Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The one with.. food for the little one.

Hi! Today I thought I would like to share on the kind of food I cook for Khayr ever since he ditched the bland, mashy, porridge I used to prepare for him since he was 6 months. Last time it was easy peasy cause I used to stock up his porridge for a 3-4 day ration. But now that he knows varieties, and that his food has evolved to include those type of food us adults normally take, I feel that its only fair for his food to be prepared fresh on a daily basis.

I'm not a good cook, nor am I someone particular that he must take certain type of food as far as nutritient is concerned. I mean, of course I care.. but not to the extend of being kiasu, you get what I mean? Sayur merah la. Sayur hijau la. Sayur kaler2 la. Protein tu. Protein ni. Etc.. To me, so long there's a meat and there's a vege, then that's good enough already.

Now that Khayr is actually quite left behind in terms of teething, his choice of food is rather limited. Dia just ada gigi depan - 4 atas, 2 bawah. Yups, ever since he was 10 months old! Hehe comel je kan. Dah 1y7m tapi gigi still sikit. Lately je we noticed that gigi geraham dia baru nak tumbuh. Macam kelakar pun ada, sebab ye lah, gigi depan bahagian bawah tu ada 2 je. Tiba2 geraham pulak tumbuh dulu. Maybe betul orang tua2 kata.. kalau cepat jalan, lambat tumbuh gigi.. Hmm?

Anyways. So, Khayr's food is limited to just fish and chicken. Pastu sayur2. And because I don't generally cook for the family (just yet :P), so bila beli sayur, ikan and ayam.. memang can last for 1 week / 1.5 week ++ for Khayr's portion.

So this is among the food I normally prepared in the morning for Khayr:

- Ikan masak singgang, with tomato cherry. The easiest among the lot! Hehehe.. And Khayr pun suka... -

- Sup sayur sawi masak air, with potato, carrot and fishcake -

- Sup ayam with su'un.. and again with potato and carrot (Khayr's meal banyak potato n carrot sebab they last longer.. Heh) -

- Sup ikan tenggiri -

- Ayam masak kicap, with tomato and carrot -

Yang takde dalam gambar, sometimes I also prepared:

- cream pasta with chicken / salmon and broccoli.
- ayam masak merah.
- bihun / kuewtiow goreng.
- mashed potato with cheese and brocolli.
- sup sayur pucuk and su'un.

Hmm tu je lah kot. Kira nya tak ayam, ikan. Sayur pulak - rotate between broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, potato, sawi bunga, tomato. And resipi semua simple2... (Saya je yang tak pandai masak, maka kena lah rely on recipes.. :P) Some I took from internet.. Books / Magazines like Wardina's and Pa & Ma.. and Also thanks to Iyma and Bibi yang sekapal... Hehehe.. But I think anak2 diorang, Suri and Balqis gigi dah penuh.. So senang sikit boleh makan stuff like daging and seafood ek?

Anyways. Tu lah.. Because gigi Khayr sikit, I have to make sure that his dish is mostly of a soupy type so that lembut for him to accept. Coz otherwise, poopoo keras laa jawabnya... Sebab tu until now he has not taken daging.. Sebab even minced meat pun he has to chew properly kan.. Kalau tak macam kesian je sistem badan dia nak tolong process kan.

- At Secret Recipe, eating fish & chip. Hamboi2 sungguh kannn -

Kalau keluar, then dia makan la food like fish & chip, laksa, nasi ladna, pasta2, sandwich, mashed potato and the like.. Pendek kata, if keluar (which is normally during wekeends or holidays) I don't have to bring along his food... Heeeee, I like! =)

And all the above is his main meal.. Other than that, he also get to taste whatever food we eat, and depends on whether or not he likes it, then he will ask for more :) Like roti canai ke.. nasi lemak ke.. pizza.. etc.

Oh but one thing for sure, he doesn't like the McD porridge.. EVER. God knows why. Maybe because I myself pun tak suka kot.. Hehehe.. And I've not fed him with the KFC's mashed potato purely because I learnt from my SIL (who once worked as a part timer at KFC) that KFC's mashed potato is actually coming from a serbuk form, then letak air panas, kembang lah ia.. Means, its not even a real potato.. I think you can tell a real mashed potato dia punye texture tuh macam potato-ish sikit.. Macam kat Chilli's.. Anyway, this is just my personal choice for my kiddo..

