Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The one with.. food for the little one.

Hi! Today I thought I would like to share on the kind of food I cook for Khayr ever since he ditched the bland, mashy, porridge I used to prepare for him since he was 6 months. Last time it was easy peasy cause I used to stock up his porridge for a 3-4 day ration. But now that he knows varieties, and that his food has evolved to include those type of food us adults normally take, I feel that its only fair for his food to be prepared fresh on a daily basis.

I'm not a good cook, nor am I someone particular that he must take certain type of food as far as nutritient is concerned. I mean, of course I care.. but not to the extend of being kiasu, you get what I mean? Sayur merah la. Sayur hijau la. Sayur kaler2 la. Protein tu. Protein ni. Etc.. To me, so long there's a meat and there's a vege, then that's good enough already.

Now that Khayr is actually quite left behind in terms of teething, his choice of food is rather limited. Dia just ada gigi depan - 4 atas, 2 bawah. Yups, ever since he was 10 months old! Hehe comel je kan. Dah 1y7m tapi gigi still sikit. Lately je we noticed that gigi geraham dia baru nak tumbuh. Macam kelakar pun ada, sebab ye lah, gigi depan bahagian bawah tu ada 2 je. Tiba2 geraham pulak tumbuh dulu. Maybe betul orang tua2 kata.. kalau cepat jalan, lambat tumbuh gigi.. Hmm?

Anyways. So, Khayr's food is limited to just fish and chicken. Pastu sayur2. And because I don't generally cook for the family (just yet :P), so bila beli sayur, ikan and ayam.. memang can last for 1 week / 1.5 week ++ for Khayr's portion.

So this is among the food I normally prepared in the morning for Khayr:

- Ikan masak singgang, with tomato cherry. The easiest among the lot! Hehehe.. And Khayr pun suka... -

- Sup sayur sawi masak air, with potato, carrot and fishcake -

- Sup ayam with su'un.. and again with potato and carrot (Khayr's meal banyak potato n carrot sebab they last longer.. Heh) -

- Sup ikan tenggiri -

- Ayam masak kicap, with tomato and carrot -

Yang takde dalam gambar, sometimes I also prepared:

- cream pasta with chicken / salmon and broccoli.
- ayam masak merah.
- bihun / kuewtiow goreng.
- mashed potato with cheese and brocolli.
- sup sayur pucuk and su'un.

Hmm tu je lah kot. Kira nya tak ayam, ikan. Sayur pulak - rotate between broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, potato, sawi bunga, tomato. And resipi semua simple2... (Saya je yang tak pandai masak, maka kena lah rely on recipes.. :P) Some I took from internet.. Books / Magazines like Wardina's and Pa & Ma.. and Also thanks to Iyma and Bibi yang sekapal... Hehehe.. But I think anak2 diorang, Suri and Balqis gigi dah penuh.. So senang sikit boleh makan stuff like daging and seafood ek?

Anyways. Tu lah.. Because gigi Khayr sikit, I have to make sure that his dish is mostly of a soupy type so that lembut for him to accept. Coz otherwise, poopoo keras laa jawabnya... Sebab tu until now he has not taken daging.. Sebab even minced meat pun he has to chew properly kan.. Kalau tak macam kesian je sistem badan dia nak tolong process kan.

- At Secret Recipe, eating fish & chip. Hamboi2 sungguh kannn -

Kalau keluar, then dia makan la food like fish & chip, laksa, nasi ladna, pasta2, sandwich, mashed potato and the like.. Pendek kata, if keluar (which is normally during wekeends or holidays) I don't have to bring along his food... Heeeee, I like! =)

And all the above is his main meal.. Other than that, he also get to taste whatever food we eat, and depends on whether or not he likes it, then he will ask for more :) Like roti canai ke.. nasi lemak ke.. pizza.. etc.

Oh but one thing for sure, he doesn't like the McD porridge.. EVER. God knows why. Maybe because I myself pun tak suka kot.. Hehehe.. And I've not fed him with the KFC's mashed potato purely because I learnt from my SIL (who once worked as a part timer at KFC) that KFC's mashed potato is actually coming from a serbuk form, then letak air panas, kembang lah ia.. Means, its not even a real potato.. I think you can tell a real mashed potato dia punye texture tuh macam potato-ish sikit.. Macam kat Chilli's.. Anyway, this is just my personal choice for my kiddo..

Anddddd... Khayr is not into fruits.. I think because kitorang pun tak makan buah sangat, so in a way, he didn't get the right exposure... Hmmm..

So what about you other mothers of toddler(s) out there.. Ape lagi ek I can prepare for Khayr..? Sharing is caring lah sikit.... :)


  1. Waaa best2! Thanx for sharing! I mmg lost nk prepare apa utk Azim skrg ni hehe.. Share la how u make the cream pasta with broccoli.. :) pasta tu u used yg baby punye or yg biasa tu..

  2. nnt bila gg dia dah byk, dia boleh mkn apa saja!! haha..aku dah lama x masak utk suri, kan dia duk skrg kena masak, & bwk bekal coz suri eczema..x boleh mkn ayam :(..leceh laaaaa (padahal dah biasa jd malas..haha)

  3. semua nampak kalau msk jgn harap nayyif nk makan.choosy betul budak.
    so all the dishes tu khayr makan dgn nasi ke?

  4. aku yg da tua ni pun terliur la tgk makanan khayr, hehe, nmpk sedap

  5. ~ZuE~, -- kannnn.. i pun kadang2 sampai dah tau nak masak ape, asyik repeat menu malas yang sama.. (menu malas = masak sup and masak singgang.. hehehee).. anyway i dah share pasal pasta tuh.. selamat mencuba! :)

    iyma, -- suri eczema teruk ke? aisehhhhh cian takleh makan ayammmm.... andddd best nye gigi suri dah penuh boleh makan ape saja! :) and ko, jangan malas2 ok. beria je dulu tukar2 resipi... haha., -- aah, makan ngan nasik lembik... :) khayr pun ada masa2 dia tibe2 semua bende pun "nanakkkk"... nayyif makan tak pasta2 / mee2 ? maybe can try that meal for him?

    noi, -- hehehehe ye ke noi.. tapi so far aku memang masak utk khayr jer.. if ade lebih aku makan lah.. kalau kasik kerol, hmppphhhh tamau dia. sbb dia rasa mcm that is baby food, yekkkk.. :)