Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The one with... things happened.

5 June 2011 has way passed us by, and that day marked Khayr's journey turning to a 1y4m toddler of mine :) Now that if you are a frequent here, you'd know that its time for me to update on his milestones.

However as of now I only have one thing to jot down. For the first time ever my baby has to be warded because of the 40°C temperature+vomitting+diarrhoea combo! :(

Its so heart-breaking to see him on drip.. and weak.. and inactive :(

It has been 2 longest days of my life, and alhamdulillah he's showing signs of recovering. He's totally on milk now, not yet on solids since he has not gained back his appetite. And we're glad that he's tested -ve rotavirus and that his kidney is functioning well despite having a high level of 'urea'.

Lets pray for his speedy recovery pretty please?

He is said to be having this thing called 'acute gastroenteritis'.. Parents out there, is there anything you want to share in addition to the obvious ones about this?

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  1. moga cepat sembuh ye khayr..
    mamam,mium susu,makan ubat tau..

    anak tina pun kat wad kan..
    mudahan semuanya baik2 ya..

  2. hopefully tak serius sgt.
    speedy recovery khayr!

    tskkk. tak suke anak sakit :(

  3. sian nye tgk khayr... sekarang dia dah ok ke? semoga khayr sembuh dan sihat cepat. boleh main senyum-senyum lagi...

  4. ashra -- so far khayr is on a restricted diet sbb dia muntah2 & diarrhoea.. so x mamam.. susu pun baru start semlm... anyway thanks for the well wishes! :)

    farah -- tu lahhhh :( my world terus stop.. tsk.

  5. get well soon khayr...mmg tak suke tgk anak sakit..rasa stop jantung ni..huhu.

  6. InsyaAllah khayr will get fully recovered soon..n active balik seperti sedia kala..muahxx!!!

  7. last weekend pon zarith kene diarrhoea, tapi takde muntah2..bawak gi hospital then doc ada sebut sumthing about 'gastroenteritis'. ada infection kat usus sumthing. so he gave antibiotic for him, and advice kitorang kasi susu yang lactose free for few days until die stop diarrhoea tu. tapi memang kesian la sbb die x suka kan susu tu, minumnye sikit je. tapi alhamdulillah now back to normal. juz die trauma minum susu sbb ingat kitorang kasi die susu lactose free yang x sedap tu..hikhik

  8. lia!!! lame x bace blog lia.....hehe

    maybe sbb byk surf website baju baby kot instead of bace blog hehehe ($$$ pun byk abis huhu)

    anyway...sajer drop by...hope we can arrange "babies meet up" soon...ganti yg fail plan ari tu hehe oh n kat galleria subang pun dh bukak kidzsport gym...but x penah try lg...shall we??

  9. arissa zoela, -- thanks!! Alhamdulillah khayr dah sihat (huhu sorry lambat gils reply!!)

    zuri, -- thanks aunty zuri!

    kak hanney, -- ye ke… tak suka kan anak sakit? glad that zarith tak serious sangat.. terseksa jiwa dah raga!!! khayr mase dia kene tuh memang ape pun takleh masuk, mesti keluar balik either via muntah2 or poo2.. :’( but Alhamdulillah that phase is over.

    bibi, -- hehehehe takpe tak bace pun takpe coz lia pun dah malas nak update blog! :P anyway we should we should!!!! skarang balqis & suri dah boleh jalan.. mesti best!