Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The one with.. Syawal 1432H..

Salam lebaran to all my Muslim friends! :) Hows your celebration so far? I'm sure everyone had a good break the least to say, kan? ;)

Sehari sebelum raya tu was spent with my 2 K's -- we went to The Gardens and MidValley to do last minute raya shopping for Khayr. We went first thing in the morning to beat the traffic (both human and vehicles) but found ourselves getting dissapointed over the fact that most outlets had nothing much to offer to Khayr. I mean, maybe la kan, there are not many choices for boys. Tak t-shirts, shirts. Tak long-sleeves, short-sleeves. Tak long-pants, short-pants. *yawn* So end up beli tak banyak pun. Just cukup syarat je. Then we went to do our groceries at Carrefourre in MidValley before we made our way back home and started to bake cakes with Kerol's family :)

MIL was busy preparing the raya dishes with my SIL, then BIL prepared marble cake, and myself + Kerol prepared fruit cake... :))))) Of course all this was done under the supervision and instruction of MIL.. hehehe.

- Ini big chief nih.. memantau orang buat kerja :D -

Then lepas berhuru-hara kat dapur, we, as in Kerol's family and us, got ready for our last break fast together at Al-Rawsha.. nyumssss! Pergi dalam pukul 6.45pm pun takde hal, most roads in KL dah start clear dah... Heaven!

After berbuka, we went to my parents house pulak to just be there on the Raya eve, experiencing and getting the 'feel'.. you get what I mean? :) My mom was busy in the kitchen with the raya dishes and Khayr was excited goofing around with my sibs and my dad.. Then off we went back home, making a stop to buy lemang first. Thought of buying the one in Melawati tapi jalan kat MRR2 tuh, mak aiiii... so congested! Ended up we bought the one near our house in Greenwood.. Juara Lemang or something. Nasib baik sedap :)

- Sebelum tidur ade si busy body nak masukkan sampul duit raya jugak..
Padahal dah almost midnight dah time ni.. -

Then came the morning of 1st Syawal.. So syahdu dengar takbir raya. Made me miss my late atuk and opah in PD.. Longing for celebrating Hari Raya in Kampung.. The takbir they do from house to house.. The Raya eve ambience.. -__-'

Morning of 1st Syawal was spent at our house.. MIL prepared lontong.. Also nasi impit, ketupat nasi, lemang, rendang, and kuah kacang (OMG I'm drooling over while typing this!).. Then salam2.. and taking photos ;)

- Our growing family -

- My inlaws with Khayr :) -

Then we made move to my parents house in Keramat... And did the same -- salam2, makan2, and taking pictures :)

- So happy that my mom prepared the ketupat palas! Also she prepared nasi lemak with sambal sotong.. Nyummss.. (ok drooling lagi! sheeshh..) -

- My family and us -

- My 2 lovely sisters.. So glad that Liana can join us this Raya! -

- Kerol and I, with our lovely mothers... -

- Kerol's family and mine ♥ -

- Si bujang and si dara in the family.. Agak2 laku tak buat muka macam ni? Hehehehe.. This is gambar wajib everytime kitorang berkumpul.. Cuma kali ni Kerol & I tak join lah.. Takut kenan kat anak dalam kandungan.. Hahaha -

Lepas tu, again as usual we made move to my dad's kampung in Langat.. Selalu nye lepas Langat, we will make move to Bangi, rumah my mom's brother (i.e. my Pak Long).. But they are not around this time.. So petang Syawal tu memang was spent at Langat saja... There, I stuffed myself silly with the kuih raya yang ada! :P
- Khayr and my grandma.. i.e. his great grandma / Nyang -

- Si budak kepenatan.. Tak tidur dari pagi.. :) -

- Kids nowadays huh? I think this is the common scene we see these days.. -

Okie dokie.. That was how my first day of Syawal this year was spent! :) Lepas lepak kat Langat, semua pun balik rumah to pack up.. Coz our 2nd day of Raya till the 4th day was spent...

at Perhentian Island bebeh! ;)
(ok my facebook friends would have known this already.. hehe)

Till later~*


  1. aku sungguh impressed sbb BIL kau pon semangat buat kek .. hats off (nasib baik nama anak aku pn faeiq jugakss harap2 faeiq aku pn rajin mcm ni :P).

    masih drooling lg ke teringat ketupat smua ..? i had enough of mine. rasa nak termuntah kalau teringat2 lg haha ;) overload gile aku time raya aritu :P

    haha mmg xbleh blah btol laa korang adik bradik ipar duai amik gamba camtu .. xpe next raya join laa puas2 ekk ..!

  2. ala....takde fb.nape korang leh beraya sampai ke pulau perhentian *jeles* hehe

    wah khayr...tu masuk kan dalam sampul tu jgn sampai terkosong laks sampulnya..hehe

    meriah korang.ehemm..slim lagi ko ye..