Friday, 22 April 2011

The one with... biar betul? :O

The other day I came across this advertisement about Proton Exora on ChurpChurp , so I told Kerol and out of curiousity and interest (especially on that SPA session and cash prize.. :D), we both went to the website and registered.. Hehehe...

And guess what, we are one of those 20 lucky couples! Hoho biar betul??? Ye keeeee 20 lucky couples? Ntah2 beribu2 lemon besok yang datang...

Oh ye, it's happening tomorrow by the way.. 9am to 5pm.. So first thing first, siapa nak tolong jaga Khayr, ANGKAT TANGAN! (Khayr probably will angkat tangan sendiri.. Hahaha). Kerol cakap, jom je lah bawak Khayr.. Heh, apekah?

Anyway, it's all sorted out about Khayr for tomorrow. Hope he's behaving well coz he's supa dupa clingy and choosy with people of late..

Hmmm is this our calling to change car??? :P Kerol is so gonna sulk big time if it is, cause he has something else in mind.. Encik husband, kuci kuci kuuuuuuu.. *batting eyelashes* ;)

Anyone else attending tomorrow? See you! =)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The one with... random mandom dandom...

It's 7pm and I'm still in office. VERY RARE. But I have no choice. Have to attend a conference call with people from a place whereby the time difference is 13 hrs apart. 7am there, 8pm here.


Things have been pretty mellow a bit back at home. Khayr was down with slight fever with flu, and as always everytime he gets it, I'll be infected as well. And worse, I'll be like totally taken down. What gives??! Swollen tonsil is no joke man! And yet not everyone can appreciate how bad it can affect a person. Gah!

Khayr is getting better, so do I. But thing is, I notice of late Khayr has become cranky-er than ever.. (-_-'). Its not helping that he's having flu. So nak taknak kena layan kerenah dia otherwise his flu gets worsen because of the out-of-tantrum crying. I hope its because he's teething or in the process of acquiring new skills whatsoever.. I mean anything.. any other thing. As long as its a temporary phase we have to go through.

Its somehow saddened me a bit when people sort of put the blame on me, being the mother, for spoiling him too much.. :( I mean like as if everyone else doesn't treat him that way. First child.. first nephew.. first grandchild.. Please don't tell me he doesn't get a first class treatment by others as well?

This is totally random (as the title suggests). I must say that I am SO SO glad that I was brought up in the environment whereby my parents, especially my mom, won't compare us (the siblings) and our achievement with others. I mean sikit2 tu ade lah, sometime it went slipt off. But.. never she will pressure me to do or achieve something that others did. Like dari kecik never (to my recollection) she said things like "Hah dapat markah 90% je? Anak sekian2 dapat 100% tau..".. You know, something like that. So I am very thankful for that. And I will never become one to my child(ren), I hope.

Selingan. I ♥ you so much mama :)

I have not done my tax return yet. Must make it a point to do this weekend. MUST!

Yesterday I was on MC. In the morning I had Khayr passed over to my MIL while I took my time to catch up with my sleep after putting up with Khayr's crankiness throughout the night before. After re-gained back energy and not to mention - sanity, I decided to take Khayr to accompany me to see doctor and take my MC. Suddenly it dawned on me that he's so big boy now I can take him out alone by myself! *tsk* Baby saya sudah besar!!!

So he's happily wandering around in the clinic while waiting for my turn to see doctor, despite having flu himself. Kids huh? And on the way back, he fell asleep in the car I swear I felt like crying looking at his innocent-in-deep-sleep face.. :'( So instead of going back home, I drove to GE Mall instead so that I can let him go 'crazy' at the Kizsports there.

(ok fine so what if I spoilt him a liiiiiittle bit more than the rest... But my point is, everyone does that too... :P)

He was still sleeping after I parked my car at the basement parking. So I let the engine on and waited for him to wake up on his own while I got busy with FB and twitter. Suddenly something happened. Tiba2 rasa sakit perut macam nak kene pegi toilet. Ah sudah. Terus terfikir, when a mother goes out with a baby / little toddler alone, if the need to answer the nature call arises, how eh? Bring them inside the cubicle together? Really?? What if the baby / toddler is put in the stroller? Hmmm, never thought of this. Anyway I kept on chanting "Perut, tolong beradab sikit boleh?" and praying and thanked God, the feeling gone.. Phew :')

