Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The one with... my 2nd pregnancy.

So how’s 2nd pregnancy treating me so far? Well I must say, so far so good.

It’s all started four months back. This time I learnt that a line is a line, no matter how fade it is.. hehe.. punye lah tak percaya, I did the pee-on-the-stick test for 4 times. And yet it was after the visit to the obgyn clinic baru lah I came to terms that OMG OMG OMG, I AM indeed pregnant…! :P ( No, it was not an unplanned one, cuma ye lah, it was such a beautiful moment I needed a slap to actually believe it.. you get what I mean? ;) )


So first thing I did, was executing the plan to wean off kan khayr. I read a lot of articles and consulted my obgyn, all were saying that you can still proceed with breastfeeding even though you are pregnant. And almost everyone said that your kid will somehow stops on his own from breastfeeding once there’s a change in the milk taste because your body will then start producing colostrums to prepare for the baby in the tummy instead of the normal flowy type of milk for your kid.

But. I thought I wanted a break before resuming with the breastfeeding journey for the 2nd one. Plus, for fear that it would be difficult for me to handle both pregnancy and the commitment required to breastfeed Khayr, I came up my one month plan in order to wean off Khayr. (Anyway, I did try to continue to breastfeed Khayr, but I felt nausea easily and I had this tingling thing with little pain/ngilu/funny feeling in my tummy.. Hmmm.)

Syukur sangat, it was an easy process for me and Khayr. Seriyes, syukur sangat1000x. It was a smooth transition for both of us. And I don’t have the problem of Khayr looking for me at night. He’s like completely off from breastfeeding without any hassle..! Well sedih pun ade la jugak kan, like he’s completely ‘separated’ from me ever since.. he’s like so independent of me! Sobs. Oh well.

Whatever it is, I am so proud of my achievement. Out loud I can say that I’ve been able to fully breastfeed Khayr for 1y5m… yeay! Who would have ever thought huh? *pat on the shoulder* *hands clapping* =)

As for me, I found myself being no longer that kiasu as compared to my first pregnancy. Takde lah sebok sangat bace buku tu, buku ni.. jaga makan, minum susu + makan buah religiously, etc etc etc. Guess it’s because I sort of know what to expect kot? Heh. But I do jaga makan in terms of the pantang – like no nenas, no raw stuff, and such.

Morning sickness during the 1st trimester was worse in the sense that this time around, I experienced it throughout the day, unlike when I was pregnant with Khayr whereby I had it only in the morning. But my morning sickness was limited to that urge-to-vomit feeling only. i.e. just feel loya2. Means takde lah sampai muntah2, dehydrated, etc.

And similar to my first pregnancy, I was so vulnerable as far as my health is concerned. During puasa month alone, I had fever+flu+cough for 3 times.. ! sheesshhh.

For this time around, perut lambat naik.. hehehe. Maybe because I am already all flesh-y after I gave birth to khayr.. But, I am so surprised that I can start to feel the baby’s little movement in my tummy! I mean this early? I guess what they say is true, for 2nd, 3rd (and so on) pregnancy the mother is more sensitive towards the baby’s movement… :)

Right now I am comfortable in my start of 2nd trimester (just annoyed with the urge to go to pee so easily now sheesshhh), my baby bump starts showing already, and I feel much better. Cuma nervous on what to expect soon in terms of the preparation to welcome the new baby, managing husband, khayr and the new baby, nanti pantang macamane, and nanti bila dah start kerja, macamane our mothers nak tolong jaga both Khayr and the newborn..? etc. etc. etc.

My next check up is due next week, hopefully we can have a peek at baby's gender by then! Heeeeee....

Okie dokie, I guess that’s all for now. Till later~*

*Just had a look through at Khayr’s old pictures during his first month of life.. rasa sayu pulak… how fast time flies, how fast he has grown, and soon he will be the big brother! and though I know mothers loves are unconditional and undivided, but somehow rasa sedih bila tengok Khayr tidur malam2 thinking, soon he has to ‘share’ me with his baby brother / sister… *cries*


  1. was it the same time when yr mom started asking u abt khayr isap jari kaki tu? hehehehe

  2. wohh .. sampai 4x ke test .. haha ..

    tu laa senang betul kau nak wean off khayr, compared aku nak wean off hadzim.

    yess aku pn rasa nak pat on your shoulder for your 17months achievement. syabas bettah ..!

    aku pn perut lambat naik, tp sejurus mencecah 6 bln kaw2 dia naik ;)

  3. lia,

    i tot u look smaller this time around.. serious kurus okkk.. jeles mak! hehe..

    anyway congratulations.. and dont worry.. you'll be fine.. trust me!


  4. ayu, -- hahaha.. kinda interestingly ironic cause it was actually not long after that! :D

    farah, -- tu lah alhamdulillah it was an easy process :) and also on the milestone.. you can do it too for adik hadzim! aku plak yang nervous nanti yang second one ni mampukan aku achieve the same milestone? Hmmmm..

    Ahhh ko dari dulu macam tuh, perut lambat naik :) So kali ni ko mengrajin kan diri tak exercise nak kasik senang beranak? hehehe.

    tina, -- OMG tina, i'm so not ok! :) perhaps it was fasting month kot.. skarang aku sudah pesat membangun! hehehe.