Sunday, 10 April 2011

The one with... my saturday retreat with the 2 K's ♥

Now that Khayr is a toddler who's always busy learning and exploring the world around him, Kerol and I, we make it a point to bring him to places like the park, playground, etc come every weekend.. In a way, we want to encourage his physical development and keep the active him happily occupied.. He's a boy who loveeessss running around and also very playful.. :)

Kadang2 rasa confuse jugak, hyperactive kah anak ku ini? Sugar high kah? Akan tetapi... Khayr is still fully on breastmilk.. and its not like he's eating candy, ice cream and whatnots, nor do I put sugar into his food. So ape kes?? Huhu.. Mungkin kah my sugar intake is a factor?

Oh well.. that's the drama-mama me talking. So scratch all that. Khayr is just like any other normal toddler.. a small kiddo who wants to learn big!

There. :)


Yesterday, we decided to go to Bukit Tinggi remembering there's a rabbit park over there. Khayr's gonna love it chasing after the rabbit + cooling weather + big areas for Khayr to be up and running about.. so things couldn't be more perfect. After finishing the normal Saturday laundry, off we made our move to Bukit Tinggi.. weeehooo~*

- Khayr's first reaction when he saw so many rabbits hopping around.. hehe PRICELESS~! -

- busy chasing after the rabbit :) -

- I'm surprised that he was not scared to even feed the rabbit.. :) -

- Some other photos taken... I'm glad we made the decision to go there.. Khayr had so much fun, and so did we! -

- Oh.. saje letak gambar ni.. coz perasan tak, Kerol macam tengah buat lenggok tangan ala Usop Wilcha.. hahahaha -

- At Colmar Tropicale.. Masa ni Khayr dah penat and start to be a little bit cranky. Ye lah, penat.. tapi takmo tidur.. Confirm la cranky... Haihhh la anak.. ;) -

- Tapi bila kasik main air.. SUKA! :) -

- We spent about 3 hours or so (including lunch yang mahal dan tak sedap over there.. huhu.. So my words of advice, sila bawak makanan sendiri, picnic kat situ lagi bagus..).. And glad that the weather was all perfecto! -

- Ni pun saje nak letak.. This is us, at the same place, way back in 2005! Wahahaha.. Very the thin wooooo.. :P Ingat nak pose bertiga kat tempat yang sama.. But si Khayr ni pulak dah cranky. Should have done that upon arriving la patutnye! Dush~! -

Anyway, I had so much fun.. Seronok tengok Khayr happy running around. Kat sana siap ada mini playground, so memang Khayr suka lah. Masuk kereta nak balik, terus pengsan kepenatan! ;) And on the way back home, dapat sms from my sister saying my mom prepared roti jala for tea time... yeaaahooo ape lagi.. Terus reply saying "OTW".. hehehe.

Ahhh.. my kind of perfect Saturday. I am so thankful for that :)

So Encik Suami... next week, ke mana kita? hehehe.


  1. nye khayr..yela budak2 tgh membesar mmg so curious about pit stop >>> a'famosa resort, bukit merah..g a'famosa mmg bestla for kid even kitorang pon have fun there..checkout the website byk activiti bole wat kat sana..aku siap bawa adik aku n adik dptla kitorng lakibini naik slide sama2 masa kat theme park 8)
    neway..rindunye nk cium si khayr..

  2. Comelnyaaaaaaaaaaa anak anda!!!! :)

  3. wahhhh ! best nye jenjalan. seronok tgk khayr main2 dgn rabbit. tak takut pun dia. gambar yg last sekali tu sungguh memori. hehehehe

  4. yantie, -- tu lah.. bile nak berjumpe! wazif mesti dah besar kan... lame gile tak jumpe.. anyway, ok akan dimasukkan afamosa into the list of places to go! :)

    anonymous, -- alhamdulillah thank you! (bakal) anak anda juge comel! :)

    yannie, -- haha memori jangan tak memoriiiiii :P