming in December! :) And when it’s the time to start buying the baby stuff? Also it’s in December! Ahhh it feels nice to finally know that I am indeed still on track.

Oh of all entries, I found a post I wrote about my doubt on how do expectant mothers deal with spectacles / contact lenses during labour time.. Hahaha surprise surprise, I still have my reservation about it! :P Lupe laaa how did I deal with it when it was my time to give birth to Khayr.. Must ask hubs when I get back home later ..

Okie dokie that’s all I have for now.

Monday, 21 November 2011

The one with... baby ghimau ;)

"hello there......!"

"so... tell me... are you ready for tonight huh?!"

"i say JYEAHHHHHH !!!"

"hehehe.. dah itu jer... **meowwww!**"


Friday, 18 November 2011

The one with... almost about everything. almost.

It has been a while, I know :) Been very very very busy at work (1st shift) and at home (2nd shift).. The phrase 'working mother' is redundant -- and so they said, and so I abso-freaking-lutely agreed!


It's Friday, it's lunch hour, it's raininig so heavily outside there... So what the heck. Here's what has been happening since my last entry.

- Celebrated hubs birthday with a date day :) Sayang kan anak, tinggal2 kan gitu ♥ -

- Drooling much aye? :) -

- The section I had to give it a pass :( *sObs*
Sashimi & fresh oysters.. I shall see (eat) you guys next year! -

- Then after stuffing ourselves silly over the buffet spread, we went to watch Real Steel (ohsem pohsem with the capital O!), followed by the musical theatre The Secret Life of Nora :) Love it, but not as much as we love PGL and P.Ramlee the Musical... -

- Then it was my mom's birthday on 6 November, the second day of Raya Haji.. (Didn't take any pictures during Raya Haji though.. hmmm.) We celebrated it over lunch at Tony Roma's in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng -

- Then had a chance to also have a makan2 with my in-laws during that Raya Haji week.. Like a celebration of sort as well for them.. Birthdays and graduation.. Had dinner buffet at Rebung in Bangsar.. -

- And about my dearest little one... he has been teething like cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan! :) After having only 6 ketul gigi for 1y7m, that is. So comel coz his teeth tumbuh tak sekata merata2... looks like a little monster... hehehe -

- And look at his latest 'skill'... :D Kerol was the one inside the fitting room at that time, by the way.. Not just some random people ye... -

- And about me.. well, I've been growing so 'healthily'.. Membesar bagai johan.. and enjoy eating like there's no care in the world... ♥ -

- Andddddd....  I guess God has decided that there can only be 1 princess at home... for the time being, that is -


Oh yessssss, lets say hi to another baby k ! :) baby L has got to wait. hiuhiuhiu.

- Imagine two of this.. pengsan! :D But ooohhh yeah, bring it on..! Hehehe -

Okie dokie, that's that.

For now, as usual come November I'm busy planning for my year end break! My annual leaves cannot be carried forward to next year. So 12 working days = 2 1/2 working week = 1/2 of December.. yeehaw!
- The analytical traits in me.. :P Anyway the winner is still what the corporate rate has got to offer. Way cheaper than the market rate hip hip horey ! -

Since I'll be 7 months ++ by December, so flying is not an option for me.. as well as going in to Singapore.. Maka coti2 Malaysia lah kita... babymoon bebeh, can't rockin' wait!!! ♥ Jalan2.. Makan2.. and the rest of the days will be spent on the making preparation to welcome the little one next year!

Alritey.. till the next entry~*

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The one with.. my 20months old baby k..

yes, 20months old or older, he is still my little baby :)

i am currently putting him to sleep. so sementara tunggu saje je la layan gambar2 dia. and i thought of sharing those favourite few out of the lots (i may or may not have uploaded those here before.. well even if i did, that goes to show how i favour these pics of his so much! hehehe)

- paling suka! hehehe -

- mr. vainpot -

its unbelievable how fast time flies.. look at how big khayr has grown up to be :')

i mean, really.. look at how small he was before...

now, i can have a little conversation with him, and its really amazing how he's absorbing things around him these days.. our words, actions, the sounds he hears.. all that, he's picking 'em up slowly by observing the surroundings.

i love it when out of no where he comes to me and gives a peck on my cheek. i love it when he calls me 'mama' with the manja-est tone he can project. i love it when he says 'pandaiiii' when we are able to understand what he's trying to say. i love it coming back home to him looking so excited at the door. i love it when he greets "morning" and "good night" at the right time. i love it when he knows what to say when he wants / feels certain something.. sigh. i mean, seriously, look at how big he is now! (ok this is repetitive.. just making a point.. :P)

in 4 months time he's turning 2, and will be a big brother to his little sibling. i hope by then he's more calm and composed in managing his tantrums.. boy apart from all the good progress i mentioned, he sure does display quite a level of tantrums as well..! terrible twos huh? and so they said. hmmmm.

and its not helping that he's teething big time now. gigi taring, gigi geraham, atas, bawah, semua laaa nak keluar sama2 skarang.. huhu.. so he's supa dupa cranky!

okie dokie, he's long gone to the la la land. and i reckon i shall go and join him too. i'm already at the stage whereby i get tired so easily.. and can get a bit more emotional too. well, i'll update all about my pregnancy in my other entry (hopefully i have both the time and energy to do so!).

till later~* nitessssss.

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