Anddddd... Khayr is not into fruits.. I think because kitorang pun tak makan buah sangat, so in a way, he didn't get the right exposure... Hmmm..

So what about you other mothers of toddler(s) out there.. Ape lagi ek I can prepare for Khayr..? Sharing is caring lah sikit.... :)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The one with... my 2nd pregnancy.

So how’s 2nd pregnancy treating me so far? Well I must say, so far so good.

It’s all started four months back. This time I learnt that a line is a line, no matter how fade it is.. hehe.. punye lah tak percaya, I did the pee-on-the-stick test for 4 times. And yet it was after the visit to the obgyn clinic baru lah I came to terms that OMG OMG OMG, I AM indeed pregnant…! :P ( No, it was not an unplanned one, cuma ye lah, it was such a beautiful moment I needed a slap to actually believe it.. you get what I mean? ;) )


So first thing I did, was executing the plan to wean off kan khayr. I read a lot of articles and consulted my obgyn, all were saying that you can still proceed with breastfeeding even though you are pregnant. And almost everyone said that your kid will somehow stops on his own from breastfeeding once there’s a change in the milk taste because your body will then start producing colostrums to prepare for the baby in the tummy instead of the normal flowy type of milk for your kid.

But. I thought I wanted a break before resuming with the breastfeeding journey for the 2nd one. Plus, for fear that it would be difficult for me to handle both pregnancy and the commitment required to breastfeed Khayr, I came up my one month plan in order to wean off Khayr. (Anyway, I did try to continue to breastfeed Khayr, but I felt nausea easily and I had this tingling thing with little pain/ngilu/funny feeling in my tummy.. Hmmm.)

Syukur sangat, it was an easy process for me and Khayr. Seriyes, syukur sangat1000x. It was a smooth transition for both of us. And I don’t have the problem of Khayr looking for me at night. He’s like completely off from breastfeeding without any hassle..! Well sedih pun ade la jugak kan, like he’s completely ‘separated’ from me ever since.. he’s like so independent of me! Sobs. Oh well.

Whatever it is, I am so proud of my achievement. Out loud I can say that I’ve been able to fully breastfeed Khayr for 1y5m… yeay! Who would have ever thought huh? *pat on the shoulder* *hands clapping* =)

As for me, I found myself being no longer that kiasu as compared to my first pregnancy. Takde lah sebok sangat bace buku tu, buku ni.. jaga makan, minum susu + makan buah religiously, etc etc etc. Guess it’s because I sort of know what to expect kot? Heh. But I do jaga makan in terms of the pantang – like no nenas, no raw stuff, and such.

Morning sickness during the 1st trimester was worse in the sense that this time around, I experienced it throughout the day, unlike when I was pregnant with Khayr whereby I had it only in the morning. But my morning sickness was limited to that urge-to-vomit feeling only. i.e. just feel loya2. Means takde lah sampai muntah2, dehydrated, etc.

And similar to my first pregnancy, I was so vulnerable as far as my health is concerned. During puasa month alone, I had fever+flu+cough for 3 times.. ! sheesshhh.

For this time around, perut lambat naik.. hehehe. Maybe because I am already all flesh-y after I gave birth to khayr.. But, I am so surprised that I can start to feel the baby’s little movement in my tummy! I mean this early? I guess what they say is true, for 2nd, 3rd (and so on) pregnancy the mother is more sensitive towards the baby’s movement… :)

Right now I am comfortable in my start of 2nd trimester (just annoyed with the urge to go to pee so easily now sheesshhh), my baby bump starts showing already, and I feel much better. Cuma nervous on what to expect soon in terms of the preparation to welcome the new baby, managing husband, khayr and the new baby, nanti pantang macamane, and nanti bila dah start kerja, macamane our mothers nak tolong jaga both Khayr and the newborn..? etc. etc. etc.

My next check up is due next week, hopefully we can have a peek at baby's gender by then! Heeeeee....

