Friday, 22 April 2011

The one with... biar betul? :O

The other day I came across this advertisement about Proton Exora on ChurpChurp , so I told Kerol and out of curiousity and interest (especially on that SPA session and cash prize.. :D), we both went to the website and registered.. Hehehe...

And guess what, we are one of those 20 lucky couples! Hoho biar betul??? Ye keeeee 20 lucky couples? Ntah2 beribu2 lemon besok yang datang...

Oh ye, it's happening tomorrow by the way.. 9am to 5pm.. So first thing first, siapa nak tolong jaga Khayr, ANGKAT TANGAN! (Khayr probably will angkat tangan sendiri.. Hahaha). Kerol cakap, jom je lah bawak Khayr.. Heh, apekah?

Anyway, it's all sorted out about Khayr for tomorrow. Hope he's behaving well coz he's supa dupa clingy and choosy with people of late..

Hmmm is this our calling to change car??? :P Kerol is so gonna sulk big time if it is, cause he has something else in mind.. Encik husband, kuci kuci kuuuuuuu.. *batting eyelashes* ;)

Anyone else attending tomorrow? See you! =)

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