Sunday, 3 July 2011

The one with... and the time has come.

Khayr is turning 17months in 2 days time. (Sadly) We're planning to wean him off from breastfeeding. If you are a regular here, you would have recalled that our attempt to do that earlier this year (masa Khayr 1 tahun and I was like so busy with outstation work) was a total failure (guna iphone ni tak reti pulak nak cari link).

Perhaps the decision was made too soon. Perhaps we ourselves weren't ready. Perhaps we didn't have a proper plan. Well above all I personally think that we didn't expect it was going to be that challenging!

Well who are we kidding here. After 12 good months (then), of course its not gonna be easy!

And what's more now it has been 17 months -__-'

Anyway from reading and after seeking advice from friends, here's the 1 month plan. Which is going to take place tomorrow onwards (god, please let this be a success.. insyaAllah).

1st week - His evening intake of EBM (i.e. in between lunch & dinner) will be replaced with FM.

2nd week - His morning intake of EBM (i.e. in between breakfast & lunch) will be replaced with FM.

3rd week - His after wake-up in the morning intake of direct feeding (i.e. before i go to work) will be replaced with FM.

*by now if he can accept FM i will be totally thankful and bersyukur dah cause it will mean that he'll be totally on FM during the daytime. only left with the challenge to 'refuse' the direct feeding at night.

So 4th week onwards, will be the time for me to train him to take FM at night instead of direct feeding.

Semoga urusan ni dipermudahkan Allah. *amin*

We've bought Anmum stage 3 (for 1year old and above) and really hope that he's gonna accept it.

Hmmm with the above plan tabled before us, I am all ready to execute it. I hope I will be granted enough preseverance (ok not sure with the spelling) and determination to go through the adverse reaction whatsoever Khayr may show :'( Khayr sayang, we can do this ok!

Yeah all that except these 2 kemusykilan:

1. When he refuses the FM (if laaa), how do we know that he doesn't like the brand, or he's just simply adjusting? How many attempts should we try before changing to another brand? Or should we just being persistent with the hope that there will come a time when he will eventually give in?

2. Is it ok if we were to use the same bottle he has been using to take EBM previously (to introduce FM) or do we have to use a totally new bottle? I mean, does it even matter?

Please, if you can just share dear mommies out there? Calling for a sharing is caring session! xX

Till later~*

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  1. Insyirah dulu masa memula minum FM, macam2 bagi, tapi semua tak boleh. dia cirit birit la, muntah la, poopoo keras la.. tak mo minum. bawak jumpa doc, doc suruh try similac lactose free, pas tu ok. dia dah besar sikit nak try tukar susu lain memandangkan susu itu sgt la mahal, try bagi anmum, lactogen, selagi ada brand susu, semua dia tak nak minum, rasa sikit pas tu x mo dah... aku bg dumex, dia minum tapi cirit birit pulak, bagi dutch lady dia minum ok, tak ada apa2 so aku teruskan la bagi dia dutch lady smpai sekarang.

    masa try susu tu, aku beli yg tin kecik. ada jugak yg aku amik sample kat pasaraya & klinik

    mcm panjang je comment aku

  2. Naufal kecik lagi pun,
    tp trylah tido malam,standby air masak dalam botol.
    naufal skang pun dah tak menyusu masa tido malam (unless dia mmg betul2 terjaga)
    bila dia dah start merengek, terus bg air masak.
    masa tu dia tgh mamai lagi, so dia terus minum asalkan hilang haus.
    Pastu, dia lena balik.
    Kalo nak prepare FM dah amik masa.

  3. hope this help:

  4. hope this help:


  5. 1 - xsure la how many attempts, tp rasanya try laa bg sampai dia nak. kadang2 kene saiko baby ni bila dia tolak2, kita sabar jek, tp bila dia dah lapa he has no choice so kene accept jugak ..

    2 - aku rasa better to use the same bottle, nnt lg laa dia confuse ..

    good luck!!

  6. my daughter stopped bf when she was 2 yrs old.... one night i juz laid with her on the bed and talked to her.. that mummy cant give her nenen anymore, that adek would need it now..and she stopped juz like that!
    i compensated with fresh milk instead of formula milk because of the sugar level in FM are juz way too much..

  7. yaNNie, -- takpe panjang2 la aku suka! Sebab ko dah tak update blog dah kan… (hahaha ape kene mengena ntah :P)..

    anyway thanks! Alhamdulillah khayr is ok with anmum.. heeeeee…

    iema, -- thanks iema for sharing. so far khayr pun tak bangun malam to menyusu… hopefully bila dah tukar completely even at night pun nanti he wont be asking for milk in between sleeping time.

    has, -- wokeh thanks! lia more nervous nak reply EBM waktu siang completely with FM… but the article you referred to quite useful when the time has come for me to wean him off at night plak nanti :)

    farah, -- thank you sebab menjawab soalan!!!! :)

    1. ok nasib baik aku tak perlu nak fikir about how many attempts coz surprisingly khayr can accept anmum! Phew!

    2. Tu lah I think so too! thanks.. :)

    hannah, -- pat on your shoulder sebab managed to continue on till your daughter reached 2yo! :) and thanks for your tips too.. nanti will try on that fresh milk option too..