Okie dokie, I guess that’s all for now. Till later~*

*Just had a look through at Khayr’s old pictures during his first month of life.. rasa sayu pulak… how fast time flies, how fast he has grown, and soon he will be the big brother! and though I know mothers loves are unconditional and undivided, but somehow rasa sedih bila tengok Khayr tidur malam2 thinking, soon he has to ‘share’ me with his baby brother / sister… *cries*

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The one with... Aidilfitri di Perantauan, i mean, Perhentian.. :)

So few months before Raya actually both of Kerol's and my family have been talking about going for a holiday during the Hari Raya break.. My family planned to go Perhentian Island while Kerol's family planned to go to Bukit Merah Laketown.. leaving us in the middle to decide which trip to tag along... Huhu.. TOUGH CHOICE TO MAKE!

Initially we decided to just spend our Hari Raya in KL, for we thought maybe we need to instil the right suasana Hari Raya for Khayr.. You know, visiting friends / relatives and such.. But heck who are we kidding here.. Khayr kecik lagi kottt.. and both of our families won't be around anyway.. So eventually we decided to join my family sebab tak pernah lagi travel with them..

Maka to Perhentian Island we went! :) The planning was all done by my sister, Erin -- right from the flight schedule, van & boat ride, accomodation and meals arrangement.. WELL DONE! So if you were to ask me about costing, to be honest, I'm not very sure. Coz all I did was pay the lump sum to her for my portion :P

For fear of getting stuck on the road during the Hari Raya break, we decided to take flight to Kota Bharu, then take a van ride to Kuala Besut jetty, and finally a boat ride to the island. We stayed at Shari-la Island Resort at the small island (Perhentian Island has pulau kecik and pulau besar)..

So pagi2 buta hari raya kedua lagi kitorang anak beranak dah start bangun to go to LCCT to catch our 6.30am flight. Huhu.. Serious penat hari raya first tak habes lagi but excitement mengatasi segala2 nya.. Ewahhhh.. Khayr slept throughout the journey to airport but woke up the moment we stepped into the LCCT. Sebab bising kan.. Kesian dia.. monyok je muka pagi2.. Huhu..

But that quickly changed the moment we met my family -- my parents & siblings. They played with Khayr and after Khayr was fed with his milk, he was all cheerful again. Especially when we boarded the plane :) That was his first experience and we were so excited to see how excited he was... =) In his word, he kept on chanting "Air-Pin.. Air-Pin" (for aeroplane).. Hehehe so cute!

Khayr slept througout the flight journey as well, phew.

Khayr with bantal busuk..

We brought his bantal busuk for fear he was not comfortable with the new experience. Initially we hid it in the backpack bag. But during the boat ride, he looked quite frightened up.. Ye lah, dengan langgar ombak and the sound (I also takut! Huhu.. Asyik laaa dok pegang2 perut.. and trick is to sit at the far back cause the impact is lesser), so the bantal busuk really saved the day. He sat on Kerol's lap quietly, hugging his bantal busuk and sucking him thumb -- his means of comforting himself.. 

The van ride from airport to jetty.

We reached jetty so early in the morning, around 7.30am - 8am I think, and were SUPER hungry! Was SO looking forward to have the nasi dagang but alas, the bummer part of going for a trip locally during the public holidays is.. most makan places are closed! *sheessshhh* Ade laaa satu kedai melayu ni bukak, so we just settled down with whatever they can offer... (should have had McDs take away earlier huh?)

Reached resort close to noon time, had our much needed rest, and off to makan (which was again another problem -- well it was 2nd Hari Raya + Merdeka day kan..) and then... beach time!! :)))) But tak lama laaa coz out of sudden, it rained!! -___-"

And it lasted till around 9pm like that. Serious lemau rasa stuck kat pulau cannot get out of the room sebab hujan. Dah la ada Khayr kan, so cannot redah just like that. Around 9.30pm like that, my family couldn't take it anymore so they said they will go check out for makan place first. Then later they informed me that we can come and join as well cause it was only drizzling already at the time and that the makan place was about to close already :( Even at Perhentian Besar pun there was only 1 makan place opened for public.. Hmmmm.

