Thursday, 8 September 2011

The one with... Aidilfitri di Perantauan, i mean, Perhentian.. :)

So few months before Raya actually both of Kerol's and my family have been talking about going for a holiday during the Hari Raya break.. My family planned to go Perhentian Island while Kerol's family planned to go to Bukit Merah Laketown.. leaving us in the middle to decide which trip to tag along... Huhu.. TOUGH CHOICE TO MAKE!

Initially we decided to just spend our Hari Raya in KL, for we thought maybe we need to instil the right suasana Hari Raya for Khayr.. You know, visiting friends / relatives and such.. But heck who are we kidding here.. Khayr kecik lagi kottt.. and both of our families won't be around anyway.. So eventually we decided to join my family sebab tak pernah lagi travel with them..

Maka to Perhentian Island we went! :) The planning was all done by my sister, Erin -- right from the flight schedule, van & boat ride, accomodation and meals arrangement.. WELL DONE! So if you were to ask me about costing, to be honest, I'm not very sure. Coz all I did was pay the lump sum to her for my portion :P

For fear of getting stuck on the road during the Hari Raya break, we decided to take flight to Kota Bharu, then take a van ride to Kuala Besut jetty, and finally a boat ride to the island. We stayed at Shari-la Island Resort at the small island (Perhentian Island has pulau kecik and pulau besar)..

So pagi2 buta hari raya kedua lagi kitorang anak beranak dah start bangun to go to LCCT to catch our 6.30am flight. Huhu.. Serious penat hari raya first tak habes lagi but excitement mengatasi segala2 nya.. Ewahhhh.. Khayr slept throughout the journey to airport but woke up the moment we stepped into the LCCT. Sebab bising kan.. Kesian dia.. monyok je muka pagi2.. Huhu..

But that quickly changed the moment we met my family -- my parents & siblings. They played with Khayr and after Khayr was fed with his milk, he was all cheerful again. Especially when we boarded the plane :) That was his first experience and we were so excited to see how excited he was... =) In his word, he kept on chanting "Air-Pin.. Air-Pin" (for aeroplane).. Hehehe so cute!

Khayr slept througout the flight journey as well, phew.

Khayr with bantal busuk..

We brought his bantal busuk for fear he was not comfortable with the new experience. Initially we hid it in the backpack bag. But during the boat ride, he looked quite frightened up.. Ye lah, dengan langgar ombak and the sound (I also takut! Huhu.. Asyik laaa dok pegang2 perut.. and trick is to sit at the far back cause the impact is lesser), so the bantal busuk really saved the day. He sat on Kerol's lap quietly, hugging his bantal busuk and sucking him thumb -- his means of comforting himself.. 

The van ride from airport to jetty.

We reached jetty so early in the morning, around 7.30am - 8am I think, and were SUPER hungry! Was SO looking forward to have the nasi dagang but alas, the bummer part of going for a trip locally during the public holidays is.. most makan places are closed! *sheessshhh* Ade laaa satu kedai melayu ni bukak, so we just settled down with whatever they can offer... (should have had McDs take away earlier huh?)

Reached resort close to noon time, had our much needed rest, and off to makan (which was again another problem -- well it was 2nd Hari Raya + Merdeka day kan..) and then... beach time!! :)))) But tak lama laaa coz out of sudden, it rained!! -___-"

And it lasted till around 9pm like that. Serious lemau rasa stuck kat pulau cannot get out of the room sebab hujan. Dah la ada Khayr kan, so cannot redah just like that. Around 9.30pm like that, my family couldn't take it anymore so they said they will go check out for makan place first. Then later they informed me that we can come and join as well cause it was only drizzling already at the time and that the makan place was about to close already :( Even at Perhentian Besar pun there was only 1 makan place opened for public.. Hmmmm.

And then came the 2nd day -- sun shiny day! ;) And it was snorkelling day!

- Khayr and pishes (as in fishes).. Relaks je dia biar ikan2 datang kat kaki dia .. Then we gave him the bread to feed the fishes, but in the end he had it all for himself.. Hehehe.. -

We had breakfast at the resort first, before heading to one of the cafe's there to meet Abang Mat - the one who's bringing us for island tour and snorkelling.. Ahhh I miss snorkelling so much! This was Kerol's and my second trip to Perhentian Island and I must say, again and again we fell in love with the island!

