Monday, 7 March 2011

The one with... this is how i do it #2.

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Because some people have actually asked, so this time around, I would like to share with you how did I manage it whenever I had to go for outstation. I just got back from Hanoi for my second trip, and today I still feel tired from the journey. Tsk. Signs of aging.

Again, I would like to make it clear that this is how I do it.. Others might have some other efficient / better ways to do too.. So if you know any other tips, sharing is caring pleaseeee :)

Anyway, straight to subject matter.

So I bought this styrofoam box from Carrefour and it has been useful for all my outstation trips. And I can fit this into my luggage bag as well (medium to large size with extended storage size on top) coz for international flight, you cant be bringing liquids of more than certain MLs as hand luggage. I know there are procedures if you want to, but I dont want to go through the hassle.

When reach hotel, I will pass my icepacks (usually I'll bring 3-4 icepacks) and get them to put in the freezer. Unless if I was put in the suite / apartment type of room whereby they have the 2-door fridge. Otherwise, the small 1-door fridge in those standard / superior type of room won't be able to keep the icepacks frozen properly. Normally the hotel will be accomodating to this need of yours, all you have to tell them is your name and your room number. And there's this one time whereby the hotel I was staying at did not have a kitchen, so what I did is I asked for a favour from the person managing the convenient store at the hotel lobby, to put my icepacks inside their ice-cream freezer. Yes, anything for my baby! and yes, you have to be creative mommies!

Oh, 1 important thing to note here. Please1000x be sure that you make yourself clear that the icepacks are to be put in FREEZER so that they FREEZE.. not in the normal fridge for COOLING purposes. Coz TWICE I've had experience whereby I almost had a heart-attack when they passed me the melted-but-cold icepacks to me (!!!!). Lucky it was not on the day I had to travel back coz otherwise how to transport my EBM back??? So, if possible, insist to follow them to see where do they put your icepacks at.

During my stay, all my EBM will be put in the fridge inside my room. I don't want to freeze my EBM coz I don't want to take chances that my EBM is thawed along the way of them being transported back. As you know, frozen EBM, once thawed, must be used within 24 hours. And once thawed, you cannot freeze 'em back. Oh and of course this is only do-able if you travel max 5D4N coz EBM can be kept at the chilling / cooling fridge temperature for a period that long only. And so far I've not travelled more than 4D3N.. so I have no idea actually how to deal with the EBM then.. Hmmm.

So on the day I need to travel back, I will arrange my EBM + icepacks together.. and sealed the box off. And THAT's ALL. InsyaAllah, with such a good intention, everything will be taken care off by Him the Almighty. For me, I only fear the risks of the EBM getting spilled off the bottles. So I always make sure the caps of the bottles are tight. And I tried to not to use storage bags.

In terms of the chilling / cooling effect, as long as the icepacks are all frozen up, then you have nothing to worry about. So far from experience, for 6-7 hours journey the EBM were still chilled and the icepacks were half way melted only.

At the airport, we cant opt for sticker or anything of sort that says "facing up" (correct me if I'm wrong..). All they can offer is to seal 'FRAGILE' at your bag. How fragile they are going to treat the bag? Really, I dont know. But alhamdulillah for my almost 10 times of travelling, I managed to fly back my EBM safe and sound....

Upon reaching home, normally the first thing I did was, put all the EBM in the frigde / freezer (depends on the need and 'expiry date'). And then only off I went to hug my most missed K's..! ;P

So hope this helps. All the best! :)


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  1. hi there. I stumble upon your blog when i was looking for some info on ebm.

    Thanks for sharing your experience in bringing home your ebm while travelling. I believe that this will help a lot of mothers who had to travel for work or vacation etc.

    Hope your effort to share the experience will benefit lots of mothers out there.

    Again, thanks for sharing and enjoy the breastfeeding journey. :))

  2. hi azurah! :) glad that you found this to be useful <3