Saturday, 14 May 2011

The one with... sayangkan anak tinggal2 kan.. ;)

Had a great time dating berdua with Kerol earlier today <3 Well not that we haven't done that ever since Khayr was born.. Ada tu ada.. cuma jarang2 and it was always a quick one, more like a 2 hours movie date or a quick meal for 2. Oh ok la fine, ada skali tu kitorang pergi Singapore for the year end sale shopping.. ngeeee =) Well all I'm trying to say is ever since we bagged the title 'parents' hardly we have this kind of opportunity, you get what I mean? Anyways. Here's what we did today :)

Watched Fast5, which spelled AWESOME!!!! with capital A. and for those who's planning to watch, please stay tune right till the end of the show.. like after that part when they are showing who's who in the movie k?

Then we went for a 90min body massage at Thann Sanctuary.. super bliss!! (free voucher we've gotten from attending the Exora VIP test drive the other day).

We concluded our date with a dinner at Sushi Zanmai, definitely worth the long queue! The food was yummers.. :)

Masa dinner tu we both realised that it was just about time to go home coz no matter how far we tried to divert our chat to something else, our topic of conversation kept on coming back to none other, our little Khayr! hehehe.

Sigh, how not to miss this lil fella? ;)

But, boy I had a great day! Thank you Allah...

p.s. Vin Diesel + Paul Walker rocks! V

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  1. bestnyer lilia..k.hanney dah lame giler x deting tau, haha...anaknde tu takleh berenggang langsung la.hihi..

  2. sian khayr kena tinggal. hihihhiik. aku pun klu kuar ngan najib, mesti nk balik cepat. rindu kat anak. huhuhuh

  3. kak hanney, -- ecececehhhh anaknde takleh berenggang ke si bonda tak sanggup nak melepaskan???? ;)

    yaNNie, -- tu lah kannnnn... kalau dating jer.. borak2 pasal bende lain last2 musti masuk topik anak... hehe