So anyway, I felt so happy to see Khayr entertained himself at Kizsports :) and not long after, Kerol came to kidnap him to his office, leaving me having my own ME time.. So I decided to hang out at O'Brien enjoying the smoken salmon with cream cheese sandwich and the hot chocs drink... Ahhhh bliss! I was this close to go to Alexis to get their yummylicious desserts but nahhhh. Tunggu tekak ni baik dulu baru boleh dapat kepuasan maksima! =)

These few days I noticed that I voluntarily went to the kitchen and prepare something light2 for both Kerol and myself (now that's a start for me!). Like prepare sandwich for dinner (Kerol and I are on this no-rice-for-dinner diet), breakfast during weekend -- nothing mega: cucur ikan bilis, french toast with mushroom soup and such, and today: fried bihun. And before our hot-hot-chicken-shit-no-rice-for-dinner diet, last month alone I've actually cooked 2 main meals for dinner: telur itik masak lemak cili + spinach (yummers!) and sambal udang + sayur masak lemak putih. Pats on the shoulder, WAY TO GO GIRL! (sessi motivate diri sendiri).

Eh ok lah. I think that's all for now. Wahhh not bad jugak boleh type laju macam ni. Cuba kalau suruh type benda2 yang melibatkan kerja, lambat macam siput babs!

Akhir kata.. Gambar budak suka sepah kan rumah...

Till later~*

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The one with... my saturday retreat with the 2 K's ♥

Now that Khayr is a toddler who's always busy learning and exploring the world around him, Kerol and I, we make it a point to bring him to places like the park, playground, etc come every weekend.. In a way, we want to encourage his physical development and keep the active him happily occupied.. He's a boy who loveeessss running around and also very playful.. :)

Kadang2 rasa confuse jugak, hyperactive kah anak ku ini? Sugar high kah? Akan tetapi... Khayr is still fully on breastmilk.. and its not like he's eating candy, ice cream and whatnots, nor do I put sugar into his food. So ape kes?? Huhu.. Mungkin kah my sugar intake is a factor?

Oh well.. that's the drama-mama me talking. So scratch all that. Khayr is just like any other normal toddler.. a small kiddo who wants to learn big!

There. :)


Yesterday, we decided to go to Bukit Tinggi remembering there's a rabbit park over there. Khayr's gonna love it chasing after the rabbit + cooling weather + big areas for Khayr to be up and running about.. so things couldn't be more perfect. After finishing the normal Saturday laundry, off we made our move to Bukit Tinggi.. weeehooo~*

- Khayr's first reaction when he saw so many rabbits hopping around.. hehe PRICELESS~! -

- busy chasing after the rabbit :) -

- I'm surprised that he was not scared to even feed the rabbit.. :) -

- Some other photos taken... I'm glad we made the decision to go there.. Khayr had so much fun, and so did we! -

- Oh.. saje letak gambar ni.. coz perasan tak, Kerol macam tengah buat lenggok tangan ala Usop Wilcha.. hahahaha -

- At Colmar Tropicale.. Masa ni Khayr dah penat and start to be a little bit cranky. Ye lah, penat.. tapi takmo tidur.. Confirm la cranky... Haihhh la anak.. ;) -

- Tapi bila kasik main air.. SUKA! :) -

- We spent about 3 hours or so (including lunch yang mahal dan tak sedap over there.. huhu.. So my words of advice, sila bawak makanan sendiri, picnic kat situ lagi bagus..).. And glad that the weather was all perfecto! -

- Ni pun saje nak letak.. This is us, at the same place, way back in 2005! Wahahaha.. Very the thin wooooo.. :P Ingat nak pose bertiga kat tempat yang sama.. But si Khayr ni pulak dah cranky. Should have done that upon arriving la patutnye! Dush~! -

Anyway, I had so much fun.. Seronok tengok Khayr happy running around. Kat sana siap ada mini playground, so memang Khayr suka lah. Masuk kereta nak balik, terus pengsan kepenatan! ;) And on the way back home, dapat sms from my sister saying my mom prepared roti jala for tea time... yeaaahooo ape lagi.. Terus reply saying "OTW".. hehehe.

