Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The one with... random mandom dandom...

It's 7pm and I'm still in office. VERY RARE. But I have no choice. Have to attend a conference call with people from a place whereby the time difference is 13 hrs apart. 7am there, 8pm here.


Things have been pretty mellow a bit back at home. Khayr was down with slight fever with flu, and as always everytime he gets it, I'll be infected as well. And worse, I'll be like totally taken down. What gives??! Swollen tonsil is no joke man! And yet not everyone can appreciate how bad it can affect a person. Gah!

Khayr is getting better, so do I. But thing is, I notice of late Khayr has become cranky-er than ever.. (-_-'). Its not helping that he's having flu. So nak taknak kena layan kerenah dia otherwise his flu gets worsen because of the out-of-tantrum crying. I hope its because he's teething or in the process of acquiring new skills whatsoever.. I mean anything.. any other thing. As long as its a temporary phase we have to go through.

Its somehow saddened me a bit when people sort of put the blame on me, being the mother, for spoiling him too much.. :( I mean like as if everyone else doesn't treat him that way. First child.. first nephew.. first grandchild.. Please don't tell me he doesn't get a first class treatment by others as well?

This is totally random (as the title suggests). I must say that I am SO SO glad that I was brought up in the environment whereby my parents, especially my mom, won't compare us (the siblings) and our achievement with others. I mean sikit2 tu ade lah, sometime it went slipt off. But.. never she will pressure me to do or achieve something that others did. Like dari kecik never (to my recollection) she said things like "Hah dapat markah 90% je? Anak sekian2 dapat 100% tau..".. You know, something like that. So I am very thankful for that. And I will never become one to my child(ren), I hope.

Selingan. I ♥ you so much mama :)

I have not done my tax return yet. Must make it a point to do this weekend. MUST!

Yesterday I was on MC. In the morning I had Khayr passed over to my MIL while I took my time to catch up with my sleep after putting up with Khayr's crankiness throughout the night before. After re-gained back energy and not to mention - sanity, I decided to take Khayr to accompany me to see doctor and take my MC. Suddenly it dawned on me that he's so big boy now I can take him out alone by myself! *tsk* Baby saya sudah besar!!!

So he's happily wandering around in the clinic while waiting for my turn to see doctor, despite having flu himself. Kids huh? And on the way back, he fell asleep in the car I swear I felt like crying looking at his innocent-in-deep-sleep face.. :'( So instead of going back home, I drove to GE Mall instead so that I can let him go 'crazy' at the Kizsports there.

(ok fine so what if I spoilt him a liiiiiittle bit more than the rest... But my point is, everyone does that too... :P)

He was still sleeping after I parked my car at the basement parking. So I let the engine on and waited for him to wake up on his own while I got busy with FB and twitter. Suddenly something happened. Tiba2 rasa sakit perut macam nak kene pegi toilet. Ah sudah. Terus terfikir, when a mother goes out with a baby / little toddler alone, if the need to answer the nature call arises, how eh? Bring them inside the cubicle together? Really?? What if the baby / toddler is put in the stroller? Hmmm, never thought of this. Anyway I kept on chanting "Perut, tolong beradab sikit boleh?" and praying and thanked God, the feeling gone.. Phew :')

So anyway, I felt so happy to see Khayr entertained himself at Kizsports :) and not long after, Kerol came to kidnap him to his office, leaving me having my own ME time.. So I decided to hang out at O'Brien enjoying the smoken salmon with cream cheese sandwich and the hot chocs drink... Ahhhh bliss! I was this close to go to Alexis to get their yummylicious desserts but nahhhh. Tunggu tekak ni baik dulu baru boleh dapat kepuasan maksima! =)

These few days I noticed that I voluntarily went to the kitchen and prepare something light2 for both Kerol and myself (now that's a start for me!). Like prepare sandwich for dinner (Kerol and I are on this no-rice-for-dinner diet), breakfast during weekend -- nothing mega: cucur ikan bilis, french toast with mushroom soup and such, and today: fried bihun. And before our hot-hot-chicken-shit-no-rice-for-dinner diet, last month alone I've actually cooked 2 main meals for dinner: telur itik masak lemak cili + spinach (yummers!) and sambal udang + sayur masak lemak putih. Pats on the shoulder, WAY TO GO GIRL! (sessi motivate diri sendiri).

Eh ok lah. I think that's all for now. Wahhh not bad jugak boleh type laju macam ni. Cuba kalau suruh type benda2 yang melibatkan kerja, lambat macam siput babs!

Akhir kata.. Gambar budak suka sepah kan rumah...

Till later~*


  1. umm, i think it's ok wat to spoil anak sendiri. i mean, saper lg yg nak sayang2 anak sendiri selain drpd kita kan?

    i like to spoil my son too. love to love him =)

  2. babe,

    yg telur itik masak lemak cili api tu, telur tu you boil ke poach dulu? ke u pecahkan dlm kuah lemak tu terus?

  3. aku pn pernah kuar 2org dgn hadzim & tetiba rasa nak terberry. aku msk toilet yg utk diaper change tu sbb besar sikit. maka terpaksalah hadzim tgk project aku .. nk wat camnoooo .. haha ;) tp xkan nk tinggalkan anak kt luar toilet or leave him with strangers kan? no way!

  4. ain alida, -- kaaannnn??? ;) exactly my point!

    tina, -- babe sorry lmbt reply hahahaha. anyway pecahkan direct dlm kuah lemak tuh...

    farah, -- huhu tu lah i guess in that situation memang no choice aiteeee. aku pun kalau kt umah kengkadang redha je lah berbusiness sambil pintu bukak khayr kat depat pintu dok main dia punye car... kekekekeke.