And then came the 2nd day -- sun shiny day! ;) And it was snorkelling day!

- Khayr and pishes (as in fishes).. Relaks je dia biar ikan2 datang kat kaki dia .. Then we gave him the bread to feed the fishes, but in the end he had it all for himself.. Hehehe.. -

We had breakfast at the resort first, before heading to one of the cafe's there to meet Abang Mat - the one who's bringing us for island tour and snorkelling.. Ahhh I miss snorkelling so much! This was Kerol's and my second trip to Perhentian Island and I must say, again and again we fell in love with the island!

Si budak happy dapat mandi laut, singing itsy bitsy spider while waiting for the boat.

This time, Khayr managed to get the hang of it already with the boat ride.. So he didn't need his bantal busuk, yeay! :)

- Me si tukang jaga boat + jaga Khayr + tangkap gambar, with Khayr on the boat when it was stationed at the different spots in the middle of a deep sea -

Mula2 we didn't plan to let Khayr swim together with the rest while they were snorkelling sebab, ye lah kan, laut dalam tuuuuu... Risau! But macam kesian pulak tengok dia kept on staring at the rest.. so finally we gave in.. But dengan syarat Kerol must always have to be around him.

And we glad we did that, coz Khayr's enjoying it to the max! Siap menangis when it was the time to go back.. :) Adakah mungkin kerana he's already experiencing it when he was in my tummy? Hehehe sebab masa pregnant kan Khayr I went to Redang with Kerol for our second honeymoon trip :)

Then when it was at the Lighthouse stop, my sister and my brother did the bravery thing -- they jumped off from there! *scareyyyhhhh*

Khayr's attracting the fishes by throwing the pieces of bread... Loving it the crystal clear water! ♥

- This was at the Turtle Bay and that's Kerol with one! ;) -

- This was the last stop - Romantic Beach and finally, I get to dip myself as well! Weeeee~* At least adik Khayr pun dapat laaa merasa kan berenang2 di dalam perut time the mother berenang2 di laut... just like Khayr :P -

That night we had a yummilicous barbeque dinner by the beach, thank God most makan places were already opened by the third day of Raya! and Khayr was fast asleep, mesti best tidur sambil rasa macam dialun ombak, you know the aftermath feeling lepas mandi laut? Super nice kan.

And then came the last day of the trip, raya photo shoot session! It was my sister's crazy idea which initally was questioned by most of us, well by Kerol and I at least.. Hehehe.. Sebab ye lah kan, we only had one pair of baju raya and we wore them on the first day of raya already.. And we were thinking mesti panas tepi pantai tu nanti and whatnot but hey the verdict -- OHSEM POSSUM! ;)

We went for breakfast in our baju raya, which was quite a scene sebab you can see the stare other tourists gave us that morning.. Hehehe.. And thereafter, click! click! :) Thank God the weather was super nice...
- Nampak macam kampung boy tak? ;) -

Lepas taking pictures, we just hang out in the room.. But I think my family, they went for a jalan2 or something, while waiting to check out at noon time.. The boat came around 12noon and we reached back at the jetty Kuala Besut one hour later.. A van was already awaiting to bring us to the airport. Initially we thought of hanging around for a while and made a stop for makan2 or something, but the van driver told us that we better dont take chances as the road was pretty congested cause its Friday and its raya time.. So he scared that we will be late for our flight later. Without much delay, we went straight to the airport to catch our 3pm flight then.

That was one memorable trip I ever had with my family and I cherish it so very much :) ♥ ♥ ♥

p.s. If you guys ever happened to go to Perhentian Island, go look for Abang Mat ok? A super nice boatman and snorkelling guide.. and all the underwater pictures above are from his camera given to us! Very nice of him to capture such beautiful pictures....

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The one with.. Syawal 1432H..