Ahhh.. my kind of perfect Saturday. I am so thankful for that :)

So Encik Suami... next week, ke mana kita? hehehe.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The one with... the 13 months khayr oh khayr... ♥

Dear world,

I've been busy.

But I would not give this a miss. Khayr turns 14 months today hip hip horey! Some observations on his milestones for remembrance sake:

1. Still fully on breastfeeding, alhamdulillah...

2. His appetite has been increasing to include the adults food like the normal rice, bihun, pasta, french toast, cereal, roti canai, etc etc etc. And he can take other type of fishes in his porridge (otherwise it has always been salmon! :P).. And he loves Calciyum so much.. (mama dia terpengaruh dengan iklan nak Khayr tinggi macam abah.. instead of 'kurang tinggi' macam mama... hehehe).

3. First time jatuh terhentak kuat kat lantai sebab licin after mandi pool depan rumah... :(((( But lucky thing nothing serious happened.
4. Suka sepah kan rumah; i.e. punggah barang, korek sana korek sini, throw things, and such. So memang sekejap je lahhh dapat menikmati pemandangan rumah yang tidak bersepah...
5. One of the days we caught him talking to himself and admiring his own reflection.. Hehehe so cute!

6. Makin suka play with his toy cars...

... and love it when we brought him to see that controlled cars (is that how you call 'kereta control' in english btw?) they played at the Titiwangsa..

8. Love it so much when we brought to him to the park.. He gets so active, like on the loose or something... hehe.. Kitorang yang mengah nak melayan... :) And we had to drag him to go back everytime we went to the park...

 9. A friend got a free tix to the Disney on Ice and was selling it at a much cheaper price, so of course I took the offer ! Wee hoo.. So that was the first time we brought Khayr to such an event.. (mak dia yang excited lebih sebenarnye... read here :P). Anyway, Khayr behaved very well in the beginning, he even clapped his hands and such especially there were characters from Cars, Lion King and those Mickey and the gang.. but after a while, he got bored and hence, restless.. Huhu..

10. Dah pandai menconteng bila kasi pen...

11. At 13 months, we still got this remark from public -- "comel nye... lelaki ke perempuan ni??" (-_-')

- ok this picture doesn't do any help with the above statement. hehe. obviously ni kerja abah dia sementara tunggu mama Khayr pegi beli something kejap.. -

12. Still talk gibberish.. but some obvious words can be heard. Like "Tuk Aaaa" for Tok Ma I guess.. "Ba Ba" for ByeBye.. "Khaaaa" for cars, or Khayr (indicating himself).. "Cakkkk" when playing cak cak / peekaboo with him.. "Nakkk / Tak Nakkk".. and some others. Haihhhh bile laaa nak panggil Mama and Abah betul2 nihhhhh.. :P

13. Few days before he turns 13 months, finally, he knows how to give a (sloppy) kiss or a peck on the cheek.. and also salam cium tangan! Ohhhh terharu!! *teary-eyed*

14. He knows how to give gesture on what he wants... Like he will hold our fingers / hands and bring us to the place / things trying to tell us what he wants.. But most of the time it can be very confusing. Hehehe.

15. Love it when he gets to feed himself with a spoon. Like I'll put his food in the spoon, and help him to hold the spoon and feed himself on his own.

16. And.. dah pandai turun gelongsor sendiri... ♥

17. He is very active, like suka explore things especially bila bawak tempat baru yang dia tak pernah pegi. If lepaskan dia, haaaa jenuh laaa nak mengejar. Hari Isnin, terima 'complaint' from his Opah.. "ish anak awak ni... tadi ibu bawak dia pergi bank... abes kertas2 dia terabur kan... dia rebut pen dengan ibu.. abes standing banners tu jatuh..  yadda yadda..."... :D and today, masa pick dia from my mom's house... haaaa terima 'complaint' from his Tok Ma pulak... but a different kind of complaint.

"Khayr kan suka main kunci kereta... tadi dia terkunci kat dalam!! dah la hujan lebat.. phone and handbag mama kat dalam kereta, mama tak ingat nombor korang... nasib baik ada orang2 nak tolong.. instead of pecah kan cermin tingkap.. they broke the door handle.. Khayr dah nangis2 dah kat dalam kereta..."
(things happened when they were far from home)

Tsk. Oh anak ku.