Monday, 9 May 2011

The one with.. khayr is 1yr 3m!

A quick one on Khayr's milestones last month when he's 1y 2m:
  • Still fully on breastfeeding, alhamdulillah..
  • For the first time ever fell sick that took long to recover.. :( Started off with fever, then flu, then cough with some phlegm. So had no choice but to agree when the doctor said he had to be on antibiotics.. *sigh. Anyway, he lost his appetite, became a bit inactive and SO clingy.

  • Enjoyed it so much when he brought him to play the water slide :) It was Kerol's side family trip to the Gambang Water Park during the labor day weekend.
  • When eating, he's mastering the skills of using spoon.. but with guidance still.
  • Drink from the cup and straw like a pro already.
  • Still talking gibberish, but makin rancak 'berborak' when we respond to him.. and once a while we can hear him repeating after us. Bila mode mengada kadang2 we can hear him saying "mama" quite clearly. And he said "babah" instead of "abah".. :)
  • Loves to play conteng2 with a pen. But we are not encouraging him to play with one that often. So masih tiada accident yang berlaku (note: like conteng dinding.. or cadar.. or cushion :P)
  • Talking about accident.... sigh. This happened last week, JUST a day after he turned 1y 3m.. He somehow managed to find the HIDDEN iron, and not only that, drag it to the plug point and PLUG IT ON all by himself!! :O It happened so fast the next thing I found is a burnt mark on the carpet..... and HIS HAND.. :'( Haihhh la anak ku.

  • Also, for the first time ever he fell off from the bed while sleeping.. :'( Yes, on the hard surface.
  • Knows how to kick his toy ball.
  • Can receive instruction quite well when it comes to asking him to take something and pass to us... Hehehe very useful as far as the tv remote is concerned >:)
  • Show signs that he's outgrowing from his normal porridge. Looks like I have to start preparing more dishes other than the simple porridge and soups! Ngaaaaaa.
  • Loves to put on our shoes and walk around in it.

  • Dah pandai posing senyum for the camera!!! =)))))
Hahahaha! Senyum gaya ape ntah.


Last but not least... Happy Mothers Day to all mothers in the whole wide world.. All mothers are angels on earth... Especially my dearest Mama, who has been my pillar of strength and who has been loving me unconditionally... no act of kindness can ever repay what she has gone through to raise us, except for our prayers that she will always be under Allah's blessings.. and of course to Ibu, my MIL...


and me included! :)


  1. farah likes this!!

    comel gile khayr senyum .. nampak gigi mcm dah penuh jek .. comelll jek bile senyum. maybe comel sbb byk muke kerol kottt (ayat bakar line hahaha :P)

    btw happy mother's day too~

  2. happy mother's day to u too dear..cian nye khayr..x pasal2 melecur tangan kena iron..x pe lia at least next time bile nk main lg dia taula nnt kena tangan sakit hehehe..muke dah besar ni mmg byk muka abah dia la..especially gaya senyum tu hahaha..cute sgt..tlg geget kan pipi bam bam khayr for me 8)

  3. Aww! Khayr has gotten so big! And why la he so clever went and pasang the iron sendiri ni! sigh. It's okay, this is all part and parcel of growing up!! xo

  4. farah, -- hahaha nevermind. aku sudah pasrah... :D next anak HARUS IKUT MUKA AKU. ewahhhh macam la kuasa di tangan aku. :P

    happy mothers day to you too dear friend. bila mahu ketemu nihhhh.

    yantie, -- happy mothers day to you too yantie! tu lah.. nak jadik macho lah tuh berparut2 bagai.. hehehe. anyway yes, it was a lesson for everyone, parents included!! *sigh.

    lama tak jumpe wazif!

    aimie, -- awwww i know right.. look at what time has done to our kids, when did they every grow up??? anyway, yes he is very clever one laaa this boi.. eeeeee geram! heh. lama tak jumpe zuhayr jugak!

  5. *when did they ever grow up???

  6. sakitnya kena iron. pedih. sian khayr n pandai jugak khayr on iron sendiri. mesti dia selalu tgk ko iron baju so dia pun nk try jugak. nak tolong ko gosok baju kot.

    best x gambang? banyak ke benda2 yg nak dimainkan?