Monday, 7 March 2011

The one with... Khayr at 1yr and 1m.o ♥

*baru ternampak I have this saved in my draft.

Khayr is 13months today! Some significant milestones:

1. Very active. Suka main. Dah pandai panjat gelongsor sendiri. Bawak dia pegi playground memang berbaloi2 la penat nye.. ;)

2. Jalan dah makin stabil, kira dah masuk fasa berlari dah...

3. Dah pandai grab tangan kita, and tarik.. trying to indicate that he wants to go to other places / to do something else.

4. Makin suka main dengan toy cars yang kecik2 tu..

5. Show interests on cartoons (before this he did not bother much)..

6. Master his skills to drink from a cup / via straw.. Tapi kadang2 tu tersedak jugak laaa..

7. Quite clingy still. Suka laaa nak melepek kat hujung kaki mama dia.. (-_-')

8. Masih fully breastfeed. Makan banyak. On top of his standard meal time, he will take bits and pieces of the adults food as well.

9. Likes to 'talk' a lot, but the words he utters are all gibberish still.. :D

Ok itu je some of the significant ones I can think of now. Till the next updates on his milestones~*

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  1. geram giler tengok Khayr ni Lilia...mcm nak gomol2 je