Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The one with.. half way there :)

Alhamdulillah I've entered my 20 weeks of pregnancy journey already... another 20 weeks +/- to go.. InsyaAllah...

To be honest, this 2nd pregnancy is kinda different from the 1st one in the sense that, I am not 'too bothered' with the progress. I mean, of course I care.. and enjoy every single moment of it especially now that I can feel the little2 kicks in my tummy.. But, because I have another toddler at hands to handle, sometimes I forgot that I am pregnant, you get what I mean? Kalau dulu asyik laaaa dok flip through all the pregnancy-related books to relate to myself. And asyik laaa menjaga cannot do this, cannot do that, cannot be too active (yes I was SO spoilt like that ;P) but now... I just cannot afford to be that manja and lembik.. I have Khayr to attend to. Supplements pun kadang2 lupa makan.

And it seems that people around me keep on commenting I still look small given my pregnancy stage.. Hmmm? Not sure. As for me, kadang2 rasa ye jugak.. Bangun2 pagi dok laaa belek perut tuh depan cermin from sideways view.. Rasa macam perut still kecik.. But at times I feel, wow besarnye perut! Its like as if it just grew overnight out of no where.. Heh.

- Picture of me taken recently on 8 October 2011 with my lovely BFFs -

There are times I feel that I still have long way to go. But there are also times (like NOW) I feel like, OMG OMG OMG tak lama lagi dah nak deliver dah.

- Nama baby takde lagi. Bila nak start talking to the baby by calling the name?
- Barang satu ape pun tak prepare. List pun takde. BF-related gears semua dalam kotak, tak keluarkan lagi to sterilise and whatnots. Baju2 baby pun sama.
- Bilik Khayr tak start furnish lagi. Tak start train dia tidur sendiri lagi.. (yup he still squeeze in between me & hubs in our bed)...
- Room for me to stay in during the confinement pun tak start furnish lagi. This time around my mom said she will take care of me during the confinement period at my own house. Dia kata senang, nanti Kerol & Khayr do not have to travel back and forth to see me. She has a point there.
- Tak puas manja kan Khayr lagi.
- Will I be able to have the same strong will power to BF kan this new baby the same level I had for Khayr? Cause during Khayr's time, I had no expectation whatsoever. But for this new baby, I sort of knew what to expect. The hard work. The hassle. Will I be able to embrace it through successfully?

*breathe in, breathe out*

Things should be fine, I hope. Yeah, lets be hopeful.

- But I don't hope to have this gigantic feet this time around. Please, not again! :P -
(Sila scream in horror and in disgust now!)


  1. betul2.. =p
    bila ada yang sulung ni,takde la nak lembik2,nak tido manjang je kan.morning sickness bagai tahankan je..
    teringat masa ngandung anak pertama,relax sungguh =p

  2. hehe anak sulung bole laa manja2 & konon2 smua aspect jaga .. dah no 2 dah xkuasa dah :P semua langgaaa jek.

    wohh perut kau mmg xnampak. xpe nnt msk jek 7 bulan dia membesar dgn jayanya ;)

    lia toksahkan kau, aku yg dah nk msk 9months pon baru beli baju jek, segala bottle xbeli lg camne nak sterilize!! haha. ntah la, maybe sbb aku suspect this time pon akan overdue jugak so aku malas nak buat awal2 :|

    insyaAllah no 2 akan lebih berjaya lg. aku pn xsaba nak bf!! (tp pam xbeli lg ni .. aduhai hampehhhhh).

  3. besonya kaki..!!! hahahaha....

  4. wahh dah 20wks eh?so fast!! bestnya..!

  5. ashra, -- haha tu lah kannnn.. masa pregnant anak first, kemain lagi jaga itu jaga ini, lemah gemalai abes lahhhh…! :D

    farah, -- itu lah kan.. aku pun rasa kali ni masa awal2 perut aku mcm tak nampak sangat.. but now that I’m in my 6 month of pregnancy, hamekkkkkk! memboncet bagai juara! :D

    fadizn, -- shadap yewwwww ! :D

    kak hanney, -- kannnn.. cepat sangat masa berlalu… tsk.