Si budak happy dapat mandi laut, singing itsy bitsy spider while waiting for the boat.

This time, Khayr managed to get the hang of it already with the boat ride.. So he didn't need his bantal busuk, yeay! :)

- Me si tukang jaga boat + jaga Khayr + tangkap gambar, with Khayr on the boat when it was stationed at the different spots in the middle of a deep sea -

Mula2 we didn't plan to let Khayr swim together with the rest while they were snorkelling sebab, ye lah kan, laut dalam tuuuuu... Risau! But macam kesian pulak tengok dia kept on staring at the rest.. so finally we gave in.. But dengan syarat Kerol must always have to be around him.

And we glad we did that, coz Khayr's enjoying it to the max! Siap menangis when it was the time to go back.. :) Adakah mungkin kerana he's already experiencing it when he was in my tummy? Hehehe sebab masa pregnant kan Khayr I went to Redang with Kerol for our second honeymoon trip :)

Then when it was at the Lighthouse stop, my sister and my brother did the bravery thing -- they jumped off from there! *scareyyyhhhh*

Khayr's attracting the fishes by throwing the pieces of bread... Loving it the crystal clear water! ♥

- This was at the Turtle Bay and that's Kerol with one! ;) -

- This was the last stop - Romantic Beach and finally, I get to dip myself as well! Weeeee~* At least adik Khayr pun dapat laaa merasa kan berenang2 di dalam perut time the mother berenang2 di laut... just like Khayr :P -

That night we had a yummilicous barbeque dinner by the beach, thank God most makan places were already opened by the third day of Raya! and Khayr was fast asleep, mesti best tidur sambil rasa macam dialun ombak, you know the aftermath feeling lepas mandi laut? Super nice kan.

And then came the last day of the trip, raya photo shoot session! It was my sister's crazy idea which initally was questioned by most of us, well by Kerol and I at least.. Hehehe.. Sebab ye lah kan, we only had one pair of baju raya and we wore them on the first day of raya already.. And we were thinking mesti panas tepi pantai tu nanti and whatnot but hey the verdict -- OHSEM POSSUM! ;)

We went for breakfast in our baju raya, which was quite a scene sebab you can see the stare other tourists gave us that morning.. Hehehe.. And thereafter, click! click! :) Thank God the weather was super nice...
- Nampak macam kampung boy tak? ;) -

Lepas taking pictures, we just hang out in the room.. But I think my family, they went for a jalan2 or something, while waiting to check out at noon time.. The boat came around 12noon and we reached back at the jetty Kuala Besut one hour later.. A van was already awaiting to bring us to the airport. Initially we thought of hanging around for a while and made a stop for makan2 or something, but the van driver told us that we better dont take chances as the road was pretty congested cause its Friday and its raya time.. So he scared that we will be late for our flight later. Without much delay, we went straight to the airport to catch our 3pm flight then.

That was one memorable trip I ever had with my family and I cherish it so very much :) ♥ ♥ ♥

p.s. If you guys ever happened to go to Perhentian Island, go look for Abang Mat ok? A super nice boatman and snorkelling guide.. and all the underwater pictures above are from his camera given to us! Very nice of him to capture such beautiful pictures....


  1. nice photos .. baru nak tanya camera underwater apa .. rupanya sponsored by abg mat. best gilee.

    sungguh kesian ok gamba khayr tgk dr atas boat tu jekkk, haha. nasib dpt join skali. xde apa nak takut pon, luckily u bring the pink floaties, :P.

    tp gamba terbaek tetaplah pakai baju raya tepi laut tu .. kerol & ajim songkok lupe nak bawak ke ..? haha.

  2. hehe//owh gitulah kisah nye ye smpi ke perhentian.

    cantik2 gambo! =)

  3. farah, -- hahahah PURPLE wehhhh PURPLE !!!!

    kerol and ajim pemalas lipas nak bawak songkok n sampin... :)

    ashra, -- syiok tapi penatttt! ;)