Salam lebaran to all my Muslim friends! :) Hows your celebration so far? I'm sure everyone had a good break the least to say, kan? ;)

Sehari sebelum raya tu was spent with my 2 K's -- we went to The Gardens and MidValley to do last minute raya shopping for Khayr. We went first thing in the morning to beat the traffic (both human and vehicles) but found ourselves getting dissapointed over the fact that most outlets had nothing much to offer to Khayr. I mean, maybe la kan, there are not many choices for boys. Tak t-shirts, shirts. Tak long-sleeves, short-sleeves. Tak long-pants, short-pants. *yawn* So end up beli tak banyak pun. Just cukup syarat je. Then we went to do our groceries at Carrefourre in MidValley before we made our way back home and started to bake cakes with Kerol's family :)

MIL was busy preparing the raya dishes with my SIL, then BIL prepared marble cake, and myself + Kerol prepared fruit cake... :))))) Of course all this was done under the supervision and instruction of MIL.. hehehe.

- Ini big chief nih.. memantau orang buat kerja :D -

Then lepas berhuru-hara kat dapur, we, as in Kerol's family and us, got ready for our last break fast together at Al-Rawsha.. nyumssss! Pergi dalam pukul 6.45pm pun takde hal, most roads in KL dah start clear dah... Heaven!

After berbuka, we went to my parents house pulak to just be there on the Raya eve, experiencing and getting the 'feel'.. you get what I mean? :) My mom was busy in the kitchen with the raya dishes and Khayr was excited goofing around with my sibs and my dad.. Then off we went back home, making a stop to buy lemang first. Thought of buying the one in Melawati tapi jalan kat MRR2 tuh, mak aiiii... so congested! Ended up we bought the one near our house in Greenwood.. Juara Lemang or something. Nasib baik sedap :)

- Sebelum tidur ade si busy body nak masukkan sampul duit raya jugak..
Padahal dah almost midnight dah time ni.. -

Then came the morning of 1st Syawal.. So syahdu dengar takbir raya. Made me miss my late atuk and opah in PD.. Longing for celebrating Hari Raya in Kampung.. The takbir they do from house to house.. The Raya eve ambience.. -__-'

Morning of 1st Syawal was spent at our house.. MIL prepared lontong.. Also nasi impit, ketupat nasi, lemang, rendang, and kuah kacang (OMG I'm drooling over while typing this!).. Then salam2.. and taking photos ;)

- Our growing family -

- My inlaws with Khayr :) -

Then we made move to my parents house in Keramat... And did the same -- salam2, makan2, and taking pictures :)

- So happy that my mom prepared the ketupat palas! Also she prepared nasi lemak with sambal sotong.. Nyummss.. (ok drooling lagi! sheeshh..) -

- My family and us -

- My 2 lovely sisters.. So glad that Liana can join us this Raya! -

- Kerol and I, with our lovely mothers... -

- Kerol's family and mine ♥ -

- Si bujang and si dara in the family.. Agak2 laku tak buat muka macam ni? Hehehehe.. This is gambar wajib everytime kitorang berkumpul.. Cuma kali ni Kerol & I tak join lah.. Takut kenan kat anak dalam kandungan.. Hahaha -

Lepas tu, again as usual we made move to my dad's kampung in Langat.. Selalu nye lepas Langat, we will make move to Bangi, rumah my mom's brother (i.e. my Pak Long).. But they are not around this time.. So petang Syawal tu memang was spent at Langat saja... There, I stuffed myself silly with the kuih raya yang ada! :P
- Khayr and my grandma.. i.e. his great grandma / Nyang -

- Si budak kepenatan.. Tak tidur dari pagi.. :) -

- Kids nowadays huh? I think this is the common scene we see these days.. -

Okie dokie.. That was how my first day of Syawal this year was spent! :) Lepas lepak kat Langat, semua pun balik rumah to pack up.. Coz our 2nd day of Raya till the 4th day was spent...

at Perhentian Island bebeh! ;)
(ok my facebook friends would have known this already.. hehe)

Till later~*

Friday, 2 September 2011

The one with.. family portrait 2011 :)

First year of our marriage, Raya 2009 - 4 months pregnant.

Raya 2010 - Khayr was already a cheeky 7 months old baby.

Raya 2011 - Khayr is a healthy and active 1y 6m toddler.. and ready to be a big brother! Alhamdulillah, I'm 4 months pregnant (once again! - talking about perfect timing? hehehe)..

<3 <3 <3